Why Are You Afraid Of Leaving Your Relationship According To Your Sign

When relationships are not going well, there are many ways to resolve them. Some talk eternally about the problems in the relationship, others pretend nothing is happening, waiting for the move to be resolved with the days, others cut their losses or ask for a time for the air to run and there is more desire again. When you see yourself faced with that situation in which your relationship may end, what do you think? Are you always very clear that you want to leave it? Or if it’s the opposite, and you don’t want to leave it, why are you afraid to leave your relationship according to your sign?


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Because you are so impulsive that you are afraid to destroy up. Aries impulse, you have not left a relationship once, but two, three, and many more times. As the poison gets inside you, it removes your whole, and the only way to manage it is by taking it out. And how do you get it? Well, making it pay dearly to whoever has angered you, betrayed, lied, wronged … In the case of the couple, you solve it by releasing through your mouth everything you think, feel, want, or do not want. And before a silence or a lack of response that convinces you, you send her to gargle, that is, far away. And then … you regret it. Once you calm down and think better of things, you are able to understand what has happened to you, and that you should not be so radical and so tremendous cutting off a relationship. That is why he is sometimes afraid to leave her, in case you make a mistake.


Because if you have someone close to you who you love and a stable and calm relationship, you are horrified to think about losing that. You do not like changes, Taurus, you work each relationship with patience and maturity so as not to take false steps. And step by step, you are getting in life to be with someone you love and have the life you like in their company. If problems come, you will want to fix them, you have that very clear. If the issue gets ugly and there are possibilities of rupture, the seven evils enter you. Because you think about your life falling apart, for losing that person and for losing a life that you liked, and you think about what will come next, and you get sick just thinking about it.


Because you’ve gotten used to that person and it’s hard for you to imagine your life when you were without them. Although you, Gemini, are someone with enough character to not depend on anyone, when you are well with someone you like it to last, you want to take advantage of the relationship, enjoy it, extend it … the good things in life have to last you, you think. It also happens to you that sometimes people get very bored, even if you have a very large social circle day. But if you are with someone in a stable relationship, and you value him, with that person you are assured of good conversation, fun, love, company … it is a safe value, and with it you shield yourself. And to those other thousands of friends, you see them if you want but it does not depend on them, and if they bore you, then having some distance with them detoxifies you a bit.


Because you don’t like to hurt your partner, and you think they will suffer. Because you, deep down, know that you are stronger than many believe (and than you sometimes believe yourself). And you trust that you can overcome the break, because of that strength, and because you always end up doing it. You don’t lack experience, you suffer every two times three, but with you, there is no one who can. But of course, you get used to pampering your partners so much, taking care of them, that in the event of a breakup, you continue to act as a caregiver and worry about what they may suffer. All that says a lot about you, but look more for yourself, and not so much for others. That later there are times that your partners do not have so much pampering with you.


Because you don’t like things to go wrong for you, you have a lot of self-esteem and if a relationship ends, it hurts more than usual. You hate failing, you hate betting on someone, creating a bond, having plans, falling in love, and… it doesn’t go well. Because also, if you get to feel all that it is because the person is worth it. So, of course, you are afraid to leave your relationship, but because you don’t want to lose that person. And you don’t like it either, or rather, because you get destroyed by the comments of friends and family, with the happy “I already told you”. Sometimes you think that they do not support you in your relationships because of the envy of the great couples that you are looking for. And when your relationships are over, deep down they kind of rejoice a bit. Think if deep down it is that you do not like to assume failure and blaming others is the perfect excuse.


Because you have a hard time finding people that you really like. Because of the way you are, you, Virgo, you are not one of those who enter through the eyes and launch into an adventure. Sometimes something like this can happen to you, a crush, a lot of desire, but little desire for something serious. Ever. And of course, when it happens to you, you make it clear that you don’t want anything serious. When the relationship is stable and you are comfortable, if you are in love, obviously you do not want to lose that person. But there is also a practical reason why you are afraid of leaving your relationship: to be alone again (which doesn’t matter that much to you either), and to have to start the single process over again, to decide if you are going to want to be with someone again, to be receptive again if so, to start meeting people, to have dates again … and you get indescribable laziness with which you feel bored to death just thinking about it.


