How you treat your ex partner. Based on your zodiac sign.


The way we deal with someone we’ve been with says a lot about our character.

You stay in touch with your ex. You don’t necessarily remain friends, but you both know that you loved each other and you don’t just throw away the good memories as if nothing had ever happened.

You were stubborn during the relationship and remain so afterward. You were always the one who set the limits in the relationship and even now you put a clear line between what belongs to you and what is no longer part of your life. Joint activities or friends are also out of the question for you.

Because you are so emotional, it is hard for you to forget your relationship, but you soon realize that the only way to forget someone you once loved is to go on living and looking for happiness elsewhere.

You have a hard time getting over your ex. You will cry a lot while looking at old photos of both of you or “stalking” your ex on social networks. You don’t want to believe that you can find someone like him again who was so “perfect” in your eyes. It will be your time before you understand that there is still a lot of fish in the sea, but once you understand that, you will be a lot better.

You are very self-sufficient and you will not complain much about an old relationship. You ignore your ex completely and go on with your life. You love to be single, which you also show your ex. Posting a selfie in a tight dress at a party just to make him jealous is something you love to do.

There are no games with you. As soon as he is your ex, he will remain so forever. Not only that, but you will also ignore any attempts by your ex to win you back. You will make sure that everyone around you knows that he no longer has a chance with you.

A Libra is always a nice person who does their best. If a Libra is dropped, she will have a hard time spending time with friends and family to forget her ex. If she happens to see her ex, she will be nice and kind, even if she has a deep desire to kill him.

If someone ends a relationship with a scorpion, it will not end well for you. You are angry and it is only a matter of time when you will explode. A scorpion is passionate and if he loves skin, hair, and soul. In the same way, however, he also uses his sting if someone wrongly breaks up with him.

You don’t cry after a breakup, nor does your ex care. If you had been enough for him, he would have stayed. You accept reality very quickly and move on in your life. Very soon you won’t even know what the guy was called.

Unfortunately, you can’t just let go of your ex. You will desperately try to get him back or you will try to make his life hell. Even long after the breakup, you will blush if you meet your ex. You belong to the zodiac signs that weep for a long time after separation

For you, the only way after a separation is to completely remove your ex from your life. There is no alternative for you. You delete and destroy everything that reminds him of him. You won’t be angry with your ex, just be disappointed and hurt. And so everything that has to do with him has to get out of your life.

Even long after a breakup, you still can’t handle the fact that you two are no longer a couple. Emotional outbursts are not uncommon for you at this time. This is why you tend to devote yourself to relaxing activities and to travel a lot and be in nature. Generally, you take a lot of time for yourself after a separation.


How you treat your ex partner. Based on your zodiac sign.

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