Because they are extremely emotional, they are kept. They will never fall in love so easily themselves, as they are smart enough to avoid unnecessary grief and pain. This does not seem to be a problem for them, as they are very independent and therefore used to being alone. The need for independence is so strong that they will always put themselves first.


If you go out with a Scorpion, good luck! They are so hot and cold. One minute they love you and the next they hate your guts. They are so difficult and it is almost impossible to try to understand them. You never know what’s going on in their minds. Because of the first impression they leave people, people don’t like them so much. This is why Scorpions do not trust anyone and use their spirit and sarcasm as a defence mechanism. If you want a Scorpion to love you, you’ll have to go the extra mile to please them and prove yourself.


They love to be in love, it’s just that the process of falling in love is the hard part for them. They are looking for their ideal, so difficult to find. You can never please a Capricorn. Even if they find the ideal person, and if they fall in love with that person, they end up being disappointed, because the ideal they had in mind is not the ideal that they fell in love with. The Capricorns have very high standards and it is difficult to meet their expectations. So they choose to skip disappointment and not fall in love in the first place.


They are desperate romantics and it’s really easy to fall in love with them. But getting them to fall in love with someone is another matter entirely. They always blame themselves if there is a problem. If you ask them, every unsuccessful relationship they have had is their fault. They don’t know how to learn from their mistakes, so they find themselves stuck in the past and hold themselves accountable because their relationship has failed. big problem is that they associate love with pain. In addition, they set the meeting bar so high that it is impossible to achieve what they want. But on the other hand, they deserve nothing less than what they want.


Their biggest problem is that they associate love with pain. In addition, they set the meeting bar so high that it is impossible to achieve what they want. But on the other hand, they deserve nothing less than they want. They are the ones who like to be in charge and they want to take control of each situation and that is why they need a more partner. passive. Getting a Taurus to love you is very difficult. They know the manipulation very well and ask people to do what they want. But, once you make them fall in love with you, you will live a love that will literally last forever.


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