7 signs you’ve found your Mr. Right

Everyone wants to find that perfect partner – a life partner who compliments you and shares your world with you.

And while you might be right to say that there is no perfect partner, there is certainly the right one.

When you are in a relationship with a guy and you want to know if he is the right one, there are some solid signals to look out for that will tell you if he is Mr. Right to YOU ​​and that you are holding onto him and not should let go.

1. You can feel the physical chemistry between the two of you.

So much so that other people will say how great you are together. There are no doubts or questions as to whether the tension between you is real. Holding hands fills your heart even after many years of being together.

2. He is seriously interested in your life.

He asks you about your hopes and dreams and even wants to know how your day was. He does this because he is very interested in being a part of your life.

And you can tell him anything because you trust him and know that he has a heartfelt interest in you.

3. Makes you feel loved, valued, and safe.

He will tell you regularly that he loves you and through his acts of love, such as a romantic dinner or cooking at home, you know it is true. You have the feeling that it is your “home”.

And “home” is the person or place that you always want to return to.

4. It gives you space.

He has no desire to control you in any way.

It lets you wear what you want, lets you pursue your other interests and just hang out with your friends and have a good time in peace.

This is because he values ​​the value of time to himself and expects you to give him some space too.

5. He remembers tiny details about you.

How secret fetishes and how to still bite your nails when you’re nervous, as well as important milestones in your relationship like anniversaries and birthdays.

He remembers pretty much everything you’ve ever told him about yourself and values ​​the memories you have in common.

6. It will make you laugh!

He really has a knack for making you laugh so badly that your stomach hurts.

And there is a lot of simple dancing, singing, and way too many inside jokes that others don’t even understand.

You’ll always have a good time being with him.

7. He has no secrets from you.

He’s completely honest with you, even on sensitive issues like saying his ex called him.

That’s because he trusts you.

He trusts and loves you so much that he would not purposely betray, deceive, or cheat you. And you trust him equally.


7 signs you've found your Mr. Right

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