Because you hate being alone, you don’t like it and you never have. It is not a matter of whether your current partner is better or worse, which also matters of course, but that you like to be in a relationship, you like to make plans together, you like to do them separately, but knowing that you have your partner always close. And when others confront you with this need to have someone by your side, you don’t care, because of course, you can be without anyone, but if you like having a partner, why not have one? Why sell the motorcycle that you are better off alone if you don’t really think about it? So before you leave your relationship, you always think hard about it. Like everything, it is also true, because if you are normally indecisive, before leaving or continuing a relationship much more. Many times, instead of thinking a lot about what to do, you get distracted and avoid scratching yourself,


Because you do not like to lose that person, that if you have chosen them it is for something. You Scorpio you don’t get into compromising relationships with just anyone. With anyone you can have romance if you want, you never miss if it is what you want. But to have a relationship, things get complicated because you need someone very special to you. You are to love in a big way and if there is something that annoys you, it is to fall in love with someone who does not deserve it. So you think about it a bit before you commit. When things go wrong, you have the same time. You want to continue, you talk to yourself and you swear and perjure that you control it, that you are well, and that you will be able to manage the problems. But on the outside, you don’t count anything, because you don’t want your partner to see more than you want them to see. And yes, you are afraid of leaving your relationship but because when you think about being without that person you feel that without them you will be much worse.


Because you don’t want to be the one who always has to decide everything, and you don’t want to be wrong either. You, Sagittarius, with that way of being yours with so much initiative, and so brave, you go through life taking the reins of many situations. In your relationships, surely it was you who took the first step to flirt, flirt, meet for the first time, mark the boundaries of the relationship … everything. And your partner is surely used to you marking the path of your relationship a lot. So when it comes time to make tough relationship decisions, you may feel scared. Fear of losing that person and fear of making a mistake by going ahead to make things clear, and that you can destroy up with that. If you are afraid it is because you value the person because if not, you are afraid of nothing. You leave the relationship and period. If you can, You do it with good manners (or not so good) but you do it without a problem. It is left and period.


Because you don’t want to lose someone you love. Capricorn, if you get into a relationship it is because you have thought about it, meditated, chosen, desired … you are not with anyone to be. You like to know what you want and go for it. And just as you are not in frivolous relationships, with love as the only protagonist, you do not enter into committed relationships to try and see. If you have them, it is because you know where you are and what for. You do not have a relationship either because you are not alone, or to hang out, or to be entertained … for you, the couple is the relationship that unites two people with similar interests, a similar lifestyle, and similar future goals. That is why you think very well about leaving a relationship because you value what you have, and when you value something you have, you don’t want to lose it. Obvious.


Because it is difficult for you to find people who understand you, free of prejudice, unconventional. So you, Aquarius, when you finally find someone like that, you take an immense affection for him. And you even fall in love, although that is harder for you to recognize. And if ugly problems come, those that are not a matter of being solved in the day, you evade a little. Because you know, that you are very smart for that, that you still enter a loop of discussions that you hate. And maybe your partner thinks you’re spending a bit, feels ignored or who knows what. And you will only be aware that you have to show your face when they ask you to decide. That you decide to leave it if you spend so much of everything. And then fear will enter you. Because you are one of those who believe that it is one thing not to want to get into endless fights and another for the relationship to enter the danger zone. And no, if you think about it,


Because you don’t like having to make those kinds of decisions, really. You, Pisces, in a relationship, but the magic touch when everything is already underway. You like to flirt and let yourself be loved more than just taking the first steps. You are not one of those who throw themselves after anyone, or organize the relationship or set limits. Your thing is to welcome the other person, but sweetness and tenderness to the relationship and pamper your partner like nobody else. When things go wrong, you don’t even want to think about it ending. If it is inevitable, you think that breaking up takes time, in your head the rush for something like that does not enter. In your ideal partner, there are always solutions for everything. And you’d rather close your eyes, cover your ears, and crawl into the home and cover your head if they’re asking you about your decision to leave your relationship. Are you scared yeah


Why Are You Afraid Of Leaving Your Relationship According To Your Sign

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