Why You’ve Been Single More Time Than You Would Like

Being single for each person is a different issue. Some people are because they want to, others because the opportunity has not arisen, others because they are more demanding, others because they have taken time to be without a partner … Almost everyone likes to have someone close to their heart, but The truth is that some cope better than others with being alone. If you want to know why you have been single for longer than you would like according to your sign, keep reading, in case you find a key that you have not fallen into.


Because sometimes you have insecurity attacks that are doubly bad for you. First, because you don’t like feeling insecure, you look worse than you are and you start to make yourself less than normal. And the second, because insecurity does not go with you naturally. You were not born insecure precisely, and feeling like that is something that you take bad, very bad. You don’t recognize yourself and it affects you too much. And you get mad at everyone instead of calming down and reacting maturely. Well, when you are like this, you send very bad energy to whoever approaches you. Because they don’t see you as receptive or anything like it. Think about it, when you want to flirt you have to get the best of yourself and if you are not well, it is better to wait for the discouragement to pass. With you, knowing you, it will be soon because of the bad mood and the lows do not last long,


Because when you don’t get introduced to someone or you meet new people at your job, you’re very lazy to have to go hunting, at night and in trendy bars. Tremendous laziness. Just thinking about it, you start to imagine yourself in the boring process of collecting data from the other person, thinking about what step is the next, not knowing whether to kiss too soon or late … The truth is that meeting someone cold out there makes you feel very uncomfortable. And when you feel like this, you cause everything to end up being regular, because your level of receptivity goes down by moments. If the alternative is social networks, worse because imagining how false everything puts you in a bad mood. And that’s why you’ve been single longer than you’d like. Because you have stayed calmly at home to go out to flirt when you feel like it the most.


Because sometimes you are afraid that with your strong personality someone will be scared and may reject you. You think about all this at times when you feel insecure and you almost end up believing it. And you even put it as an excuse to justify yourself to your friends why you haven’t launched into the conquest lately. Deep down, if you’re honest with yourself, you know that when you’ve been single for longer than you’d like, it’s because you’ve had a bad experience. Or because your cravings for freedom are greater than your romantic needs. And how can you allow yourself to go from having a partner because you withdraw and dedicate yourself to your social life, your friends, and your things? That they are always safe value to make you happy. And when you feel like something more, you will go looking for it. No problem. Even though you know it shouldn’t take long


Because you feel better in your comfort zone, with your family and friends. And when it comes to flirting, whatever with people very far from your environment, you feel out of place. You don’t really know how to act, or what to say to certain conversations that you have no idea about (or that don’t interest you, rather). Or when you go to places where you have never been and you find yourself out of place (with people who seem to you the most false). Get out of that area where you feel so comfortable Cancer. You have a lot of personalities, what happens is that you sometimes get wrinkled with some people because you like them a lot and you start to boycott yourself. And instead of relaxing, you turn around and stop trying. As you bet more for your tranquility, And it even seems better for you to enjoy some memories and your nostalgia than to jump into the void with new people. Don’t be so radical.


Because you are afraid of being rejected. It is something that makes you sad, it sinks you a little, it brings you down, it makes you feel humiliated and fatal. And since you lack some practice because things usually turn out well for you… Leo, if life treated you harder, you would have the tougher skin to launch yourself into more conquests, even if you didn’t have all the ballots to win. You tend to always win because of your tremendous personality, so when the topic is not so favorable, you withdraw from the fear of rejection. You shouldn’t get carried away by those childish fears. Especially because you like to be in a relationship, and when you have been single for longer than you would like, you feel very unhappy. Well, compare the feeling of unhappiness because someone rejects you to the unhappiness you feel when you are without a partner. Which one is worse?


Because your fears come out of finding someone, to find someone who understands who you are, to find someone with whom to create something that lasts … and thus Virgo, you have been single longer than you would like. Because you are afraid, but deep down, it is a fear to fall in love, to feel, to be passionate, to desire, fears all yours, very personal. Deep down, your desire for perfection leads you to look for the ideal person and the ideal relationship, and if you cannot find it, then you prefer to be alone. Well look, you could be just as demanding of yourself and try to overcome those fears of love. Trust yourself more. Every day, every week, every year, show everyone how strong you are. And you will be in love, whether it goes well or bad. Well go ahead, Virgo, don’t be afraid.


