According To Your Sign How You Should Set Limits To Others

Set Limits To Others

According To Your Sign How You Should Set Limits To Others

Surely, on countless occasions, you have heard of “setting limits”, right? And, even more sure, if you have tried it, it has cost you horrors or you have not succeeded. Also true? Well, keep in mind that there are a large number of reasons why it is difficult for you to say “no” and a good part of them is determined by the sign of the Zodiac that governs you. That’s right: it’s not all your fault! In fact, nothing is. Forget about it. To achieve this, you only have to take advantage of these strengths that your sign offers you. You will see that the most complicated, after reading this post, will be super easy. Let’s go there! How should you set limits for others according to your sign?


Aries ! _ What is it hard for you to say “no” and set limits? It sure doesn’t surprise you at all. Of course, it is that as much as you want to pretend the opposite, you are a somewhat insecure person of yourself. That and your impulsiveness mean that you are not able to maintain the limits that you set. But, you forget something. You have an inner strength that few can break down! When you set a limit in your head, emphasize that because of your pride you must achieve it and that you have the willpower to do so. No one will cross this limit no matter how hard they try!


We know that you are not one of those who have the most problems when it comes to setting limits and taking them to the end. Being so stubborn, it is easy for you to have an iron will, not to mention your pride, which, in this case, works in your favor. However, we know that there are those who can overcome all the barriers you put up, right? Sure, this special someone makes you cringe just looking at her. Well, you don’t have to worry. When you want to set a limit for this person, just visualize how they might try to jump it. That way, you’ll be prepared and he won’t get it. You can!


Gemini, yours is something that should be talked about very well. On the one hand, you are firm when you say “enough is enough”. But, at other times, kindness and compassion play tricks on you and this causes you to exceed the limits you need so much. Well, keep two things in mind: first, with your smooth talk, you can persuade anyone. Therefore, use this gift to subtly push this person away or prevent their behavior. On the other hand, when the most impulsive vein comes out, more difficult to control, try to avoid social gatherings with this person. Once again, use your facility with words to convince yourself that this person is not good or that you will not tolerate this behavior. Repeat it several times and you will be insurmountable.


Emotions are your Achilles heel, let’s not kid ourselves. You know that people appeal to your kindness, your good faith, and your deepest emotions to make you change your mind about what interests them, right? Well, you just have to find an emotion that allows you to do the opposite. And, in your case, we encourage you to develop empathy towards yourself. Always think: if this was done to a friend, what would you say? What tolerated it? If you advise someone not to put up with something, the same applies to you. Visualize this situation and act accordingly.


Leo, with you there is no one who can. The truth is that, in this regard, we are not going to tell you much. But we are not going to stay silent either, because nobody knows how to set limits for everything and everyone. Your problem? Your ego and your need for recognition. No matter how strong you are, when someone appeals to these feelings, you let your guard down in a scary way. It should scare you because you make yourself vulnerable and manipulable for this person. Be careful with compliments and flattery. They’re good and it’s good that you like them. But, be careful, with the intentions they hide.


You are passionate about taking care of others and you are one of those who do not usually give opportunities easily. But, friend Virgo, yours is love. Think about it: how many times have you left yourself and your projects for a relationship to work? Even when you see red markings bigger than the Titanic, you’re still there. fighting. This is what does not allow you to set limits and what, on more than one occasion, has ended up destroying you. It’s okay to like being in a loving relationship, but this is not what makes you live. You don’t need love to live, but to breathe, eat, etc. Learn to live alone, to be well with yourself, and to enjoy your solitude. Only by being good to yourself can you seriously set limits.


Your lack of determination and the difficulty you have in making decisions is what make you rethink the limits you place on those close to you. On the one hand, you are clear that your routines are what bring order to your life. But, on the other, you know that they can change your mind if they think differently from you. Also, you are manipulable when you let someone make decisions for you. You must do internal work and bring out this balance that is in you. Thus, you will be able to see who you can trust and who you cannot.


For you, limits have first and last names. In your case, it’s not that you limit certain behaviors in general, but that you literally limit people. You know who does and who doesn’t. And your sixth sense helps you a lot in it. You see people’s intentions from miles away and this allows you to avoid the most complicated or toxic ones, literally. However, no one is free from betrayal and there are those who can cross your limits. So that this does not happen to you very often, become aware of the power of intuition that is in you. Listen to your inner voice and no one will be able to do more than your will.


You are the happiest of the Zodiac, we know it well. How good you are at flowing with life, enjoying the moment, and letting go of what no longer belongs to you! All this is fine. But what happens when life brings you a person to be your “teacher”? To show you how far yes and where no? By believing so much in life, you forget to set limits and this makes you suffer. It’s great that you flow with everything, but life also wants to teach you that limits are good. Think about it and soon you will understand. Let people come close, but never trust blindly from the start. Take time before opening up to anyone.


If there is something that you must use to make your limits insurmountable, it is your emotional intelligence. However, not one that you can apply to yourself, but one that you can apply to others. Before giving in to anyone, do a thorough analysis of this person. You know well that you have this ability. You are not easily fooled. Study the person well and then set the limits. Have boundaries for each person rather than for each situation. You must change the focus.


Aquarium ! _ You have things very clear and there is no one who can make you change your mind. At least easily. However, there are certain aspects that can affect the way you see things and this is when they subtly mess with you. There are times when you don’t know how to see certain people coming and this happens with the person you’re in love with or with those friends you assume won’t betray you. Here you lower your walls and that is when you give them permission to break the limits and pass them through the lining. Never, Aquarius, never trust anyone 100%. You are vulnerable when you open up too much. Trust yes, but with limits too.


Pisces, they hurt you because you don’t know how to set limits directly. Although you may have clear ideas in certain aspects, there are others in which you do not know how to put them. You have a great need for acceptance, you need to have a partner and you allow behaviors that destroy you little by little. You know it well because you have experienced it on more than one occasion. So what do we do with you? We have told you and we will continue to tell you as long as you need it: you don’t need anyone. You are great just the way you are. When you stop “searching” and “holding on”, you will find the right person. First of all, you must make yourself respected.

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