Zodiac Couples Who Are Enemies For Life

Enemies For Life

Zodiac Couples Who Are Enemies For Life

The strangest thing about love is not being able to consciously choose from the beginning, that is, it is the first emotions that make the decision, unfortunately, falling in love leads you to believe that this bond will be for life and does not allow you to see clearly. raw to the other person. Has it happened to you? At first, you feel like it’s the missing piece in your life, but you only have to open your eyes to realize that they are like oil and water. There are some who are brave and continue the relationship, even if they are one of those Zodiac couples who are enemies for life.

Taurus and Scorpio 

The reason why Taurus and Scorpio end up together beyond a romance is that they are both very intense and proud and they love to go against what the rest say, they hate being imposed on them. For his part, Scorpio is very daring, he likes to listen to his impulses and loves that everything in his life has a touch of adrenaline. Which clearly raises the nerves of Taurus, since he is a very realistic person and hates to dwell on the same subject. 

Taurus is very upright and therefore will not tolerate Scorpio’s controlling and manipulative side. While Scorpio will say that Taurus is boring because he wants everything routine and conventionality scares him. It is true, Taurus is sometimes closed, and they need to feel confident to share their weaknesses, but they are a very stable sign, they always seek security. These differences can cause a war between the two. Scorpio is not going to be able to deal with such firmness and Taurus does not leave anyone

Cancer and Aquarius

If independence and sensitivity come together, what could go wrong? Well, the relationship between Cancer and Aquarius is like flipping a coin, it definitely depends a lot on the mood each one is in. Aquarius is very selective and distances himself when he does not feel confident. While Cancer is delivered, he opens his heart to whoever needs it and does not regret sacrificing himself for those he loves. 

This makes Aquarius feel invaded, it seems to him that Cancer has no limits, and he sees it as very in need of attention and affection. It’s not personal, but Aquarius is used to lowering the Moon if he feels like it and he doesn’t need anyone to smile at him to achieve it. So when they argue, they say a lot of hurtful things, which build up until sooner or later they explode and can’t be stopped. They are traces that hurt and that are not erased. 

Aries and Pisces

How is it possible for Aries to end up madly crazy about Pisces? Those who dare to be together know that the battle will be part of their day to day, but there are times when love is bigger than that and they don’t give up. Aries are bold, outgoing, and impetuous. While Pisces prefers to listen to his inner voice, it is compassion and empathy that move his heart. Aries is adventurous and gets blocked by the emotional downturns of Pisces. 

Pisces can feel very sad in this regard, especially when little is understood. But Aries doesn’t always notice it, as he is focused on facing the world and testing all his senses. Pisces is intense, but he doesn’t like risk so much, he prefers to take a relaxed approach to life and enjoy the little things. That does not mean that Aries is a monster, but he has clear goals and he is not going to allow Pisces to clip his wings. 

Capricorn and Leo 

It’s strange when the reserved Capricorn and the bright Leo decide to share the days. Definitely, it is synonymous with the fact that they are going to be the protagonists of fights that will make them have an unstable relationship. Capricorn is very practical and Leo has so many things on his agenda that he ends up avoiding Capricorn and it’s not always because he doesn’t care, it’s just something he doesn’t control. Leo is very active, he is always looking for inspiration and Capricorn tends to stick to what he already knows, he doesn’t like to have the pieces of his puzzle moved. 

Leo may come to think that Capricorn is very self-centered because he wants things to be done as he says, but that’s not it, he is simply stressed by not knowing what is going to happen with his life. While Leo may be more relaxed in that sense, of course, he values ​​his work and his future, but he’s not going to be bored or put his happiness second. 

Virgo and Gemini 

What madness when an extroverted mind decides to give his heart to a reserved mind. Geminis are direct, they don’t like anything by halves, and the more intense the emotions, the more they enjoy it. That is why it is difficult for him to understand that Virgo is so analytical and discreet. Gemini is desperate to shout his plans to the world, he is not afraid of envy or bad wishes, and criticism slips away from him because he focuses on his goal. 

The contrast between Virgo and Gemini can make them enemies, as neither of them has the patience to tolerate things they don’t like. Gemini is witty, charming, a lover of noise, and not afraid to break the ice with people he doesn’t know. While Virgo prefers to go easy, he is a very precise sign, practical, and does not expose himself to unnecessary frustration, he knows when to set limits

Sagittarius and Libra 

Finally, we have one of the craziest, most daring, and flirtatious couples in the Zodiac. At the moment when Libra and Sagittarius decide to have a relationship, their hearts are put to the test, it is in the day-to-day where they can really determine if they are for each other. They both have beautiful feelings, but in a matter of personalities they clash terribly and that’s when they can say things they don’t feel because anger blinds them. 

Libra is a diplomatic sign, it is not fooled, and it always puts harmony and balance first, but it can become too compassionate with Sagittarius and it takes advantage of it. That is, Sagittarius is very intelligent and knows that in a moment of indecision, he can have Libra at his feet. He is adventurous, independent, and very little patient. So when Libra wants commitment and good sense, they hardly reach an agreement, each one defends his position tooth and nail. 

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