Ranking Of The Signs That Cost The Most To Fall In Love

Ranking Of The Signs That Cost The Most To Fall In Love

There are those who love like this, without shouting it, immersed in the silence of their thoughts . Zodiac signs that find it difficult to accept and give love. Those who are tired of beautiful stories want the genuine. That love that honors hobbies, flaws and embraces the dark side. They say they are difficult to love because they no longer settle for crumbs, because they don’t believe the first time, because they know they give a lot and deserve a lot. This ranking begins with those who do not let love conquer them, with the complicated ones, those who in the end are too worth it. This is the ranking of the signs that find it most difficult to fall in love:

1.- Virgo 

If there is a sign that breaks with fairy tales, it is Virgo. He is meticulous and decisive, he is the one who does not waste time on a lot of beautiful words. You may break the charm the first time but you prefer to do it before falling into the wrong arms. They are complicated souls, because their heart is always on the side of logic. They are independent, they are not waiting for anyone to solve their life and they do not trust anyone.

2.- Scorpio 

Do you want to know the clearest example of mistrust? Just ask Scorpio what he thinks about love. He is the one who follows his intuition, he really needs to feel that that person is worthwhile and for this he requires time, energy, love and facts. Scorpios do not always know what they want and it is difficult for them to give themselves to someone the first time. He is very emotional and temperamental, there are few who are prepared to deal with such a rapt soul.

3.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is the exciting soul, the one that bets on adrenaline, the one that hates with all its being the simple fact of feeling a tie. He is the one who gets bored easily and is not given that romanticism. A sign that when faced with commitment feels insecure, is not that they do not love the person, it is that they put their freedom above all else and that is when they prefer to take a step back. Sagittarius is synonymous with adventure, change, do you think you can handle something like that?

4.- Aquarius 

It is more than clear that Aquarius has to be in the first places in the ranking of the signs that find it most difficult to fall in love , because it really is one of the most difficult signs to love. He is the one who learned to put one barrier after another, it is the way in which he sets limits so that they do not smash him. He is a quite reserved soul, so much so that it can seem that he does not care and that coldness is his best presentation. Aquarius is distant, not all people endure when immersed in their own world.

5.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is a very firm sign, it is very rare that it falls at your feet easily. He is not one of those who are dazzled by good deals, much less with words that sweeten the ear. He is the one who stays by the side of the person who gives him stability, the confidence that he is building in the long term and that he is not wasting time. Capricorn is a reliable and disciplined sign, hence it does not expect less from the other person. Few people keep up with him.

6.- Gemini 

Right in the middle of the ranking of the signs that find it most difficult to fall in love , the sign that has a bad reputation, which they say is difficult to love. Will be? Gemini is very selective, it is not that he does not give himself in a deep way, it is that he will not do it with just anyone. The problem is that they are very indecisive, that is the reason why it is difficult for them to commit. When something no longer makes them feel comfortable, they just say goodbye. Gemini becomes exhausting when they don’t know what they want, their heart becomes overwhelmed, and they walk away.

7.- Leo  

Leo is an independent sign, like everyone has certain insecurities, but prefers to side with everything that makes him shine. It is not that difficult to love because it prioritizes its partner and gives everything it receives. Although he will never need you, it is magical to share moments with him. Leo is very attractive, loving, and loyal. They are the type of partner who does not have a hard time having something long-term because they are not afraid of commitment. Leo knows that loving is always worth it.

8.- Aries  

Yes, Aries may have a foolish, impulsive and risk-loving side, but when it comes to love, he does it from the gut. It is a sign that prioritizes whoever loves, likes to immerse themselves in the world of their partner and does whatever is in their power to see her happy. His character may not be the sweetest in the world, but he always looks for a way to be at peace. He is the one who is full of life, who loves as if there were no tomorrow and who holds grudges for a short time. 

9.- Taurus 

Do you want to meet a loyal sign? Then just give Taurus a chance, one of the easiest signs to love. They are quite selective in taking the first step, but once they do, they get carried away like there is no tomorrow. Taurus is the one who is committed , he likes to put seriousness first, he is a dedicated partner. She may not be the most romantic in the world, but what she feels is genuine. Being by his side is synonymous with protection and affection.

10.- Libra 

Libra has such a big heart, so noble, so generous and intense, that he has love to give to the whole world. At the beginning of the relationship, he can put up a thousand barriers because it is difficult for him to take the first step, but if he really feels comfortable, he lets himself be carried away as an average thread. It is a very easy sign to love, because it shows you unconditionally, they will do whatever is in their power to see you smile. He is the one who enjoys every moment and is not sorry to share his entire life.

11.- Pisces  

The second to last on the list, the sign that simply by looking into his eyes immerses you in the concept of what it is to love. He is very dedicated, he likes his partner to feel that he is the most important thing. You have the sensitivity to put yourself in their shoes and do what’s best for both of you. Pisces wants to see you happy, just like his dreamy thoughts that create the perfect life next to the one who owns his heart. Pisces wants to assure you that he will hold your hand tightly and will not let go of you.

12.- Cancer  

The sign that does not hinder when it comes to loving, is the emotional embrace, the one that is capable of touching your deepest fibers. He is the one who was born to honor the word home , who takes you strong by the soul and gives you the assurance that he will not let go of you no matter what happens. Cancer is protection, it is who will be with you through thick and thin. Loving him becomes one of the most beautiful, most intense hobbies, it is the one who gives you back the desire to believe again even with cracks in your heart.


Ranking Of The Signs That Cost The Most To Fall In Love

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