How Each Sign Handles Toxic Emotions With Others

Toxic Emotions With Others

How Each Sign Handles Toxic Emotions With Others

Each sign has a different way of dealing with stressful situations, managing toxic emotions with others have its complications, and yes, there are signs that prefer to isolate themselves rather than face it. Just as there are others who are unable to forgive and blame themselves for everything, there are those who prefer to forget by doing things they have never done. Not all of us have the same patience or the same desire as the rest. Here we show you how each sign handles toxic emotions with others:


When anger enters you, Aries, you know very well that you get angry with anyone who crosses your path at that moment, Aries. With anyone. It’s not that you’re a person who holds a grudge, but you do have a short fuse. When the fire invades you, you can go crazy / or in seconds. Honestly, and although it is hard for you to admit it, you know that you are capable of becoming very aggressive and violent when you feel cornered and when you are feeling bad when those bad emotions invade you. And then you start telling yourself that you’re much better off alone, that you don’t need anyone.

Deep down you know it’s not like that. You don’t want to admit that you’re upset, you don’t want to share your toxic emotions with anyone. In fact, many times, you don’t even know why you feel like this, so you end up acting like you don’t care. Yes, you hide your true feelings behind name-calling many times, and behind sarcasm.


When a person has hurt you, you become an obsessive Taurus. Yes, as much as you want to turn the page, it costs you a lot, so much so that you start to go crazy looking at their social networks even knowing that they do you no good. You want, somehow, to get answers to all your questions, which are many. Because when you get really obsessed, it’s because there are things that have stuck deep inside and haven’t been resolved yet. On the one hand, you want to finally mess everything up, on the other hand, you think that maybe everything can be fixed again.

Your mind in these cases explodes, but literally Taurus. On the one hand, you have difficulties getting ahead but on the other, you put all your effort into doing it, even if it costs you your life. Sometimes, unfortunately, you pray for everything to be fixed, because, at the same moment, you don’t see that you deserve something better. It’s just a matter of time, a matter of time for you to wake up.


When someone hurts you, you look for another person to fill that void that the other person has left you. Let’s see, it is not that you throw yourself into the arms of anyone without thinking, but it is true that you need warmth and affection from others. And a lot of Geminis. Suddenly, you connect more than ever with people you don’t know very well, but in those moments you may feel incredible insecurity about yourself and you may also need others for it.

You may open your heart to that person who tells you that you are pretty or that you have a huge heart. You may even get to know her because at least she shows you affection and respect that the previous person seems to have not had for you. Often, you look for everything to go well on the outside, when in reality you have to heal yourself on the inside, Gemini. Despite what many believe, you are a much more heartfelt person than you seem, much more passionate, and much more sensitive. You may cause drama when you’re hurt, but you’ll most likely cringe at yourself, looking outside for what you didn’t get inside.


When you “lose” someone, you often win Cancer, but no, you don’t know it well. You don’t know how to deal with your toxic emotions, you drown in a glass of water, and you usually blame yourself for losing others. And no, you are not able to see the flaws when you are in full swing of goodbyes. Cancer, you assume all the mistakes, those of the other person and yours, and you take on a responsibility that, believe me, is not the best for you.

You start to think that maybe you’re not attractive enough, or pretty enough, or even funny enough. You convince yourself that there is something wrong with you and that is why you often hate yourself in silence. It is obvious that you will not be like this all your life and that in the end, you will realize that you do not always lose, that you often win, and a lot. But it’s hard for you to understand.


When someone hurts you, you try to erase them from your life by whatever means possible. It is true that at first, you can become a bit obsessed, sometimes a lot Leo, but as the days go by, you not only turn the page, but you start the book directly. You delete their phone, you delete all the photos you have with that person, even conversations and all that mess that can make you remember.

Despite the good times, you don’t want that person to continue being part of your life. You don’t want that person to be there in any way. And you do it without thinking twice. The first phase is denial but as soon as you start to accept, you cut it completely and in the bud. And it doesn’t matter if that person or those people are not entirely toxic. It doesn’t matter if you could end up in a good relationship even. That doesn’t matter to you anymore, you take them out of your world. This is how you handle your toxic emotions, Leo, breaking with everything.


When toxic emotions swirl through your world, things get a little complicated Virgo. But especially for others. You are not going to beg, you are not going to go after anyone to solve anything, and you are not going to kneel anymore. You will get fully involved in your things and that will be how you forget the others. You will keep yourself busy all the time or at least, you will try to keep your head busy for a long time.

