How to understand the ambitious and determined Capricorn woman

The wonderful Capricorn woman as a representative of the earth signs does not live in a dream world, but stands firmly on the ground and embraces reality.

Because she knows that everything in life takes a lot of effort, she will never be found dormant.

She pursues her goals in a fierce manner and with such ambition that she leaves others far behind.

After all, life is easy when you do things that are difficult and these are the words by which she lives.

The Capricorn woman is so incredibly powerful and can overcome any hardship and any pain.

That’s because as soon as a problem arises, she thinks of a solution right away, so it really takes a whole lot to bring her down.

People admire her, but they also see her as a cold ice queen that no one can reach.

But in reality her cold appearance is just a facade for humanity, humor and the gentle manner that protects her from a cruel world. 

Her family knows how gentle she can be, the only ones for whom she would even sacrifice her career.

But that is never necessary because she inspires others so much that they always support her because she is so wise beyond her years and always knows that she can create anything.

Sometimes people wonder how she is able to do such amazing things without doubting herself for a second.

Maybe that’s because she never cares about the voices that tell her she’ll fail because she knows that’s what they want.

She is the most common victim of envy, which is amazing because the Capricorn woman treats everyone with respect and kindness.

Therefore, in times when she absorbs too much hatred and negativity, she stays more in her home, her safe place, surrounded by all the things that make her feel at peace.

But that’s fine with her because her heart is big even when she collapses so even an army couldn’t bring her down.

How you can know that you have met a Capricorn woman

She doesn’t like wasting time and despises empty conversations that lead nowhere.

You surely know these people who can talk for hours without stopping, like Leo and Gemini, well, she’s the complete opposite.

Few experience a Capricorn woman who has listened for more than 10 minutes, unless the conversation is related to her business area or is of benefit to her.

When this woman does something that is useful and brings her something, she never thinks that that time has been wasted.

Because no matter how much time and nerves something work-related took, it was for their own benefit, so that time was never wasted.

As a very stable zodiac sign, she will never do anything impulsive, like an Aries who has a tendency to wake up in one day and decide that he would rather be a professional footballer than a lawyer.

The Capricorn woman is an old soul who lives simply and one moment at a time.

She neither longs for great adventures and long air journeys like a Sagittarius, nor does she dream of fairytale love and admiration like the Taurus woman.

All she wants is stability and something concrete because she is realistic to the bone.

She will never talk about big dreams, handsome men she has met, but about her day and the things she enjoys.

Because while she is talking to you, she is already in a good place, stable and independent, without dreaming of anything more exciting.

She knows that she can claim power and take more than she needs, but she calmly decides against it because she is humble and only takes as much as she needs.

Capricorn woman’s character

The Capricorn woman is one of the most stable and serious women in the zodiac.

Women born under this sign are confident, elegant, and strong-willed.

They are also very collegial and are considered good friends, although they are very possessive and prone to jealousy.

Capricorn women know how to respect authority and tradition, although they keep breaking out of their traditional lifestyle in order to achieve goals and expand their knowledge.

Mood swings are also the only reason these women are described as difficult to meet when you first meet them.

These women are very silent at first, but their moods can change suddenly and unexpectedly when they are upset.

They represent and often tend to spoil impressions and situations with unexpected and completely irresponsible outbursts of anger, but in reality they have wonderful manners when they are calm.

The positive qualities of these women are logic, ambition, humor, decency and privacy. They can be very cold and aloof, stubborn and almost unreachable, but that’s because of their love of privacy.

Everything they love and cherish they keep within their four walls so that no one ever knows what is going on in their life or love life, unless they are their really close friends who they have been for a very long time Know time.

The look and style of a Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman is really humble and finds that simplicity is what makes up true beauty.

In addition, she is economical with her money and does not spend it when it is not necessary, especially not on tasteless trends.

She loves elegant coats in neutral colors, simple jewelry and comfortable shoes.

You won’t find sporty clothes and anything childlike in your wardrobe.

Maybe occasionally just a tracksuit for sport and possibly for travel.

If it’s something she can’t wear to work, she might as well do without it, and if it’s not practical, she has no use for it.

Amazingly, the Capricorn woman can wear the simplest sweater or shirt and she will turn heads.

It never demands attention with its appearance, but it still gets it because it is so complete and beautiful in all its simplicity that it is almost extraordinary.

She only wants what she can really use, that is, top quality in everything, and that also applies to clothing.

With such requirements, however, the Capricorn woman is an extremely elegant woman.

You can meet her in a twenty-year-old jacket, next to which her new jacket looks like a rag, or in a little black dress that is no longer so new, with which she nonchalantly carries a bag that is more expensive than the jewelry of all the women present.

Although the appearance of women of this zodiac sign seems a bit neutral, they stand out because they are quite polite and calm.

They are usually tall or medium in size with a bony or curvier stature.

Her face is expressive and her eyes are large, often gray, green, or blue, even brown, but rarely very dark.

The profile of the face is rounded, and most often they have small teeth and a beautiful smile.

You have large and beautiful hands and high cheekbones.

They like nice clothes, but not vulgar looks, and when it happens that women dress like that, they usually have quite lovely bodies.

The amorous Capricorn woman

Deep down, the Capricorn woman is very romantic, but it takes the right person to express this.

It definitely takes time to get close to her too, because she’s not impressed with someone who isn’t serious.

She’s also the type of person who doesn’t date for fun or out of boredom and is very serious in any relationship.

Your husband needs to be well mannered but also have enough passion to entertain them when they are alone.

Since she wants stability, he has to be reliable and work hard to keep the family together.

Even if he stays home while she makes most of the money, he has to help her because if there is no support, she is not interested.

Another interesting thing about the Capricorn woman is that if you leave or disappoint her, she will never come back.

She can’t be manipulated or deceived, and she just won’t stay because that type of relationship is of no use to her.

This woman has too many goals, love, spirit and zest for life to give herself up for something that is not love.

After all, she is full of love and gratefully accepts even a single rose as the most precious gift when it comes from an honest and graceful person who loves her.

The Capricorn woman is one who will love and support you even when things get tough. So she really is a companion for the rest of life.

How to understand the wonderful Capricorn woman

Women who are born in this zodiac sign have difficulties showing their true feelings, but they are very emotional people and often lapse into long, dark phases.

She was raised not to neglect her obligations and not to stay in the past long, learn from her mistakes and move forward through life.

She hates insincerity from the bottom of her soul, especially in love relationships.

If she feels that love is waning and the relationship is drawing to a close, then she will not linger long trying to prolong it, life is too short for that.

She has both feet on the ground, also when choosing a partner.

She wants financial and emotional security; she doesn’t believe in fairy tales about a prince on a white horse.

She views long-term relationships with the same caution as she does when planning a career.

How long a love relationship will last often depends on how she sees the future of that relationship.

Many men will come and go, but the one this lady chooses has to be the “right one” for love to last forever.

Marriage is a sacred promise in this woman’s eyes and she will do her best to be a good wife and caring mother.

She is always ready to sacrifice as much as necessary for her children because her family is the most important thing for her.


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