What You Will Not Stand In A Relationship Even If They Leave You

You Will Not Stand In A Relationship

What You Will Not Stand In A Relationship Even If They Leave You

No one said that loving is easy, sometimes it’s worth being sad, but not getting used to being put down. Staying in a relationship that fills you with cracks and takes away more than it gives you is the worst mistake you can make. The zodiac signs have already learned, the hard way, but they will not fall into the wrong arms again. This is what the signs will not bear in a relationship, even if they let them. 


For you, being in a relationship is synonymous with support, it is that person who fills you with life in all aspects. You won’t stand to stay with whoever puts out your flame. You are here to live in the moment, travel, enjoy, dance, and create. Your body and your soul have a lot of crazy things to do. You want someone who exudes energy and isn’t scared of your fun side. Someone who wants to give you leftovers is not worth a second of your time. 


Your head is a bunch of thoughts, but with meaning, only people who have an open mind understand it. You are a sign that knows what it wants, you do not play games and what you will not bear is being with someone who is undecided, it causes you hives to associate with those who want today and not tomorrow. It is already difficult enough to work on your insecurities for someone to arrive and make them worse. 


For you, the word is the key to everything, it is what has led you to relate to the people you love. You love to enjoy a good chat and that is the reason why you are not going to put up with a partner who pays you with indifference. It seems very immature to you that he does not have the courage to say what he feels or that he lies. If you do not trust the person who accompanies you, there is no point, in that love is hypocritical and you are not going to stay there. 


Cancer, you are the one who loves madly, who is not afraid to shout out his sensitivity, who is capable of sharing his deepest secrets in order to create a real bond. For you relationships are not taken lightly and that is the reason why you will not bear to stay with someone who minimizes your feelings. You are not going to waste the most beautiful part of yourself with a heart that the only thing it knows how to do is tell you that you are exaggerating every time one of your tears falls. 


Definitely, Leo, you are a sign that is not afraid of being single, on the contrary, you enjoy spending time with yourself and that is why you are very selective with your new loves. However, when you are in a relationship, you demand what you deserve, a shared love, in which the priorities of both are fulfilled. You are not going to put up with someone who ignores your dreams or interferes with your goals. If you don’t feel valued, you won’t even go begging. That behavior is not your sign. 


They say that you are a perfectionist because you know very well what you do not want and what you want in life. Sure, you work triple to achieve it. When it comes to relationships you want to build something long-term. Come on, you’re not going to get married soon, but at least you want to make an effort to have a good time. That is why you are not going to put up with someone who has mediocre aspirations. You are not going to stay with a conformist person who on top of that wants you to be the same. Bye bye! 


There are many things in this life that you do not tolerate and it is not because you are special or you think you are superior. Libra, it’s just that you’re very empathetic, you can’t help but treat others as you expect them to treat you. And that is the reason why you are not going to put up with a person who does not have the heart to understand the rest. The lack of humanity removes the blindfold quickly. No one with bad feelings deserves even a little bit of your attention. 


If you are with a partner, it is because that person really makes you feel at peace, someone who inspires you with confidence and at the same time has earned your admiration. You are not going to share your days with any hypocrite, you can’t stand people who use lies at all. You have a very hard time trusting and at the first sign of disloyalty, you walk away. You do it before it’s too late. With someone who fills you with doubts you never stay. 


Life is so short that it would be foolish of you to stay with someone who only bosses you around like you’re a kid at school. You are not there to be chained in any way, you want to live in the world at any cost, and if someone does not share the idea they have no right to love you. You love challenges, illusions, and the unknown, why get bitter with someone who judges you crazy? If it doesn’t go at your pace, you leave and that’s it. 


Your motto is very simple, if you have to do something, you will do it to the best of your ability no matter how much time it takes. You are a sign with a full schedule and you love it, because that keeps you on the lookout for everything. Hence, what you are not going to bear in a relationship is someone who pressures you, a couple who despairs of your meticulous side and who does not respect your way of being, it is not worth it. You are not in a hurry at all, if your partner is, then let him go. 


The person who wants to win your heart has to let go of the load of prejudices that they have been carrying for so long because that is what you can’t stand. You don’t want a partner who is giving you a lecture for everything you do and don’t do. Aquarius, with you things are like that, unpredictable, crazy, and passionate. You released the traditional a long time ago, if your mind is not open, it has nothing to do with you because it will only become a thorn in your shoe. 


You are a good sign, the way you take things is really admirable. You never allow the evil of others to hurt you and that is appreciated. Your heart is full of love and humility. Precisely, the latter is essential for you, if your partner is not capable of respecting the weaknesses of others, they do not deserve to be with you. You are incapable of ignoring the pain of others and would not feel comfortable hugging someone who does. 

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