Not all hearts heal as quickly. Going through a breakup is not easy, everyone suffers when they see themselves in this situation, whatever kind of breakup it is. The breaks stink too much, but from time to time, because in the end, all the wounds will end up healing. Each day that passes after a break is more bearable, but the time to overcome a break is different for everyone. Some people can recover in just a few days and others need years. Sometimes the pain is so great that it is almost impossible to recover completely.


Here we show you how long it will take you to move on after a break according to your zodiac sign:


Aries, you practically don’t give yourself time to process all that anguish that is created as a result of a breakup. This is the short term that can be very good for your mind and your self-esteem, but in the long term not so much. Aries, you are a being full of emotions and those, you have to process them, learn from them and live with them.

Aries, you know perfectly well that nobody can ruin your daily life. Usually, you only have one day of pain and then you continue with your life immediately, but Aries, it is true that over time that anguish that you have suppressed comes out. That’s when you don’t know where it comes from and you enter a loop. You should learn to manage all your emotions better, that way you won’t suffer so much.


Taurus despite being a very tough person, love being in love. Relationships are your strong and sometimes, you can become the definition of an inveterate romantic. That said, Taurus, it will take you a long time to get over a relationship. When you create a special connection with someone, the idea that this person may disappear from your life hurts a lot.

Taurus, you think that if that special person separates from you, they will all do it. You better take some time to heal your heart before jumping into another relationship. It is very likely that even if you have started a new relationship, your ex-partner will remain in the back of your mind for years. That, yes, once you get it out completely, it will never come back.


Gemini, for you everything will depend on how long the relationship lasted. If the relationship lasted only a few weeks or not notice, but, however, if it is a long relationship, it can take a long time to recover. Gemini, you can’t stand the idea that all those adventures you were living with that special person disappear. It costs you a lot to feel something for someone, but when you feel it, you really feel it.

Gemini, you know that in the end if something starts to be monotonous it has no future. You hate routine, but if there is something you hate more it is repetition, so if someone who hurt you tries to return to your side you will know how to stop it. Because that damage he did to you is not yet healed, and it is very difficult to heal.


Cancer once you have a broken heart, you are not very open to trusting someone again. It’s very weird if you let another person in your heart, just like that. You are a very enamored person, but only when your heart is 100% recovered from all the damage you have been done. Cancer, you fall in love so intensely that when the relationship comes to an end, you can spend years and years forgetting that person.

Cancer, you can get to tell all your friends and family that you are well, that you have already overcome it, but deep down you know that it is not so. You know that sooner or later all those dreams you had with that person end up coming back to your mind. Cancer, you must find yourself to be able to trust again.


Leo, you have confidence in yourself out of the ordinary, and you know it. A break for you is nothing that is out of the ordinary, you know perfectly well that sometimes there is an end to love. You know that sooner or later the right person will appear, so when you end a relationship it is not that it costs you too much to move on. Of course, Leo, although you know that this person was not the one for you, it will cost you a lot to move forward when all those beautiful and joyful moments that you have lived together come to your head.

Leo, you’re not one of those people who cry and cry for one person, you don’t get too obsessed. And if you do, it’s once, intensely yes, but then comes calm, probably forever. You prefer to look forward and think about the future, you know perfectly that there is much fish in the sea, willing to kiss your feet.


Virgo, you are a person who likes to have everything very well controlled, so even when it comes to a breakup, it is you who has everything well planned, when and how the break will be. Although you know that you are saddened by the idea, you know that it is the best thing you can do. Virgo, but there is also the possibility that they will break with you from nothing and that is when you are upset for life.

Virgo, you will not let the drama eat you, you know you will suffer, so you immediately start planning how you will overcome the pain. You have other priorities, you don’t have time to be crying around the corners. You know that these situations are difficult and that it will cost you to take them, but you know that all you have to do is stay distracted to overcome it.


Libra, a breakup all it does is distort your peace of mind. It is true that despite being a person who cares a lot for others when you have to look for yourself, you do it with the same intensity with which you do it with others. You know that the first thing is your happiness and you will do everything possible to recover it. Libra, it is clear that, after a breakup, you are not at your best.

Libra, you know you will suffer greatly, but you don’t care because you still have all your friends and family by your side. You know they are for everything you need and will do everything possible to make you feel good, so you don’t worry too much about the idea of ​​facing a breakup because you have great people by your side.


Scorpio, it is not too hard for you to recover from a breakup, of course, it affects you, but you know that it is not worth wasting your time crying for someone who did not deserve you. You will have your moments of a downturn like any other person after a breakup, but you are very clear that it is for not knowing how to see the kind of person you had next to you, not because the relationship has ended.

Scorpio, a week of recovery in your life seems like a long time, but it is just what you will need to realize that you deserve better. That is when you will rant with your friends and machine an act of new revenge for all that damage they have done to you. For you, a break is like a betrayal and that is something you will never forgive.


Sagittarius your perspective of life so positive will make you seek peace for all. If that means that your relationship comes to an end because you see that you are not going anywhere, you will do everything possible to leave the relationship in the best possible way, so that it will suffer as little as possible. Sagittarius, you know that you will not have any problem in overcoming a relationship, but you are tormented by how the other person will spend it.

Sagittarius, when it’s not you who ends the relationship, you don’t waste your time too much. You prefer to leave things to karma, you know that the universe always ends up putting everyone in their place. Sagittarius, of course, you will be sad and want everything to happen as quickly as possible, but in time you will see that nothing was worth it.


Capricorn, when you are in a relationship you have that strange mania of putting others before yourself. That’s why you don’t let anyone in your heart. When you finally decide to open your heart, a break can be devastating. Your heart has never felt so much love for someone and to think that this person is no longer going to be in your life makes the heart shatter.

Capricorn, you will try to show yourself very strong when you are surrounded by your friends and family, but deep down you are sunk. Very few know how much it costs you to recover from a breakup, they see you as a hard and cold person, but what they don’t know is that you are full of sincere and noble feelings.


Aquarius, you are one of those people who seem to have a hard time getting over a breakup or at least that is what you want to imply, but deep down it costs you forever. You are a fairly independent person, you always go to your own air, you can’t stand to be tied, but when you meet someone special, all that disappears, your life begins to focus on it, regardless of anything around you.

Aquarius, that’s why when a break comes into your life, it makes you see everything gray. You will believe that you can never get out of that hole, but calm, because they’re your friends will be there to make you see and recover that independence you had lost. Aquarius, you must learn to stand firm with your personality when love comes into your life, so you will save yourself many dislikes.


Pisces, you are a very sensitive and enamored person, so it can take years and years until you get over a break. Pisces, you are a person too kind, caring and confident with those who do not deserve it. That is why when you start a new relationship you give everything without importing anything, you prefer to trust that person to be constantly tormenting you if he could harm you.

Pisces, the problem is that when your heart is broken you don’t know how to process so much pain, you know that every day that passes is easier to carry, but sometimes it is impossible for you to move on. Pisces, you are a person too good and innocent for this world full of bad vibes. But Pisces, calm down because everything comes and that special person will arrive.

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