These 5 Toxic Zodiac Pairs Don’t Get Together At All

Don't Get Together At All

These 5 Toxic Zodiac Pairs Don’t Get Together At All


In theory, Leo and Cancer are a perfect match, but unfortunately, the reality is not as rosy as it first appears.

There’s a natural chemistry between them that draws them towards each other, but what’s behind it is far from pretty.

Leo wants to be in a relationship where they feel secure – they crave sFblowtability. Cancer, on the other hand, wants a serious relationship with their partner and true, big feelings.

The result is a relationship that is almost too great to be true at its peak and the worst imaginable at its lowest.

Leo criticizes for being honest, and Cancer takes all of that criticism way too seriously and is immediately offended. Because of this, Leo is not one of the zodiac signs that are compatible with Cancer. Sometimes he doesn’t even show his partner that he’s hurt, but trust me – he is.

Over time, Cancer becomes more and more aggressive because it has been suppressing its emotions for far too long. Sooner or later the relationship will blow up.


This couple is mismatched due to their resemblance.

These two zodiac signs are too similar and the reason why their relationship can’t work is the fact that they see their own flaws in their partner – it’s like looking in a mirror.

Both are very strong-willed and love romance. However, Taurus’s loyalty is too much for the fun-loving and sociable Libra, while Libra’s need to always be right drives Taurus insane.

Compromise is a difficult subject for both of them and if there is even the slightest disagreement, they cannot be happy. This relationship is undoubtedly doomed.


It is completely logical that these two zodiac signs are not compatible at all because they have nothing in common. They are real anti-partners!

Cancer is a couch potato who gives themselves completely to their partner and usually does everything together with them, whereas Sagittarius is anything but a couch potato.

He is an explorer and likes challenges. He lives to travel and explore new places, unlike Cancer.

Because of this enormous difference, they love each other, but deep down they know that it can’t work out in the long run – the relationship will break up sooner or later.


Pisces is one of the egomaniacs among the zodiac signs when it comes to relationships – they want their partner all to themselves. This is one of its negative qualities.

The Gemini, on the other hand, is adventurous and energetic – the only problem is that the Pisces don’t want to adapt to the Gemini, and if the Gemini changes their plans at the last minute, the Pisces are devastated.

Pisces is usually very sentimental and overinterprets things that you may have said or done by mistake. That’s why he always ends up injured.

The Gemini needs someone who can keep up with their pace and the Pisces is definitely not the one for that.


If you’re in the mood for trouble, this combo is for you. This relationship would last for a while, but before long it would burst into flames—and quite dramatically.

Scorpio is the loveliest and most secretive zodiac sign of all, and they like to be in charge, which is a total no-no for Aries, as they always take charge and pull the strings in their relationships.

Both zodiac signs are extremely passionate, so they clash. Not to mention their stubbornness, which is equally pronounced on both sides.

We all know that this leads to extremely heated and violent arguments that can only end in a painful breakup.

Scorpios are really tough partners because of their temperament, and that is why it is better for them to find someone who can and wants to endure their temper.

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