4 Reasons Men Love Women Who Are Hard To Get

4 reasons men love women who are hard to get

Most of the time, men are drawn to women who are hard to come by because there is always a sense of excitement in trying to win over someone who doesn’t initially show that much interest in you.

There is a desire to haunt the person who doesn’t necessarily make it seem like they want you.

There is a high in making a hesitant person yours. Whether it’s the thrill of the chase or the excitement of realizing someone is feeling love when they’re in your arms, there are many reasons men love women that are hard to come by.

The pursuit sometimes gives us meaning and honestly, when it comes to relationships, both genders love the feeling of someone wanting them for who they are. Anything that comes too easy isn’t always reliable or strong, and when you’re looking for love, you want something to rely on.

If that’s not easy, it makes you feel like the connection is even more worth it.

Here are 4 reasons men love women who are hard to come by and why it can sometimes be better to be the hesitant person than the one who is ready to get involved.

Here are 4 reasons men love women that are hard to come by

1. Women who are hard to come by create increased cravings.

There is something to be said for the attraction of chasing someone who is “hard to come by”.

First, there is the element of change. Both men and women often want to be the reason someone changes their behavior or thinks differently. When it comes to stalking a person who is insecure about love, there arises a much stronger desire to get them to change their minds about you and finally say “yes”.

2. Women who are hard to come by are often career oriented or driven.

Women who are hard to come by are often like that for a reason. Maybe they are not focused on love because they are focused on themselves. This proves that they are more confident and grounded in their desires, emotions, and thoughts, which is very attractive to the men who pursue them.

Other women work on developing their careers before falling in love. That’s just one more component that makes them attractive. You are not obsessed with love. They don’t even care – which makes them all the more attractive!

3. Difficult-to-come women don’t have time for games.

Tough women don’t feel like playing games or playing with someone else’s emotions. You are not out to play around with a man’s head, make it fall, and then walk away.

They are truthful and honest in their approaches, and if followed, they will mean business as soon as they commit.

4. Difficult-to-come women do not see love as an integral part of themselves.

Love is beautiful, but it’s not everything – that’s what women who are hard to come by believe.

Sure, they’re excited about the possibility of love and want to be in love at some point, but they’re in no hurry. They are willing to wait until the time is right or the right person is chasing them.


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