I Wish The Signs Of The Zodiac Knew To Let Go Of What Is Already Gone

I Wish The Signs Of The Zodiac Knew To Let Go Of What Is Already Gone

I don’t know if it’s because of all those crazy ideas that they put into our heads as children or because of the cracks that we accumulate along the way, but we end up justifying bad loves, those who steal smiles and fill you with insecurities and fears. Suddenly, you turn off and it’s sad, because you say you do it in the name of love, but it’s not true. In that type of relationship so little reciprocal and exhausting, the least there is love. I wish the signs of the Zodiac knew how to let go of what’s already gone. Please don’t force your heart to stay, to lower your eyes and pretend that nothing is happening.


Where was the gallantry of your soul? You are a sign whose temperament is evident in every pore, you do not beat around the bush. Being direct is one of your favorite hobbies, but you have a sensitive side, not bad. The worrying thing is that you’re saving it for the wrong person. You are missing the most beautiful years of your life by waiting for an insane love to be able to value you as you deserve. Aries, you know it won’t happen.


You love to see love from two very opposite sides. There is the determined Taurus, the one who does not allow the heart to direct his steps, and the one who needs everything to be very clear to commit to a relationship. However, Venus brings out the infatuated part of you, the impulsive part, and the part she loves with all intensity. I know that your love is loyal, but tell me, does that person correspond to you in the same way? There’s the answer.


Although you try to have a positive attitude in everything that comes your way in life, there are times when you don’t feel like even smiling and that’s okay. Emotional ups and downs are part of your growth but please Gemini, never let your mood depend on one person. Much less if he spends it hurting you whenever he can. You are so that they love you beautiful and without filters, there is no more. 


If you would stop for a moment to think about how often your heart fell to the ground. Imagine how many tears you would count. You are a firm, attractive, loving sign, but few hearts understand and value it. Love yourself Cancer, as if you were really aware that tomorrow you don’t have a sure chance. Love yourself to let go, of what has already released you for a long time, don’t blind yourself. 


Your way of love is crazy, unexpected, and extravagant, it is the one that exceeds all limits and with pride. You love to test your senses, let your emotions flow, and let love decide for you. However, you should never forget your love for yourself, because it is the only thing that will keep you grounded in the midst of so much chaos. Leo, someone who only approaches you when he needs something, is telling you clearly, that’s not it. 


Fortunately, the stars have given you an analytical side that you do not waste on anything. You are a sign that knows what it wants, but there are times when you allow the moment to decide for you and that is when things can get out of hand. There are loves that disguise themselves very well as sheep, but they are just waiting for an opportunity to knock you down. They don’t know that thing called mercy, please forget it, it won’t change. 


Sometimes it seems like you have everything in the palm of your hand, but it’s not real. There are many things that hurt you, worry you, and make you feel like the most insignificant person in this world. Love has become a constant challenge for your feelings because you do not want to end up blinded by someone who barely gives you the scraps. Libra, you are not a doll, do not let them treat you as if you had to be thankful that they turn to see you. That’s not love.


There are times when you have felt like the luckiest being in the world, but… not all the loves that come to your door are able to respect you and listen to you. Scorpio, a partner who makes fun of your emotions and puts you at the bottom of their priorities, deserves nothing from you. It already made you cry, it reminded you of your fears, it ruined your days, what more do you want to make the decision not to go back there? 


As they say out there, for some things you consider yourself the most cunning person on this list, but when it comes to love, you better not have an opinion. And it is that you usually put your vulnerable side on the table, you trust that both are looking for the same thing, but assuming is not healthy. He can tell you with all his letters that he loves you and that you are the best thing that has happened to him, but if he doesn’t show it to you, what difference does it make? Every day what you feel fades more, don’t fool yourself anymore. 


You have feelings and to spare, but the fact that you are not disclosing them to the first person who approaches you does not mean that you are cold. Your heart is good and intense but also reserved. You are one of those who prefer to be cautious, you love to be selective. Capri, it’s okay that you are like that, but don’t be afraid to accept that you were wrong, it’s not your responsibility to deal with a lack of love. Don’t demand patience either, he doesn’t deserve it.


In your soul there is pure inspiration, you are the sign that does not need the light of others, much less blow out candles, to continue shining. When you love, you love to put a smile on your face, a sense of humor is what keeps you on your feet, but don’t be so compassionate with someone who hasn’t earned it. Enough of justifying your absences. If someone makes you feel like the saddest person, it’s not going to change, it’s going to get worse. 


One point in your favor is that your intuition never leaves you alone, it keeps you away from malicious people, especially those who perfectly disguise themselves as love. Pisces, trust yourself, and how you feel when you are by his side. The way it holds back your essence. If you have to fake it to be comfortable, it’s not there. Your heart is wise and capable of recognizing that a love disappointment is not the end of the world. It’s better to say goodbye before I break your double. 

I Wish The Signs Of The Zodiac Knew To Let Go Of What Is Already Gone

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