Because you withdraw from the conquest prematurely. You, Libra, with your humility and without the aggressiveness that other signs have when they flirt, are always very sweet and easy in the process of conquest. You never force anything, and you like everything to flow without too much stress since all that does not go with you. That’s why sometimes, if you fool around, at the slightest weird sign, you think that person is not very interested, and what happens. What’s more, you believe in your insecurity until he is rejecting you. You anticipate everything as a defense mechanism against possible rejection. And of course, as this happens to you several times, you end up spending some times without anyone, times that sometimes last longer than you would like. If you do not handle it well, think about your part of fault … and who is to blame, has the solution. Believe it. And do not withdraw so fast that there are many playful people,


Because you love having a partner, but you never despair about not having one. You love having a partner, you want it, you love it, it makes you happy … but you take a very good time being single. If nothing comes up, you try not to get frustrated. And you spend a little. Deep down, your strong character leads you to face every negative situation with great integrity and strength. And you try never to be discouraged. Your pride also has to do with it, the one that comes out when you shoot some arrows to conquer. And when no one picks them up, you assume it, but inside you get a little angry, and in your radicalness, you go to the other end of the situation and think: “Now I’m going to pass, and whoever wants to be with me is going to Cost”. And you go on with your life. And so comfortable, because safe love you have with whom to have it, so who wants more?


Because the options you have don’t convince you. And you, Sagittarius, not just anyone. You are demanding to the extent that you know yourself well, and you know that your freedom and your way of seeing life are untouchable. And trusting that whoever arrives understands all that and does not want to change you is very difficult. So when you’ve been single for longer than you’d like, you don’t worry about it, nor do you think about it more than usual. Something yes, because you like romance, you enjoy the company of someone special and there are plans that are more fun with someone than alone. But taking that away, you can go on without anyone much longer than other people. Plans are never lacking and you are independent to do them alone if necessary, so no problem.


Because sometimes you feel so lost with sentimental issues that you have a hard time knowing what exactly you want. Yes, you are clear that a couple must be to join you, and that you would like someone similar to you, and with interests and a similar life plan. But how do you know that in order to have a partner you have to look for it and create bonds and fool around, and… you get lost along the way and end up going through a bit of that whole process? And you dedicate yourself to your things and trust that everything will come when it has to. Singleness is not bad either because you know how to be without anyone, because you have more time for your obligations and your hobbies, because nobody steals your rest periods, which sometimes are not many. And between whistle and whistle, gorgorito. And you stay with yourself, which is not bad at all.


Because you are so used to your loneliness, to your independence, to your freedom to come and go, that it gives you enormous laziness to look for someone. You are even lazy not to search but to let them look for you and find you. You really like your life to your ball! And to some extent, you withdraw and avoid meeting new people. Deep down, there is a certain fear of not finding that partner who matches perfectly with you. Because to you, Aquarius, anyone is not worth it. Your way of seeing life and your intelligence makes you a rational being. And you think that to take another disappointment, you better spend. And in your individuality, the truth is that you feel so happy, and that is why you get along with being single, and you don’t even count the time because deep down you don’t care.


Because in these times it seems that the only way to meet people is through social networks. And with posturing, messages that come and go with fooling around, and everything is very inconsistent. And look that you Pisces are idealistic, but perhaps because of that, social networks surpass you in terms of falsehood. You have to fight enough to get off your cloud and be realistic in relationships so that with the Internet roll they force you to imagine everything even more than you already fantasize. Well, you don’t see yourself as capable. And even if you get into those flirtations on the net and even come to dominate the subject of messages, then you are a little afraid of being. You feel more blind than a blind date already implies. And that’s why you keep looking. Of course, enjoying, that life is two days and you should never get bitter. Something always comes that surprises you


Why You've Been Single More Time Than You Would Like

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