These Signs Of The Zodiac Are Masters Of Revenge And Contempt

Masters Of Revenge And Contempt

These Signs Of The Zodiac Are Masters Of Revenge And Contempt

Honestly, people don’t go through life planning to be cruel, but there comes a point where they have to let go of weakness and become their worst selves. There are those who don’t deserve even a little bit of kindness. Each sign of the zodiac faces it in its own way, some leave it to the Universe and others move some pieces so that they don’t mess with them again. This is the top of the signs that take revenge with contempt. They have learned to think with cool heads and hide their hearts. It is the only way in which they have respected them and they no longer intend to change. 

12.- Sagittarius 

Let’s see, the fact that Sagittarius is in the 12th place in the ranking does not mean that you can enter their life and shake their emotions as if they were invalid. Perhaps it is not the most vengeful sign, because its heart is incapable of harboring so much resentment. However, there is a fire inside him and when his impulses get out of control he is capable of shouting all the fury in the world in a couple of words that surely destroy entire souls. It is not one of the signs that take the time to plan something against you, they simply trust the lesson that life has prepared for everyone. In the end, anyone who harms ends up paying dearly. As they say, you reap what you sow. Sagittarius prefers to wait calmly, without getting their hands dirty, and see how they end up where they always had to be. 

11.- Libra 

Of course, that Libra had to be in the last places, it does not surprise me. He is one of the sweetest and most empathetic signs of the zodiac, he is used to being the mediator and fighting conflict. Perhaps his scattered personality causes him to end up involved with those who are not worth it, people who only come to take advantage of his good heart and who end up breaking his feelings. However, just because he doesn’t look for long-term damage doesn’t mean he won’t defend at the moment. Libra is very intelligent and has an analytical capacity that leaves more than one open-mouthed. He can be as nice as you treat him, but don’t try to see his face because he will show you the cruel side of him and you won’t like it. He is not one of those who sits idly by while they say hurtful comments, a couple of seconds are enough for him to give you back the best of answers. Don’t put it to the test, because if it intends to bring you down, it will do so at any moment. 

10.- Aquarius 

The aloof personality of an Aquarius doesn’t take very well to the idea of ​​revenge. In fact, it is one of the signs that he prefers to stay away from people who criticize him all the time. It doesn’t take much work for him to put an end to relationships, on the contrary, when he starts to feel uncomfortable he knows it’s time to say goodbye, no matter how much or how little he loves that person. He is shy but also proud, it is best that you do not awaken the cruel side of him, because he will pay you with the worst, he’s an expert when it comes to being nonchalant. Aquarius, he practically wipes you off the map and is not interested in giving you a chance. He doesn’t hate, he just realizes that many times it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Life has taught you that there are those who light up the days and others who make them bitter, so you have to be very intelligent when choosing. Aquarius does not forget a wound, each scar reminds him of the reason why not everyone should be trusted

9.- Aries 

It may seem strange to you that Aries is in the last place in this ranking. This is because they have taken it upon themselves to make him a fame of few friends. They say that he is impulsive and that when he gets angry he is capable of making his enemies see the stars and not exactly the most beautiful ones. However, he doesn’t always let resentment rule his actions, he is very intelligent and knows very well when it is better to get out of the way than to risk his peace of mind. Aries is very reckless when it comes to closing cycles, he is able to keep his emotions and force himself to let go because deep down he knows that it is the best. His reckless side may cause him to get carried away at the moment and say some hurtful things, but then he lets go. When Aries decides to remove someone from his life, there is no valid argument that makes him change his mind. He leaves and makes it clear to that person that he no longer means anything. 

8.- Gemini 

Geminis are not scared one bit that revenge is served on a cold plate. The truth is that he usually acts disinterested in a situation that hurts him. What he hates the most is being seen as the victim, he can’t stand being minimized and therefore he pretends that everything is fine, but… inside he is planning to move the masterpiece to hit the other where it hurts the most. Let’s remember that it is a very vulnerable sign, you never know in what mood he may wake up, and if he wants to take all the pain out of him, he will. The worst thing you can do to him is betray him, that is synonymous with removing wounds from the past and there you will know his worst version. Do not underestimate his steps, because he can smile at you and at any moment shake all your ghosts. If you hurt him you force him to use all your weaknesses against you. Geminis, do not forget any detail and if they can use it to their advantage, they do. Believe me, his contempt is the least going to hurt you from him. 

7.- Taurus  

We are already entering the field of those who were born to be vengeful and of course, the zodiac bull is not one of those who stares with his sad face while being broken. Taurus is used to being listened to and respected, which is why he is very selective with his group of friends. His tolerance level is careful, he is not willing to be minimized in any situation and if we talk about resentment, things get worse, because there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps, at first, he keeps quiet, because the meticulous side of him demands that he pay attention to detail, he is looking for the best way to tear his enemy to pieces. He is one of those who takes a deep breath and pretends that he is going to let the bad time pass, but once he is at home his mind does not stop. Taurus, he’s not going to settle down until you feel at least half of what he felt. He is patient, but he is not a fool, if you do it to him you pay for it, it’s that simple, it’s the law of life and with Taurus, there are no exceptions. 

