Women Of The Zodiac Who Never Lose And If They Lose It Is Because It Suits Them

Women Of The Zodiac Who Never Lose And If They Lose It Is Because It Suits Them

Sometimes, it’s time to pretend you don’t know, the innocent, it’s a tactic that never fails, to realize the kind of people who come into your life. There are zodiac women who know what I’m talking about, because they never lose and if they lose it’s because it suits them. His intelligence surpasses everything, so much so that they know that there are those who do not deserve to wear themselves out with arguments that in the end, they will never understand. Do not underestimate the women on this list, because if there is something they are very clear about, it is their objectives and they do not plan to let their guard down for anyone. Let’s say they have the gift of staying calm under so much pressure, that’s why it’s easy for them to win arguments like queens, without having to use the physical part. Sophistication above all, they enjoy their victories more thanks to their intellect. These are the women of the Zodiac who never lose and if they lose it is because it suits them:

1.- Aries 

Oh my God! You are a warrior, you are prepared for this and a thousand more battles. Nothing scares you, life has given you so many scratches without warning, that the truth is that you are already prepared for whatever comes. There is a part of you that is always ready and you will not deny that you enjoy success. When the other is barely ready for the fight, you already bring all the weapons. You know perfectly where to attack so that person ends up surrendering. The truth is that your intelligence is natural, you simply have the gift of finding their weak points. A fire sign, who carries passion in his pores, who enjoys being number one, and who rarely loses his temper. That is the difference between you and the rest, you know how to mark your limits very well, even when you make a mistake, you always have a plan B, even if you plan it at that moment, but you do not stay idly by. Good luck to anyone who dares to go against you.

2.- Gemini

You can be very tender and cute when you propose it. But let something be very clear, you are not left and if you have to mark the limits very well, you will not doubt it for a moment. You are Gemini, and Mercury is the one who directs you, so staying silent is not your thing at all. You like to defend yourself with the truth although that is synonymous with hurting someone, you have the courage to make clear what you want and what you are looking for in any type of relationship. The good news is that your intelligence speaks for itself. There are moments in which your mind is the one that directs, the one that always wants to win, and when that happens there is no human power that can stop you. You know about all the topics and with a single word you knock down the other, although from time to time you touch your heart, you are not as bad as many decide to believe. Your agility is superior, when they are just thinking about how to hurt you, you already found twenty more weak points. If you try to destroy Gemini, you will witness the way he collects each of his ashes and shines again.

3.- Leo 

I’m sorry, but Leo is the type of woman who no matter what the sun rises, she gets up, fixes herself up, and shines. Leo is one of the women of the Zodiac who never lose and if they lose it is because it suits them. She is an expert in getting ahead, even when she has lived through the most difficult moments of her life. There is something in her that invites her to always want more of her, she does not sit idly by and if she has to sacrifice herself for something, she does it. Her effort has never been an impediment to achieving what she wants. Leo is snatched, she is the woman who leaves you speechless with a single sentence because her precision is the greatest of her charms. The difference between a Leo woman and the rest is that she is very smart to pay attention to details, and that is when she beats anyone. Let’s say that in her information folder she stores a lot of things that could bring anyone down, but she’s not as bad as she seems. Leo is powerful, if she feels that someone is about to defeat her, she will have to use some of her tricks, but she doesn’t stay quiet. It is a great challenge to beat him.

4.- Libra 

If Libra is clear about something in this life, it is that for no reason does he shine by turning off others, but… that does not mean that he is a person incapable of defending himself. With the passing of the damage that has been presented to you along the way, you have realized that from time to time you have to take out your claws, even if that means that the other end up defeated. The truth is that you are a woman used to getting what you want, you do not let anyone cloud your happiness and if it is about doing justice, without a doubt, they will know your darkest side, because what you hate most is meeting people who abuse others. You are used to taking the victory because you have the gift of negotiating, you do not do it in an aggressive way, on the contrary, you look for an intelligent way to balance things until you get the best decision. Let’s say you have the pants to even bargain with the devil. When it comes to being cool, you’re an expert at keeping your feelings to yourself and focusing on your rational side. The one who always wins in everything.

5.- Scorpio 

Did someone say discussion? Because Scorpio the only thing he knows is victory. The truth is that when it comes to defending a point of view, he puts intensity first, and in that case, without a doubt, no one beats him. It is a sign that he can start calmly because he does not like to fall into absurd provocations. Sometimes he just lets the rough stuff go and doesn’t get hooked, but if you get caught in your five minutes you better get ready to take the whips of evil from him, because he doesn’t have a bit of mercy. He doesn’t care if you beg, in the end, his only goal is to win. Scorpio looks for a way to make you repent, he goes straight for the jugular. People underestimate his emotional and resentful side of him because they have no idea how much they change, they just become someone else. Do not try to manipulate a Scorpio, because you are probably doing something that she has already planned, she has everything very well calculated and she is so prepared that she is only waiting for you to apologize so as not to give it to you.

6.- Aquarius 

There is no better pleasure than appearing to be an idiot, in front of an idiot who appears to be intelligent. Aquarius, knows very well when the other person is very basic and when he does not have enough intellect to have a simple conversation with him. So, he just lets it be, he wants to realize what he’s capable of and at the least expected moment bring him down from his cloud. She is a woman who applies logic in everything, she does not need to look for your weak points, she simply ends your arguments in the blink of an eye. If you are arguing with her, you better not lose energy, because you are going to see her win. Aquarius, she doesn’t even take the time to listen to you, she just wants to answer you to take your breath away and then walk away as if nothing happened. It’s an air sign, the moment she wants it she becomes more cold than emotional, so don’t try to look for any of her wounds to hurt her, because it won’t work. You can try everything, but for her, you will only be one more lesson, about the type of person that she does not need in her life.

Women Of The Zodiac Who Never Lose And If They Lose It Is Because It Suits Them

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