If you can, you will start additional projects and goals, one of those that you had in your head for a long time but due to lack of time, you did not start. You will keep yourself busy all the time so you don’t think about anyone, much less about how angry you are with that person who probably hurt you so much. You turn that anguish and those toxic emotions into something 100% productive, although it is true that it can also be exhausting because you give it EVERYTHING until you run out of strength… And all for not going back to before. Because no, you refuse to suffer…


After a heartbreak, after a betrayal by someone important in your life, or simply after almost irreparable damage, you fall into the Libra routine. Yes, unfortunately, you wander around for a few days as if you looked like a ghost and unfortunately you get stuck in that “everything bad touches me or what the hell?”

Ok, you have to admit it, you are capable of setting up a super drama when something like this happens to you and that is, not everyone acts like you, and you think so. Not everything is love but it is difficult for you to see the evil in others. Until you get back up again, you will assume the worst. You will believe that the world is being mean to you to no end and why deny it, everything will seem blacker than coal. But wake up from that thought, the light will come and flood you like Libra always has …


You Scorpio, are one of the signs that know how to control your emotions the worst, in fact, it is very difficult for you. When you’re wrong with someone, you’re wrong, and you’re one of those who take their stress, their rage, and their anger to the dark side completely. You start to lose weight because even if you eat, your body and mind burn absolutely everything. Sometimes, you decide to go to the bad life, even if you regret it at the minute.

You drink alcohol uncontrollably, eat fast food and just follow bad habits.  Be that as it may, you want to numb that pain that they have caused you when deep down, the vast majority of times, what you do is awaken even more negative emotions in you. You were never very good at handling toxic emotions, and you know it. But it’s only because you lose control of everything at times and it takes you a little bit to take control. It will not last a lifetime, in fact, you are one of those who come back much stronger.


Look Sagi, you are one of the few signs that handle the toxic emotions you have towards others quite well, and in fact, if you don’t handle them well, you act as if you did. What has everything gone wrong? It’s okay, you’re going to get a makeover, you’re looking for some kind of different experience that you’ve never done before and you do it, you skydive or get a tattoo. You go shopping and you dress up a lot more. Well yes, because you want to look good, you want to feel comfortable/or with yourself/or and above all, you want to make up for all the lost time.

Although you can be very messed / with or on the outside, you make a real effort to stay on top Sagi, to get ahead and that is completely admired. It is true that many times, instead of changing the way you feel on the inside, you change the way you feel on the outside. So you feel that the solution is much faster, and you feel that the emotions will be controlled sooner than expected.


Look, Capri, as a good earth sign, you are one of those who carry the burden of pain for a long time. Unfortunately, you tend to feel reluctant and defensive when someone new comes into your life and the old one hurt you, a lot. You are an extremely sensitive person although you always, on the outside, transmit another image. For this reason, you shrink in on yourself when someone hurt you strongly in the past and carry it toward your future relationships.

You don’t do it intentionally, you haven’t set out to hurt anyone but you accidentally do it. Because you are not able to open up as if nothing had happened. You really have a very bad time when there is pain involved, Capri, you have a really bad time when it comes to controlling your emotions. You don’t know how to do it, you don’t know how to control them, but you don’t get along with them quite well. You can hate that person a lot, and you hate yourself for doing it because that mess only hurts you more and more. It is difficult for you to get out of those vicious circles, but you end up getting out. Before or after.


You hate having toxic emotions with someone. Your character becomes very cloudy, Aquarius, you start to have some bad answers with the people around you and you tend to isolate yourself from everything. You don’t like to have a bad time but you don’t like to face what you feel either. You prefer to evade, not talk much about it, and if the betrayal has been strong, you prefer to go through a little of everything and pretend nothing happened.

Sometimes, when you think about it, you start to make mistakes to try to justify things that probably have no justification, and unfortunately, you deceive yourself. Luckily it passes soon, luckily at the end you end up remembering what you’re worth, and what you deserve and you come up with it but it’s complicated.


When you have toxic emotions towards someone, the first thing you try to do is hide, escape, or run away… But eh, not before facing up and saying what has made you feel worse, what has hurt you the most, what is What has messed you up the most? You can keep a lot of things inside Pisces, but be careful because when you get angry and anger doesn’t. There you don’t keep anything at all, Little Fish, you have to drop everything because if you don’t you’ll burst.

Then the downturns will come, then the tears and crying, the headaches and the moments of loneliness will come, but first, you will spit out of your mouth everything that has remained inside. And yes, you become a hermit who sleeps, eats, and isolates himself from everyone. It will take a while to be ready to face the world again, but when you come back, you will be stronger than ever, Pisces.

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