10 things that make a man fall head over heels in love with you


If you’ve stumbled across this article, I assume you’ve already fallen in love with a man.

I’m right?

If it is you, you could also pray fervently for your love to be returned. But wait! How do you go about doing this?

Is it possible to make a man fall in love with you? You can be happy because yes, it is absolutely possible.

You don’t have to be a psychology student to use these psychological tricks where you basically bring the idea of ​​love into the subconscious of the person (yes! The one you are thinking about). Don’t get too excited now.

Patience; we’ll get to that, but remember: being original is key. Use these practical strategies, but don’t overdo it or you could be a scam. And you definitely don’t want these tips to backfire.

Butts, breasts, etc. are sexy, but there is nothing that can be compared to authenticity.

Once you have an overview of how the Law of Attraction works (and it doesn’t always work according to rules), you can use it to your advantage.

Okay, let’s get started.

How can you make a man fall in love with you?

Here’s a cheat sheet of how to get a man to develop feelings for you:

1. Eye contact

No doubt you are fascinated by his charming smile and deep look. You cannot have enough of him. And now you have to jump for joy because all you have to do is look at him.

It is not as easy and exciting as it sounds, many people admit that it is overwhelming to make eye contact with the object of your desire.

Eye contact is an effective way to stimulate love and affection. When two people look at each other deeply in the eye, their body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, which increases the chances of falling in love.

So much for incredible scientific facts.

How does it work?

I’m not asking you to sit down opposite him and stare blankly into his eyes.

When you two are talking, hold his gaze for a few seconds. Show the sensitive look in your eyes that you are consciously present at the moment, completely engrossed in the conversation and giving him the undivided attention he deserves.

Give him the “thoughtful look”. Use your eyes to convey that you like him and are there for him.

This art is best used with a number of other body languages ​​(which we’ll discuss in the next point.)

2. Use body language to express yourself

Our body has the incredible power to subconsciously absorb very subtle stimuli from our surroundings that are completely unknown to us.

These signs from your body convey and communicate messages with another person’s body. Visualize two bodies that convey secret messages without you having any idea.

How does it work?

When you are close to him, try to start a conversation. Lean forward slightly when you sit over the table. Avoid bending too low or being openly seductive. Many people find that repulsive.

Gather your hair and set it aside, which will show the tenderness of your neck. Pull up your sleeves and free your wrist.

If you happen to be sitting next to him, make sure you turn your body slightly and your feet are pointing in his direction. Sit physically close to him, but make sure it doesn’t look desperate.

This way, you intentionally show signs of attraction to get his brain to pick up the signal that you really care about him.

3. Reveal intimate details about yourself

Small conversations are short, simple and fun, but a little too superficial. Save these for casual flirting at the bar. If you want your object of desire to connect with you on a profound level, you have to reveal more about yourself.

Talk about your failures, your hurdles and how you overcome them. Talk about topics that are of the greatest importance to him and her.

Speaking of loss and hope. Speaking of pain and darkness. Do not be afraid to open the chamber of your heart that has kept the secret of your resilience and strength.

There are numerous topics to talk about, but why should you choose to talk about the scarred parts?

How does it work?

It works in different stages:

When you talk to him about your intimate life experiences, you will reveal important details about your personality, how to deal with problems, what your value system is, your attitudes, your weaknesses, and strengths.

It helps to build trust between the two of you.

It gives him the opportunity to reveal his life experiences, and that helps both of you connect better, promote understanding, and create moments of appreciation.

If you do that, you will get away as a simple, authentic person because you share vulnerable details about yourself.

4. Listen actively when he speaks

There is nothing more appealing than a person who gives you their undivided attention when you talk about something that is close to your heart.

On the contrary, nothing turns off more than when someone interrupts you every time you talk, distract yourself and take you off course. Interrupting someone is completely disrespectful.

How does it work?

Active listening means that the listener is acutely focused on speech, behavior and body language, which in turn significantly improves the quality of communication.

Nod slightly in accordance with what he says. If necessary, pay attention to a short eye contact (which says: “I am here to understand and your words will be safe with me”).

This technique includes not only listening skills but also the ability to express your emotions that match those of the other person.

When you listen to your body, when you listen to understand, you actually make it clear that you really care about what it entrusts to you. This gives a feeling of understanding.

Practice this technique and see what miracles it does.

5. Hold his hand

Yes, definitely as a romantic gesture and sometimes in a platonic sense of care. Touch (not the one that sparks pleasure) can represent feelings in a very subtle way without overwhelming it.

How does it work?

Hold his hand so that it covers the entire palm of your hand and keep the pressure moderate. It should illustrate the fact that you take the responsibility to protect him, to take care of him and to stand by him, both through thick and thin.

Hold his hand, look into his eyes and send him a tender smile and see him melt away.

6. Let him miss you

Oh! The pain of separation. Getting a man to fall in love also means letting him know your worth. If you always cling to him, give the best of yourself, and make him the center of your world, it could ruin things.

Such actions show that you are desperately trying to have him in your life and that you are emotionally dependent.

He will tend to take you for granted unless you weigh between your availability and unavailability.

How does it work?

Make yourself scarce. Be there, but not always and not immediately. Let him miss you before you reach him. If he sends you a text message, do not answer him immediately. Let him dial your number. Don’t lose weight even if you want to talk to him longingly. Let it ring for a while.

If he wants to meet you, do it, but not by adjusting your schedule. Let him wait for the amazing person you are.

7. Cook for him

This is a great incentive for men, something that he could carry in his heart for the rest of his life.

It’s an incredible fact that almost 80% of people believed that preparing a meal was an important act of love for someone.

Every single word of the saying “A path to a person’s heart is through his stomach” is true.

Do not you believe me? See for yourself.

How does it work?

By now you need to know what the foodie craves in him. If it’s your favorite food too, what are you waiting for? Make the food and share it with him. Don’t forget to have fun while you both enjoy the dish. Also, pay attention to the look of appreciation in his eyes.

You almost made it!

8. Be humorous

Show your funny side! If you’re too serious, it might make him withdraw. Take things lightly more often and laugh with him. Make him laugh. Men love women who have a sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh heartily.

How does it work?

The only rule to have fun is not to have rules. Open yourself. Do not hesitate to show your authentic self. Your ability to crack intellectual jokes shows that you are smart and also gives you the chance to be in a good mood.

Plus: you look a million times better when you smile.

9. Spend time with him

That goes without saying. The more time you spend with him, the more you are exposed to him. Meet him whenever possible. This strengthens the emotional bond more than when you spend time talking on the phone or writing each other a message.

How does it work?

Try to make the most of the time you spend with him. Avoid discussing conflicting issues. Talk about positive and refreshing things. You could tell him stories from your childhood and also hear his stories.

Spending unforgettable times with his works like Pavlovian conditioning. The next time he sees you, he’ll cheer up without knowing why he’s doing it.

But you know what you did! * wink, wink *

10. Share your feelings

Men love it when things are right on their faces. They hate being neglected.
So if you cultivate his thoughts in your head, let him know. But avoid overdoing the expression.

How does it work?

Make it clear that you are more than casually interested in him. Congratulate him on his clothing, his qualities and appreciate him for his accomplishments. Mention his name while you do that. The name makes it sound more intimate.


“Mark, you really like this shirt.”
“My God, Mark, you’re so damn funny!”
“I have to say, Mark, you were great at this concert.”

The bottom line.

While it’s obvious that love can’t be forced, you can still use these tips to increase your chances. I hope you make the man you think to fall in love with you.

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