What You Don’t Know About The Signs When They Break Their Soul

When They Break Their Soul

What You Don’t Know About The Signs When They Break Their Soul

When someone plays with your feelings, it’s not the act, it’s the consequences. You are never the same person again after a disappointment, much less with the person who hurt you. Zodiac signs tend to move on because life has taught them that they have no other choice and that the wrongdoing of others is not their fault. However, there are things that they do not tell anyone, they cry in silence and little by little they form lumps in their throats. This is what you don’t know about the signs when they get their souls broken. 


You are used to healing without asking anyone for help. You can no longer trust as before, something inside you prevents you from giving and giving. Your goal is to stay away from suffering and that has led you to hide your true emotions. There are those who don’t deserve to know your truths and that’s when you prefer to break into silence, keep smiling and wipe your tears when no one sees you. Only you know everything you have stored in your soul and what is behind your smiles. 


It has worked quite well for you to be the tough guy in the movie because people think twice before doing a bad move on you. However, you are not made of stone, deep down the only thing you hope is that someone values ​​you and respects you. A person who really makes you feel loved, understood and who does not question your intense side. That is what breaks you, that they minimize what is in your heart. You have a lot of loyalty and love to give, but hardly anyone notices and that hurts. 


If there is something you bet on, Gemini, it is stability. You want a love that is capable of putting itself in your place, that does not torment you or fill you with distrust. It’s not that you don’t want to commit, it’s just that you haven’t found someone who arouses your desire. There are times when you want to take refuge in your solitude because it frustrates you that no one understands you. You are not the person who is worth everything, it hurts you that they always expect you to get over things in the blink of an eye. It does not work like this. 


On the outside, you look brave, a sign that can do everything, that is capable of getting up again in the midst of pain. Each fall has taught you that you can’t stop crying for long and that’s why you always keep moving forward. However, behind the four walls of your room hides your sad side, the one that loses the desire for everything and all you want is to smile again as you did before, without having to pretend all the time. Fighting your demons is exhausting. 


The problem with you is that you care a lot about what people think of you and for no reason do you want to be the person they point out as weak. You are too much of a fighter to drop your guard at any moment. Perhaps your pride doesn’t help much in these cases, because it has become your defense weapon and people believe you. The idea has been made that you don’t deal with losing streaks and that you are in control of everything. However, all you want is the support of someone you trust. 


Your soul is like that, meticulous, perfectionist, unpredictable, and passionate. Sometimes, Virgo, you put on a huge cape so you don’t get hurt, but deep down you know that you are a loving sign and all you want is genuine love. When you give yourself up, you do it honestly, but it overwhelms you not to be reciprocated. A part of you feels frustrated like you’re giving and giving without getting anything in return. That’s what hurts you, realizing that even though you’re surrounded by a lot of people, you’re alone. 


The two faces of Libra, it’s not that you’re a hypocrite, it’s just that you behave differently depending on the vibe you detect in others. You may show your kind side, the one that is capable of putting yourself in the place of others and you do not hesitate to help. However, there is another side, the one you hide perfectly because you don’t want them to realize that melancholy takes over your being without warning. There are many things that hurt you, but you are accumulating them and one day you are going to explode


Be strong, don’t cry, keep fighting. Those phrases have become a martyrdom in your life, Scorpio. You would like to release them, recover your essence, and not allow your ego to decide for you, but it is not easy. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be submissive, but you are tired of feeling bad all the time. Sometimes you feel stuck and don’t say it, because they expect you to have the solution for everything. It is not like that, from time to time all you need is to take refuge in a sincere hug. There’s no more. 


If tomorrow you stop being an angel with someone, it is better that they take the time to analyze what they did to you, because you are not a sign that will drop their relationships overnight. However, when you feel betrayed there is no going back, you break and sink into solitude for a while. On the outside, you pretend that everything is fine and go on with your life as if nothing had happened, but a part of you no longer believes. You simply put up a barrier and become more selective. 


It is much easier to show the world that you are disciplined, that you strive for everything to be perfect for you, and that you do not allow emotions to interfere with your decisions; to accept that there are times when you can’t handle everything. This role has worked wonderfully for you because you avoid uncomfortable questions, but at the same time, you cover your heart. The cruelty of people has made you very suspicious, but in reality, your mistakes frustrate you, but you don’t say it. No one is used to seeing Capricorn fail and that pressure is heavy. 


If there is something that has kept you at the foot of the canyon in emotional matters, without a doubt, it is your intelligence, you are not the type of person who gets carried away by absurd worries and you have learned to throw overboard everything that does not let you move forward. However, there are some things that anguish you and you prefer to solve them in the company of your solitude. Although that’s when you realize that in reality many who claim to be friends are never there. 


Sometimes, you lose the desire to think, to create, to be. It is not easy to deal with the pile of emotions that agitate the cracks that you have been accumulating in your heart. Suddenly, the magic that one day enveloped you is gone, you feel so broken that it’s hard for you to try to pick up the pieces. You don’t say it, but you want a break, something to restore your faith and take away all the negativity. You are desperately asking for help, but no one seems to listen. Your soul is no longer broken, it has already reached its limit, and all you want is reliefForgive and be forgiven, because you are already repulsed by so much sentimental garbage. Pisces, it is time for you to accept it, you need support. 

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