Why Signs Are Afraid To Fall In Love

Love is a feeling that causes very intense emotions inside us, they can be good or bad emotions, but it is clear that love shakes our interior in whatever way. Everyone has suffered heartbreak and that is why many people are afraid of falling in love. If you want to know why you are afraid of falling in love according to your zodiac sign, continue reading, you will discover that it is what prevents you from taking the step and fully enjoying love.



For Aries, letting someone into his world is difficult. He is a very impulsive person and has fallen in love very quickly in the past … Engaging with someone before meeting him 100% has made Aries have a really bad time in love. It is for all that that he has a real terror of falling in love. He has known firsthand how the passion of the beginning of a relationship has become a very difficult fire to put out. Now Aries, not easily attached, in fact, has developed the odd problem with the commitment, because of that fear of falling in love with the wrong person.


A Taurus falling in love and entering a new relationship can give him that security that he longs to feel, but the idea of ​​living in that wonderful security just to lose it terrifies him. He is a person who in the past has thought of more than one occasion that has found the right person, but in the end, he has always been hurt.

Taurus often sacrifices a lot in their relationships, people confuse their kindness with weakness and assume that they can do whatever they want with him/her. He is very excited when someone awakens in his interior feelings that are worthy of giving them importance, but it gives him a lot to return to play with him/her and it is the most normal after all that he has lived …


Gemini wishes with all his strength that love be full of adventures, dreams of meeting someone versatile like him/her, someone who fits his personality perfectly. He is very afraid of falling in love and that it is not enough, he is afraid that this person is not important enough for him/her as his need to satisfy your hunger for freedom.

He is afraid that falling in love puts him in a kind of boring routine, Gemini has come to this world to live new and unforgettable experiences and seeing that someone can cut his wings gives him real terror. That is why Gemini prefers to walk alone rather than leave his whole life aside.


Cancer has very high expectations about love and this discourages him a lot because he does not want to meet or settle for mediocre love. For Cancer, love has to be like in a fairy tale and if not, feel that the person for whom you have begun to feel something is not made for him/her. He does not want to waste time with the wrong person since falling in love is a serious matter for him/her and is something that is never taken lightly.

Being in love with Cancer means choosing to be with someone in the long term, being with someone who gives you emotional security and who you can trust, but he/she knows that there are very few people you can trust and that is why Real terror falling in love.


Leo needs admiration, respect, and devotion, he may have given all this to someone in his past without receiving it to the same extent and that is why he walks on lead feet. Leo has the reputation of being a selfish and arrogant person, but the reality is that when he is in love he gives everything. He has had a very bad time in the past and is distressed to have the feeling of being able to go through the same thing again.

He is very afraid of falling in love because he does not want to go through the pain that comes after a separation, but he is more afraid of being lied to. Leo is pure fire, but lately, he prefers to live the passion of a crazy night rather than fall in love with someone who may not understand his way of being and make him have a really bad time.


Virgo’s struggle for perfectionism and not living up to his own expectations prevents him from realizing how worthy of the love he is. Having so clear what you want in your life and what does not always make you end up surrounded by the most toxic relationships that exist. You must realize that wanting to change the essence of a person can bring big problems in a relationship.

Virgo knows that he has to change that, but he is genuinely afraid of letting go and not thinking about the head because he knows that he would fall in love and would have a really bad time because Virgo needs to have absolute control of everything or that very few people understand.


Libra is very afraid to show her negative traits because she doesn’t like to cause any disappointment. It has more to do with causing pain to others than himself/herself. He has the strange mania of thinking before others than for his own benefit and that brings him many problems. It is very important for Libra that in a relationship there is peace and harmony and for this, it tends to sweep all the problems and put them under the carpet.

Failure to treat problems naturally causes Libra to suffer greatly in love and that is why she is so afraid of falling in love. On the other hand, he is so afraid of the loneliness that love moves away instead of bringing him closer … Libra is a very contradictory person, but he/she is happy being as he is and will never change.


Scorpio is very afraid of falling in love in case he is too dependent on someone again. He has fallen deeply in love and loved with all his heart on more than one occasion, allowing him to be a special person to become his entire world. Scorpio has reached such a point that in the past the only source of happiness was that relationship.

He is a person who works hard to be his best and seeing that the greatest source of his happiness begins to crumble makes him have a really bad time. It is because of all this that Scorpio is so afraid of falling in love, he is very afraid to open his heart and to be trampled again as if nothing, more than walking because all this makes his facet eviler and does not want that pass…


Sagittarius is afraid to fall in love because he does not want another person to feel bad. The truth is that he is aware that if someone has something to fear here is his / her partner. Sagi needs at his side someone who allows him to prosper and shines, and that allows him to do all the things he wants and to accompany him during the journey that is life. He knows that it is very difficult to find the right person and he is very afraid of falling in love with the wrong person.

He is a very detailed person when he is in love, but he feels that people are not prepared for him/her. He prefers to be alone to be with a person who does not understand his way of being.


Capricorn is a very realistic person and knows that once he is in love he wants it to be long term. For him/her, love is an investment of all his efforts, his time, his money, his / her own. That is why he is afraid of falling in love and catching a person to the bars, he is afraid of losing everything he has built with the sweat of his forehead.

Although it may not seem like it, deep down Capri is a very emotional person and feels the love as an act of commitment. He is afraid that he/she is giving everything and the other person is betraying him, so he prefers to live his life alone to live in fear of taking one disappointment after another.


Aquarius is afraid of not finding the ideal partner for him/her, he needs to find the ideal person, a person who perfectly understands all his values. He does not want to be in a relationship where both lose their essence to please the other. He knows that it is difficult to find someone who understands his way of seeing life, he is a free spirit, but he/she is willing to rewrite the rules of love if necessary. He is very afraid of falling in love and that his life becomes boring, which is why he prefers to remain a free spirit to have to change to be “happy” with someone.


Pisces is a person who loves the feeling of being in love but has suffered many disappointments with this issue. He is a person who is always doing everything possible to help others without expecting anything in return. That is why when he falls in love he gives everything of him/her without any look. You need to feel that you are making your partner happy and that is a big problem for him/her as he forgets to be happy and leaves all his dreams aside.

It is because of all this that he is genuinely afraid to fall in love again, he does not want to forget him/her again and put his whole life aside. Pisces knows it’s worth a lot, but he also knows that others should see everything he/she does for them.

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