Why Your Sign Is Emotionally Unstable

Emotionally Unstable

Why Your Sign Is Emotionally Unstable

When we start talking about emotions, we can say that they are very complicated to understand, although there is no doubt that it is a basic and universal part of the human being, being alive is being emotional. Controlling and suffocating our own feelings may work for us to a degree, but it is impossible to stop them from boiling and blooming within us demanding that we release them. Many people may need help with this to control their feelings since they cause them some problem or another…

It is more than likely that you have gone through a difficult time throughout your life. Each person goes through many changes in their life, but the way in which they processes all those changes can be influenced by the personality traits of their zodiac sign. We are emotional beings, and it is impossible to shut down our emotions since sooner or later they will try to come out of you and it is better not to repress them because the moment they come out will be worse…  Here we show you why your sign is emotionally unstable:


Aries is the most temperamental sign of all and is also known for its wonderful bad mood. He has a character that makes his emotions unpredictable, hitting so hard that they come like a hurricane and destroy everything they catch.

All their emotions tend to be too strong leaving them very exhausted, although they recover from that hurricane of emotions too quickly. The speed ​​is sometimes not good because it does not let them channel those feelings, without being able to reflect on them. That is to say, they end up stumbling over and over again in those emotions that do not let them move forward because, after all, they do not learn anything from them. Aries, it’s not good to get caught in the crossfire at a bad time in your life, please LEARN AND MOVE ON!


With Taurus, you know exactly what you can get. Even though we know he’s too stubborn, he’s very honest about how he feels and isn’t afraid to express it to you. Of course, if they do it, it is because they fully trust you. He doesn’t open up too much to anyone, so if he opens up to you, feel privileged because you are very important to him.

Also, Taurus is not going to be surprised by their own emotions. He knows himself so much that he knows how he is going to feel almost a month before… On the other hand, he is an innate controller of his emotions, he knows very well what is going on inside him and how to process everything that it happens to him. Taureans will only get emotional if the situation calls for it.


Gemini is well known for his changeable personality that characterizes him. He can change very easily, from laughing and having a blast like a child to being very serious and focused. But what many don’t know is that Geminis don’t really move so easily from one place to another emotionally, although they can be a little unconscious.

Geminis don’t really have wild mood swings and don’t really have overly intense emotional responses. Yes, he is very indecisive and even struggles to be more unpredictable than he is. But what happens to Gemini is that he has too strong an emotional intelligence. Maybe it’s because his life is a roller coaster and he has learned to process everything that comes his way.

Gemini can be seen as someone changeable and without any stability. But if you’re a Gemini, you know better. You don’t like routine and you like changes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to control your emotions, you have your moments, just that.


A Cancer by nature is sympathetic to all the people around him. One could even say that he is a talent, but it is a pity that he tends to stay on the most pessimistic side of events and in a bad mood that anyone coughs at him. Which can lead them to be more negative and unpredictable than they are, largely based on what happens to others. But he doesn’t realize that he has to change that way of seeing the world in order to face whatever comes his way and be able to control his feelings.

It is clear that his emotional sensitivity is very high. It could be said that it is one of the highest sensitivities of the zodiac. This means that they can feel too attacked by circumstances, rather, they make a mountain out of a molehill. Cancer, you have a great memory, so take advantage of it to learn from the past and not stagnate.


Leo has too many things on his mind to stop to think about all the things that happen to him. They don’t have time for emotional unpredictability, it’s a warm and cheerful sign, that’s his emotional nature.

Unlike other signs, he has foundations and knows how to handle everything that happens to him. In addition, he is not going to waste a minute in giving importance to something that does not have it. For Leo, it’s like flushing $1 million down the toilet. The problems one by one and when they come. Nothing to anticipate events and have a bad time unnecessarily.

Leo, many people think that it is your pride that does not let you express your feelings, but you know very well that it is not like that… Damn dramatics!


Virgo and her nature guide her feelings by those small details and of course by logical responses. Thanks to the way he sees the world, he usually gives a logical response to everything first and then, if necessary, an emotional response.

