7 signs your long-distance relationship is about to end

Long-distance relationships can be challenging. You can tell whether it will end soon by these signs.

Look out for these signs in your long distance relationship

A long distance relationship is a huge challenge. The lines of communication are very limited and there is no physical proximity. Not many couples get along with this type of relationship. The following signs can tell you that your long-distance relationship is about to end.

1. Your communication routine has changed

You notice that he doesn’t answer that often anymore. In a long-distance relationship, contact via email, phone calls or messages is important because you cannot see the partner. Keeping conversations short and superficial is not a good sign. Most of the time, that means he loses interest in the relationship.

2. He always has an excuse

If you want to call him on the webcam to spend some time with him, he’ll always find an excuse. Regardless of whether it is about phone calls or messages, he is too tired, stressed or already has plans for the evening.

3. You feel unimportant

You should be the most important thing in his life. But when you talk about how you are feeling, he is distracting. He doesn’t want to talk about it and it feels like you are no longer on the top of the list. In addition, there are no questions about your day and he is also not interested in whether something special has happened.

4. He doesn’t talk about the future

In a long distance relationship, the future should be one of the most important issues. After all, the goal is to live together in the same place at some point. One of the biggest signs that your long-distance relationship is about to end is a lack of future plans you forge together. There are no discussions about weddings, children’s names or places of residence.

5. He no longer uses nicknames

Every healthy couple uses nicknames for one another. That brings each other closer and is more personal. If he has stopped calling you “bunny”, “honey”, or “cutie”, he is probably emotionally on his way out of this relationship.

6. He doesn’t want to talk about relationship problems

If he’s already finished with the relationship, he doesn’t see any reason to talk about relationship problems anymore. In such a case, it is better to end the whole thing.

7. He meets new people

Even if he tells you that your new work colleague is just a friend, you can sense that something is going on. If he no longer lets you have a part and doesn’t tell you about his new acquaintances, it can be a sign that he no longer sees you as part of his life.


7 signs your long-distance relationship is about to end

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