7 signs that will tell you he’s only playing with you

“Did he just play with me?” Many women ask themselves this very question after being let down by a man. But how do we know beforehand that he is not serious? These 7 signs should ring your alarm bells

Is he really serious or is he just playing?

Do you know that? You date a man for a while, fall in love easily, and hope that it will turn into something solid. But suddenly he offends you. The reason: He gave you unnecessary hopes and played with your feelings, because actually he didn’t want anything solid, that’s how many women feel. Not anymore! Because there are quite subtle signs that men send us when they are not interested in us.

“Hank Moody” from “Californication” is the heartbreaker

1. He says, “I’m not ready for a relationship right now”

If a man tells you in advance that – for whatever reasons – he is not looking for a steady relationship, then please believe him! Do not waste your time and thoughts with this man trying to change his mind. Most men stick to their decision, especially if they belong to these 7 difficult types of men .

2. He flirts with you but doesn’t ask on a date

You know him from work, the gym, or through friends, and he’s obviously flirting with you. That doesn’t mean he’s interested. He’s happy to see you, but if he doesn’t step up to you and ask on a date, then he’s not really interested. A man interested in you would ask you out on a date even if he is shy.

3. He says he’s never been in love

That kind of man is tricky. Many women are especially drawn to the men who appear vulnerable and say they have never been in love. These women make this man their personal “love project” . You think that he has just not met the right person yet – namely, yourself. So the risk is high that he will stop you if you want something serious and then it becomes uncomfortable for you. Therefore, you’d better not date a guy who is over 40 and says he’s never been in love.

4. He’s texting you, but he doesn’t have time to meet you

Many men love to send messages. A man who texts you “Good morning, honey” but doesn’t have time to meet you in person is likely to write the same message to several women at the same time. So don’t waste your time texting for hours even if he pretends to be in love with you. If he was genuinely interested in moving this forward with you, he would be spending time with you.

5. He is newly separated or divorced

This case is difficult. He says explicitly that he doesn’t want anything serious at the moment, but he does offer you the prospect that something could develop. You’re probably thinking, “Jackpot! That might work”. So you’re giving both of you a chance – and he’ll have to digest his old relationship first .

6. They only meet at your home

Your dating partner always suggests the same thing: meet at your place, eat something, and then watch a movie – THE code word for love. So if he comes to see you regularly but never takes you out on a date, he may not want to be seen with you in public. Maybe he’s in a relationship or even married. Avoid dating him at home until you’ve had a few dates with him in public.

7. You keep asking him out on dates. He never suggests anything

If you ask him if you want to do something together, he always says yes, but he never initiates anything himself. Is he just lazy? Yes, of course, but he might also just want to pass the time with you. He’s having fun with you and you are ready to do all the work. So why shouldn’t he spend the time with you until a woman comes along he likes more?
So don’t be a stopgap! If he never asks you out on a date, forget about him.


7 signs that will tell you he's only playing with you

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