The characteristic personality that makes him analyze everything thoroughly, makes him a responsible person, keeping the reins of his life, making him emotionally reliable and stable.

Your preference for your obligations will make your emotions take a backseat. This leads him to not give too much importance to the emotional world and this makes him appear to be too cold a person. However, he does care about the rest and is very careful that his loved ones are emotionally well. Although yes, he can’t stand nonsense, so if he believes that what’s happening to you is, he’ll let you know, and he won’t hesitate to leave and not waste any more time.


Libra is the most diplomatic and neutral sign of the zodiac. He’s very well grounded in some sort of middle ground and he oscillates from there instead of being a much more irrational and extreme person like others are.

His emotional responses are usually very honest, which is why he does not like injustice. Libra tends to avoid all kinds of confrontations even when he feels very excited about something because despite being very polite, in some circumstances he can explode and this can bring him great displeasure. So he normally seeks to be calm without the need for surprises.

Libra normally tends to maintain a balance in their emotions. Most reach this point after going through bad experiences, which lead them to be colder when they have a personal relationship.


It is more than obvious that when we talk about Scorpio we are talking about one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac and even a little changeable. All your emotions are too powerful, you sweep them wherever you go, whether they are positive or negative emotions. It is an overly passionate sign, which results in many ups and downs.

He has a lot of inclination towards anger, indignation, and jealousy more than anything else. When she gets these outbursts, she has reason to be this way, even though she most likely doesn’t feel the need to share her feelings with you. So it makes for a very surprising sign when he explodes, you basically don’t see him coming. When Scorpio feels offended, they usually respond with the same courtesy.


Sagittarius is not one of those who likes to waste time with a series of unstable emotions. Instead of worrying about the ups and downs of his life, he prefers to be a free being in all aspects. He feels that if he stops to overthink things he doesn’t enjoy every moment. For Sagittarius, life is two days and you have to take advantage of it.

Sometimes, he tends to seem more aggressive than he really is or pretends to be because he often messes up by speaking out of line, even though what he actually says is much less personal than it seems. Most of the acts of Sagittarius have goodwill, but the interpretation of these brings them many problems, but hey, they are like that, they live and let live.


Capricorn is one of the most responsible zodiac signs. Being so disciplined, he’s not too emotionally unstable until his patience runs out and he hits his breaking point, and when he does, he breaks everything.

Before reaching the breaking point, he usually knows how to control his feelings very well. This can lead you to appear too cold, which is a very prominent characteristic of this sign.

Capricorn does not waste time with so many delicacies and melancholy. He’s already been through a lot in his life and he doesn’t want to be reminded of it over and over again. He prefers to turn the page and learn from all the past. He has already remembered too much. And if he ever falls and stays there, in the past (don’t forget he’s an earth sign who tends to be too “realistic” and forgetful) you’ll never see him. He keeps it to himself.


Aquarius will do almost anything to avoid expressing his feelings so that you know less about him. He knows that he is very peculiar and before sharing what he feels with you, he prefers to keep it to himself because he feels very misunderstood, he thinks that he might be laughed at.

Also, he hates appearing weak and vulnerable. So he’ll do everything in his power to avoid confrontation because he doesn’t know how they’re going to get out of there. It should be noted that, although Aquarius seems crazy, he is inclined more to the rational than to the emotional and for this reason, he does not give the subject so much importance. Aquarius has a great ability to improvise, which means that he does not stagnate in going over and over the same topic.


Pisces and their sensitivity… It leads you to emotional instability in which you have the feeling that you need to be the loser in many situations.

Although Pisces is bright and artistic, they also have its dark side. A very powerful side that is in tune with your emotional instability. He is capable of seeing the positive side of everything, however, on many occasions, he sinks losing hope, he thinks that he has already exhausted all possibilities.

Many of them tend to daydream, dreams that are often clouded by a reality that is not as beautiful as they thought and leads them to be constantly disappointed. Despite this, Pisces will always come out of the hole in which he falls and will continue dreaming because, after all, it is what Pisces likes.

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