Signs That Can Be Your Worst Enemies According To Your Sign

Signs That Can Be Your Worst Enemies According To Your Sign

It is impossible for your pretty face to be enough to please everyone. There are people who will not tolerate you without you saying a single word. Sometimes it’s a matter of energy and other times it’s about envy. Either way, you better be prepared to deal with disapproval, it’s normal. Relationships are not dreamy. However, these are the signs that can be your worst enemies depending on your sign:


What makes you lazy the most in a relationship is that they want to see your naive face when it is your aggressive side that directs you and the truth is that if you add your stubborn side, things get worse, and you don’t let yourself from anyone. Perhaps that is why you can have very strong disagreements with Leo and Scorpio, both are spiteful and have a high ego, but it is better that they be careful because they do not know you are angry.


Taurus, you are one of those people who get bored thinking about the same issue, if something is taking away your calm, you put it on the table and shelve it. That is the reason why Leo and Aquarius can become your worst enemies. They are two signs that are not willing to give in to anything in the world either, their pride is very great and conflicts attract them a lot.


Sometimes, Gemini, you have to pretend that you are in your own world, so as not to deal with people who don’t even know what they want and have the cynicism to have an opinion about your life. However, the ones who could be your enemies are Capricorn and Pisces. They both have an intelligence that matches yours, but when their emotional side kicks in, drama flows and that’s something you hate.


Despite the fact that they have been responsible for making you famous as a few friends, especially when you are angry, the truth is that your grudge is not something you let go of lightly, and even for that you are very selective. However, Aries and Sagittarius can become a stone in your shoe, because they have a habit of making you angry from one moment to the next. They are very pushy and you hate feeling pressured.


Leo, your soul is defiant and you decided long ago to show yourself to the world as you are. You don’t care if they judge you intensely or are self-centered, you prefer to let your guard down and become just another puppet, fulfilling everyone’s expectations, except yours. That is why your enemies can be Taurus and Scorpio, both very stubborn and with delusions of power.


You never give up, no matter all the bad things that have been said to you during your journey, even what has hurt you has been taken as an encouragement to show what you are made of. You are a brave and very organized sign. That is why Libra and Sagittarius can become your worst enemies, so much instability on their part makes your floor shake and you do not plan to carry traumas that do not correspond to you.


You focus a lot on what makes you happy, you don’t have time to investigate other people’s lives, because your physical, mental, and emotional stability have become your highest priority. You know that not everything can be beautiful, chaos is necessary to move some pieces and be better. That is why your worst enemies can be Scorpio and Virgo. On the one hand, Virgo is too closed for your liking and Scorpio can be cruel.


They feel they have every right to say that you are impetuous, but no one wonders where that sudden fury in your heart comes from. Your soul is not bad, you simply like to prevent and when someone’s energy tells you to be careful, you pay attention to it. For this reason, there are people of the Gemini or Aquarius sign, who you prefer to keep at a distance because they tend to be very manipulative and you are tired of that.


Usually, Sagittarius, you do everything in your power not to get involved in unnecessary conflicts, you don’t like to be infected by their negativity and that’s why you prefer to establish your limits from the beginning. Perhaps that is the reason why Pisces and Cancer can become your worst enemies because they are very insistent when it comes to talking about emotions, they do not stop until you blow them up.


You are a strong, intelligent, dedicated sign, you do not run away from work, you like to be recognized and you never see a threat in the other, on the contrary, you strive to build something solid in any of your relationships. Possibly, that is why Aries and Libra do not fit with you, because they are too accommodating. You need to forge your own path, you are tired of being suffocated.


Aquarius, you know how complicated it has been to defend your personality tooth and nail, you are a very beautiful soul, but your authenticity has cost you a lot of accusations, which has broken your soul into a thousand pieces. But no scar is going to stop you. You should only be a little careful with Virgo and Capricorn, maybe they don’t have bad intentions, but being so closed they can make you feel like the worst of people.


In general, you are a free sign, fickle, and often with tears in your throat. You do not like to keep anything to yourself and that is the reason why you can have big differences with Virgo and Gemini. For his part, Virgo often makes you feel as if you were weak, while Gemini increases your insecurities, he does not agree that you listen to your emotions. Those are not good companies.

Signs That Can Be Your Worst Enemies According To Your Sign

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