5 body signals that he is in love – and 5 that he is not

These body signals can help you tell whether he is in love with you or not

These body signals tell you whether he is in love or not

Our body language can reveal a lot about our feelings. That’s why it’s not that difficult to tell from his body language whether he is in love or not.

Sign that he’s in love

He looks you in the eye

If he’s attracted to you, intense eye contact can be an indication that he’s interested in you. He signals that he wants to give you his full attention.

He touches his mouth

If he keeps touching his mouth during a conversation, it could be a sign that he is toying with the idea of ​​kissing you. It doesn’t matter whether he touches his mouth with his tongue or his hands.

He tilts his head

A tilted head means that the listener has assumed an “active listening position” during a conversation. He shows interest in the conversation and commitment to get to know you better.

He leans in your direction

If he leans his torso toward you during a conversation, it means that he wants to get closer to you so that he can listen better. So it shows he’s interested in you.

They have the same walking pace

The next time you run side by side, see if it adapts to your stride. If you run in sync and at the same pace, it means that he wants to be with you and is looking for you.

Sign that he’s not in love

He looks elsewhere

Are you talking to him right now and his gaze keeps sweeping over your shoulder? Then there is probably something that interests him more at the moment. His main interest is not in you and that is a sign that he is not serious.

He is restless

Does he keep sliding back and forth in his chair, not looking you in the eye and only answering your questions sporadically? Then his thoughts are completely elsewhere, but not with you.

He keeps his distance

If you sit next to each other, for example on the train or on a park bench: where does he sit down? If he moves close to you, he seeks your closeness and wants physical contact. However, if he keeps a lot of distance or sits down somewhere else, he may find the situation uncomfortable. At the beginning this is quite normal, but if his behavior stays that way, he is probably not interested.

He stares at his cell phone

Does he keep busy with his cell phone even though you are spending time together and maybe even deep in conversation? Then he seeks distraction and uses his cell phone to break out of the situation. No sign of great interest.

He’s not a gentleman

Not every man has the same good manners, but a certain nursery is simply part of it. If he doesn’t hold the door open for you, help in your jacket or take care of your well-being, it probably doesn’t matter to him.


5 body signals that he is in love - and 5 that he is not

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