You Will Never Understand How Much Love It Cost Each Sign To Let You Go

Let You Go

You Will Never Understand How Much Love It Cost Each Sign To Let You Go

Some come to see the haggard look on your face, the unexpected tears, and the sadness in your eyes that screams that you are saying goodbye to love. It’s hard, but there are many other things that you swallow, you face in your room and against the pillow. If you are the person who broke his heart, you will never understand how much love it cost each sign to let you go. 


They were nights when crying made knots in his throat, he wondered over and over again what he did wrong and in the midst of the pain he had no other option but to embrace his self-love and remove everything that did not let him move forward. amid angry shouts. His madness made her believe that he would not get over it, that his wound would remind her at every step of the reason why he should not give up his heart. It was the worst of cheating, but at the same time, he reminded her how valuable his independence is and how much he can do when he’s with the right friends and family. The warrior secretly lowered his guard and twisted in the pieces that love left behind. However, he got back up and now there is nothing to stop him. 


His love was firm, loyal, passionate, and underappreciated. It hurt her a lot to realize that no matter how hard she tried, it was never enough for that person. They were moments in which the courage of his heart was tested, but in the end, he was victorious. She was left with many things that she wanted to say because deep down she knew that it was in vain to say them. Taurus can love excessively, but he will not put his dignity at stake, it is enough to face goodbye to still beg. The fairy tale fell apart and a part of Taurus went dark, but there are still so many other reasons to shine. Don’t you dare say that he’s defensive now, that he’s gone overboard with letting anyone into his life. It’s just a precaution because he already realized that the beautiful souls who arrive also lie. 


When your heart is broken you fight against yourself, it is very difficult not to blame yourself, you are too cruel with your decisions and you reproach yourself for not having realized it in time. These are days when your usual brightness goes out, you don’t have the same desire to walk from one place to another. Your passionate part suffers for a while and you get stuck until little by little everything heals. That’s when you understand that nothing is worth putting your mental, physical, and emotional health at risk. You analyze the situation so thoroughly that you lose track of time and yourself. However, sooner or later you return, and you value the simple fact of being here and that’s when you decide to put an end to it without a return ticket. 


For Cancer, getting over a breakup is looking in the mirror and not being able to hold back the tears. He weighs heavily on what he gave, the way he gave everything and the person did not appreciate it for a moment. Suddenly, his mind becomes his worst enemy, he reminds her of the scenes in which the laughter lasted until dawn and the love quenched all his desire. Cancer has a masochistic side and begins to take refuge in memories, looking at photographs, and gifts that person gave him. Somehow, he serves as a catharsis for her to truly say goodbye and start over. It may take him much longer than the rest to release love, but when he does, he doesn’t come back. Do not test his resolve, for he is not going to allow his soul to be ripped over and over again. 


Maybe when you were with him you were a romantic desperate to show everything that was inside you. But, once you realize that this person is not the one for you, everything changes. It’s hard for you to understand that the story you imagined can’t be, but you have the guts to face goodbye and not beg. Often, it is your pride that does not let you turn back and you are deeply grateful for it. Nothing heals the heart of a Leo like magic, it requires patience, a lot of self-esteem, and the desire to move on. Most do not know about his grief, because he is an expert when it comes to smiling and pretending nothing is wrong. However, it is enough that you ask him alone for him to collapse. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on and get over it completely. 


Life is like that, it does not always warn you when immature people are going to touch you, who are not ready to give everything in a relationship, or who are simply not loyal to the commitment. Virgo faces incomparable pain because he is not one to open his heart to anyone. He really has a hard time rushing in love and when he does he puts things on the scale to make sure he is doing the right thing. Despite his intelligence, he also ends up betraying him and it hurts him a lot to accept that things didn’t work out. He has a habit of ignoring his emotions, he takes refuge at work, with friends, and whatever else keeps him away from his thoughts. However, there comes a point where he can’t take it anymore and that’s when he cries for days on end until he finally sees the light again. 


