Why That Person Will Come Back Into Your Life When You No Longer Feel Anything According To Your Sign

Why That Person Will Come Back Into Your Life When You No Longer Feel Anything According To Your Sign

Most of the signs of the zodiac have had a love that they never want to see again in their life, they do not consider it to have been good, that their paths crossed and they regret having been so foolish. And it is that falling in love has a facility to fill you with fantasies, it makes you adorn the person when in reality he lacks many qualities, and with her coldness, she shows it to you every day. However, if he decides to put an end to it and you walk away, he tells you that he misses you. He bet you he will come back to you when you don’t feel anything anymore. Why will that person come back into your life when you no longer feel anything according to your sign?


What you hate most in a relationship is that they hide you, it’s as if they cynically told you that there is something wrong with you. Even if you try to ignore it, remove your insecurities and little by little the flame of love you feel will go out. You are used to adventure, it is true, but you do not want to be taken as a game. You did your best to get a deep bond, but you were barely handed superficiality. What do you want to recover? It’s over, make fun of someone else. 


Of course, you believe in love, it is Venus that awakens that romantic side in you. However, that does not mean that you are going to give yourself from naivety. You fall in love to the bone, but with the same intensity, you rip that person out of your life. Probably, it is your stubborn temperament that does not allow them to see your face anymore. Return to an unsatisfying relationship? Not that you were insane, not anymore. 


Perhaps what happened between you and that person was mere chance, life making mischief with its lessons and nothing more. You insisted on giving love, and understanding, and always putting empathy first. However, they gave you bitterness, instability, and a lot of leftovers that hurt you every day. He failed to give you the place you deserve and now he promises you the sky and the stars. Is serious? 


It may be that for you the ties are sacred, that the home moves you, and the commitment does not scare you. But, Cancer, you’re not going to stay in a relationship just out of obligation or fear of starting over. Your mind is calm, you gave until the last of your sighs and that person never changed. It’s not revenge, but you can’t give anything anymore, because what you felt was in the past. 


You might have a pretty crazy side when it comes to love. For you, it is, like the first time, that opportunity to start over and discover all the manias and follies of that person. You tried twice as hard to accommodate his every whim and satisfy his needs, but it wasn’t enough. Now, she says that she loves you and misses you, but your heart doesn’t do anything anymore. 


You take romance very seriously, it would be very absurd of you to invest time, details, and love in someone who doesn’t know what they want. Virgo, you are not afraid to put your cards on the table, if that person is not ready for something serious, you better go on your way. You gave him so many memorable moments that it’s no wonder he wants to come back again. It’s simple, he didn’t meet your expectations, why would you give him another chance? 


You love with your whole being, sometimes against your own will. It bothers you to realize that there are loves that do not value your company, that make you feel like a zero on the left and have the gall to say that they love you. It is hard to accept that you are in a bond that is anything but healthy. However, you do not tolerate such inequality and that is why you left. It even seems incredible that he dares to want to return. 


They say that you don’t touch your soul, that your impetuous side takes control of everything and that’s when you get desperate because they criticize you without knowing what is really in the depths of your heart. The fact that you do not allow yourself to be harmed does not mean that you are mean or pushy. It has cost you so much to set limits, that you no longer plan to let your guard down. You were born again at the end of that relationship, you definitely don’t want to go back. 


The traveler of the zodiac, that’s how they call you out there. Life for you can go like water between your hands and that’s why you don’t miss a kiss, a caress, or an encounter that puts your senses to the test. You like adventure, the crazy, and the passionate, but there are those who are only prepared to deal with half of your love. That’s why you walked away, if he didn’t appreciate you at the time, now it’s too late. 


Saturn is the planet that keeps you afloat in the middle of the open sea. Capri, people are not always ready for a love like yours, transparent, firm, and honest. That takes away your motivation and makes you understand that giving the most beautiful of your feelings is not a guarantee that you will receive the same in return. You gave him kindness and charm, but he treated you with his toes. Why do you want to try again? 


What surprises life gives! For a long time, you became the love that was always there, the one who listened, supported, and also kept quiet. You didn’t want trouble and that’s why you put up with a lot of things you shouldn’t have. You were in love, don’t blame yourself, the important thing is that you will no longer return to a harmful relationship, that all it did was turn off your shine. You’re not going to come back anymore, because you don’t want to see that dark version that her company awakened in you.


Sometimes your compassionate and sensitive side can confuse some cruel people. Because they assume that you will always be there and that you will forgive everything. However, it becomes very exhausting to be the person who does not let her guard down, the one in love, the sweet one, the tender one. From time to time it is important to set limits, to make it clear that nothing and no one is going to break you, even if your head is in the clouds. Falling in love no longer blinds you and that is why their beautiful and false words no longer surround you. 


Why That Person Will Come Back Into Your Life When You No Longer Feel Anything According To Your Sign


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