Signs That Have Few Friends Because They Don’t Like To Collect Hypocrites

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Signs That Have Few Friends Because They Don’t Like To Collect Hypocrites

I once read that the circus will continue as long as there are people who continue to applaud the clowns, but there are signs of the Zodiac that don’t play games and when they smell falsehood they stop dead. They are the ones who seek ties in which loyalty is paramount, preferring a thousand times to count their friends with one hand and having fingers left over. They are signs that they have few friends because they do not like to collect hypocrites. 

3.- Taurus 

Taurus is the one who sleeps just as peacefully with one message as with a hundred. He has no need to receive recognition from people, he shows himself as he is to whoever seems perfect, but also to whoever doesn’t. Taurus is not one to meet a thousand people, he prefers those who do have the courage to be loyal, those who do not speak behind his back. It is a sign that distrusts everything and everyone, they are very meticulous when they share their emotional and mental part. Taurus can take years for him to really trust you, you may tell him everything, but it doesn’t mean he will too. However, when he considers you a friend they defend you like a beast, he is the one who is always there to lift you up and remind you that you deserve the best in the world. 

2.- Capricorn 

Another of the signs that have few friends because they don’t like to collect hypocrites is Capricorn. It is no secret that Capricorn always puts discipline first, it is a very closed sign when it comes to relating to anyone around it. He would rather be distrustful than end up disappointed in people who are not worth it. He is the type of person who gives everything when he gets attached, he is not one of those who let you go and is always willing to help you. You like long-term bonds, the kind of friendship that pushes you forward, where you can rely on each other. Capricorn is very friendly and suddenly the sociable side of him is awakened, but that does not mean that he considers anyone a friend. He is practical, he hates drama, and when someone starts to take more away from him than he gives him, he decides to turn the page. 

1.- Pisces 

Sometimes, people may believe that because Pisces is too sensitive and gives up, anyone can come along and do whatever they want with their emotions. However, the fact that they have a high level of empathy does not mean that they consider everyone who comes into their life a friend. It is a water sign, when someone cares about him, he gives everything as if there was no tomorrow. He is the one who teaches you what unconditional love means. However, to become that special person, you need much more than nice words. Pisces follows her intuition a lot, she realizes the first time when you only want to get closer for convenience. Hence, they have become experts when it comes to choosing, if you don’t bring a good vibe, he turns around and continues on his way. Pisces hates hypocrisy and has an incredible ability to spot it. 

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