6.- Leo 

Despite the fact that his strong character is very unpredictable, Leo is very clear that the best revenge is to be happy, there is nothing that infuriates enemies more than to see that he continues to advance despite the many stones that have been placed in his path. way. Definitely, his patience level is not good and his outbursts can hurt many. However, it is not a sign that harms for pleasure, if it shows that side it is because it defends itself and it is not going to allow anyone to trample on its dignity. Don’t you dare play with Leo like that, because his head can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fantasy? When he is angry he may plan the most painful revenge of all. He doesn’t like to be challenged or provoked, because deep down he knows he doesn’t stop. His thoughts tell him to continue until he sees that person asking for forgiveness. However, he does not want to forgive, he will only do it to teach him a lesson and then he will disappear from his life. 

5.- Pisces 

It is never good to be carried away by appearances, especially when it comes to the zodiac, because there are certain attitudes in the signs that leave you speechless. Such is the case of Pisces, who is always seen as the good guy in the movie, of course, he is, but he also has dignity and is not going to allow people to humiliate him just for the fun of it. What he hates most is that they assume that he will forgive everything, make fun of the understanding side of him and expect him to keep smiling as if nothing happened after that. A Pisces can love without measure, but it is enough for him to feel hurt for everything to change. He is very passionate when it comes to revenge and that is a big plus point for him because no one notices when he is about to put someone in his place. He is definitely not the type to forget, no matter how much someone regrets things will never be the same again. It is better that they say goodbye to that Pisces who gave everything, the unconditional and loving one because if they damage it they will not see even the ashes of what it was. 

4.- Capricorn 

In the case of Capricorn, revenge may seem somewhat contradictory, because he is one of those who considers that this is for weak and narrow minds. He wastes no time on nonsense, even if he was mercilessly hurt. From the first moment, he marks his line very well because he does not want to continue having anything to do with people who are not worth it. There is no doubt that his circle is very important and for this reason, he chooses very well, although clearly, he is often wrong. He hates when wolves dress up as sheep, but at the same time, he is grateful when they show his true face. because that’s when you can treat them as they deserve without feeling any remorse. Capricorn’s intelligence is so superior that he is able to forgive, but… make no mistake, he doesn’t mean he’s going to give it another chance. The only thing he wants is for that person to leave, he is not going to waste his energy on someone who is worth so little, you lost him, and there is no more. 

3. Virgo 

If you find a Virgo on your way and you hurt him, let me tell you that it will be the worst mistake of your life, because it is too perfectionist a sign and it is even the best to take revenge. It’s clear that his mind is full of crazy thoughts, but he has no trouble shaping them into facts. Virgo, is not to tolerate anyone’s attacks, at the moment he feels threatened, his body and his speech take control to defend himself. Sometimes, he doesn’t need to lift a single finger to give lessons, because his words are lethal. He has the gift of telling you things that you will remember for the rest of your life, the kind that hurt and break your self-esteem... He has no problem ridiculing his enemy, if he can make them feel like the dumbest person in the world, he will. The consequences of messing with a Virgo are very bad. It is best that you flee as soon as possible. 

2.- Cancer 

There is no doubt that Cancer is a loving sign, delivered, he is the type of person who is capable of giving you his entire world in order to prevent a tear from running down your face. However, if you hurt him, he will teach you what it is to lose the most beautiful thing in your life. It’s not because of ego, but his absence hurts a lot, especially when you realize that most people aren’t capable of doing even half of what a Cancerian would do for you. But, with the same intensity that he gives you the best, he also shows you the worst. He doesn’t tolerate being made fun of by his feelings, he is one of those who will make you cry and then he will remind you that before that you were laughing. Don’t you dare call him cruel, because his intention was never to hurt anyone, he just pays in kind. Cancer shows contempt for him but also releases a bit of poison. He does not intend to keep anyone’s bitterness. If he’s going to cut that person out of his life forever, he doesn’t mince words

1.- Scorpio 

And the number one site for the most vengeful signs of the zodiac is the fearsome Scorpio. Let’s see, it’s true, that his character can be hellish when he sets his mind to it, but that doesn’t mean that he does harm to everyone who comes his way. It is a highly criticized sign because no one is left behind and when it comes to pulling out the nails, they do it without fear. He did not decide one morning to be like that, as he has progressed he has realized that the limits are very healthy and that his goal is not to look good. So, he’s not going to let them make him feel bad. His revenge is direct, the act of his indifference is only the beginning of an inevitable goodbye. Scorpio, he doesn’t want you to ask him for time, he’s not willing to wait for you to change, if you didn’t have the guts to value his company, the best thing you can do is leave. It’s your problem, you’re going to miss his essence, his passion, and his madness, that’s precisely the best of his revenge, because no matter how hard you try, you won’t find anything like it again. 

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