Why Signs Don’t Look At The Past When They Turn The Page

Why Signs Don’t Look At The Past When They Turn The Page

Over time you realize that as much as you want to keep people by your side, there comes a point where you have to let them go because otherwise, you sink. There are those who have the ability to destroy your mental and emotional stability, so it is better to stop holding on, even if it hurts. It is very difficult to get used to the fact that that person will no longer be part of your life… Why don’t the signs look askance at the past when they turn the page? 


The people who paid you poorly in the past taught you that no matter how much love you feel for someone, it is not a justification to stay by their side enduring their mistreatment. Your heart is noble, but you also have a proud part that when you decide to put an end to it, there is no turning back. You are not one of those who return even if they ask you for forgiveness. 


The least you look for in people is perfection, you know that everyone has a good and bad side. For the same reason, you strive to deal with your flaws and expect others to do the same. However, when you realize that the other person does not have the same intentions, you know that you have to let go and not look back. Everything has already changed, what one day was left in the past and you are not going to force anything. 


If life has taught you something, it is that no matter how positive you are, nobody lives on love. For relationships to work, much more than chemistry is needed and that is why there are people who no longer fit in your life. You will not stay with someone who hurts you. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been together, when someone is toxic, they’re toxic, period. You don’t need that. 


Sometimes, this is about putting breaks, even if it costs you a lot of work. Cancer, there are relationships that are so negative that they take away your energy and when you realize it, it hurts to take them out of your days, out of habit. However, little by little, life shows you that it is the best. You are too intelligent a sign to let yourself be manipulated by the evil of others. You better go, even if you cry.


There are times when your pride saves you from going back to the wrong place and you should thank it because it prevents you from spending much time with people who only harm you and fill you with their toxicity. You don’t have time to wait for someone to change, nor is it your responsibility to bring out the best version of anyone. If they become a stone in your shoe, you put a stop to them and they never see you again. 


For you, giving people second chances is extremely absurd, because people get used to harm you, they trust that whatever they do, you will end up giving in. What they don’t know is that once you make the decision to let go of a relationship, you don’t come back. You are very decisive with your decisions, it does not matter if you adore that person.


Fortunately, Libra, you have met more positive people on your way than negative. However, it has not been easy to say goodbye to toxicity, even when you know that it is not healthy to be with certain people. It weighs you down a lot, because you know that you are not one of those who return, and although the moments you have lived haunt your mind, you prefer to tie your soul than to continue where you are no longer happy.


Sometimes you have no choice, you love yourself or you love the one who hurts you. Scorpio, your self-esteem is what has saved you from staying next to people who only have the intention of breaking you. You are a very strong sign, but you have a vulnerable side that some dark souls take advantage of and that is when you have to show them that no one beats you to set limits. 


It is clear that you treasure all those moments in which people stole a smile from you, you are not one of those who regret what you experienced, on the contrary, you are grateful, but that does not mean that you are going to allow someone toxic to remain in your life. People change, perhaps in the past they were very attentive and sweet, but their current version leaves much to be desired, so you better leave. 


You do not ignore reality, but you decide to keep what you have learned. Capricorn, bad relationships have taught you that it is impossible to trust all people, there are those who do not deserve your company, because they do not have the slightest idea of ​​what loyalty is. Now, if someone wants to know your sensitive side, they are going to have to earn it. You no longer trust as before and going back to the past is not your thing. 


Definitely, Aquarius, it has already become clear to you that the worst thing you can do is spend time on people, that the only thing they are waiting for is for you to stumble to laugh out loud. If that person has already shown his true face, there is no more, you have to end the relationship because you know that it will increase and his company will become uncomfortable and negative. To raise barriers you are very direct. 


Probably, the relationships in your past did not show you their best face, but thanks to that you understood that you cannot trust everyone who comes into your life promising nice things. Now, you prefer to stay with the facts. You are not going to get hooked with people who minimize your way of being and who are unable to put themselves in the shoes of others. To those kinds of people, you say goodbye and forever. 


Why Signs Don't Look At The Past When They Turn The Page

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