Yes, Libra can be a flirtatious, infatuated, and passionate sign, but it is very selective when it comes to giving someone its heart. It is a sign that one is not afraid of commitment or thinking about a long-term story with a happy ending, but when the person fails them, they have to know that they are going to face their darkest side, the one that is not willing to listen to anything. kinds of falsehoods and will do everything in his power to put a stop to you. Libra, when he sets his mind to it, he is very strict and even if he is still in love, he will not let you become a constant imbalance. The good thing about Libra in these situations is that his character helps him. When he gets angry, he doesn’t give himself time to listen to lies and even if you return to his thoughts without warning, he won’t come back into your life. 


There are many tears that Scorpio does not dare to count. He prefers to keep his wounds from him because he is not sure that anyone is capable of understanding them. At first, he seems very strong because he is an expert in turning on his shell and disguising himself, but inside there are days when everything weighs on him. Memories come to his mind and it is almost impossible for him not to fight the sadness. They will never understand what it cost them to let go of a love, because they were not by their side 24 hours a day. Her emotions broke in the middle of the night and the next day she fixed her best smile ever. Scorpio, gets so attached that starting to do things alone becomes a challenge, just when he thinks that the issue has been overcome, some wound moves inside him, and everything collapses again as at the beginning. But, don’t trust yourself, it’s enough for him to decide, even if it’s overnight, but he’s going to get you out. 


They say that if you put love into chaos, everything is ordered and Sagittarius knows very well what that means. And it is that after a break his world collapses in the worst way, the dark days and loneliness become his best company. It is a positive and liberal sign, but it is difficult for him to say goodbye to someone he loves. Don’t expect him to beg you, he’s able to hold back his tears so you don’t see that your goodbye is tearing him apart. He hates living with that agony in his chest that seems to be relieved by nothing and it hurts him to know that this person did not turn out to be what he thought. The biggest challenge for him is to accept it and move on, but really, because he may continue to do his usual things, inside he is sunk in sadness. Fortunately, Sagittarius hates to give up, so even if it costs him twice as much, he’s going to get up and apply that slate and account, there’s no more. 


And all his energy? Without a doubt, that is what bothers Capricorn the most. Realizing that he invested so much time in someone that it ended up tearing at his heart is like slapping his pride in the face. He is not going to allow anyone to see him sinking into depression, he is not the type of sign that likes to have eyes on him and much less if they are loaded with pity. What he wants to show is that he can handle that and more. The logical part of him tells him that everything happened for a reason and that better things will come, but his heart becomes foolish from time to time and he looks into the past. That’s not to say that she’s going to message the person, but at least she’s going to be disturbed by some memories in his memory. What happens is that Capricorn requires details, to understand one hundred percent, what happened, it doesn’t matter if it’s painful, because the doubt will not let him move forward. 


On the outside, he looks calm, the kind of person who doesn’t hook up with a broken heart. Knowing how to deal with loneliness and not depending on anyone helps her a lot. However, there are times when sadness hits him hard and he misses everything beautiful that he lived next to that person. Deep down he knows that things will never be the same, but his mind lies to him saying that there is a possibility that they will meet again in the future. Thank heavens, it’s only a stage and once it’s over he closes the chapter at the root. For Aquarius, you no longer exist, much less if you were the one who misbehaved. It’s not a grudge, it’s having the courage to set limits and decide what he doesn’t want in his life. 


Although it is true that you are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, it does not mean that you will be with open arms waiting for love from the past to return. You’re not the type of person to let yourself be dominated like that. Before everything is your well-being and you are not going to stay next to someone who makes you feel like garbage all the time. You are not one of those who pretend, you walk away to be with yourself and suffer everything necessary to regain your smile. They are slow but sure steps and that’s when you realize that there is nothing wrong with you and that loving the way you do is a blessing, but unfortunately not everyone is ready to receive so much love. During the duel you take the opportunity to rediscover yourself on a spiritual level, you really listen to what you want to do in your life and you take the opportunity to launch yourself into success without fear. It is always good to start from scratch. 

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