How Virgo Flirts Vs How It Is With A Partner

How Virgo Flirts Vs How It Is With A Partner

How you flirt:

You like to flirt, Virgo, but you hardly ever make it clear what your intentions are. Many people are lost with you and your attitude. They don’t know if they will be rejected and that’s why they don’t go for it. But you prefer many times to create that kind of feeling. You prefer that they don’t know anything, you prefer that they don’t think that they are going to have you so easily. You like to start as friends, to create that strong connection that allows you to get to know others more deeply. And then, when you are completely sure, start throwing DIRECT hints. You will let yourself be loved, you will even make yourself beg a little… Then you will see…

How do you behave in a serious relationship:

When you finally embark on a serious relationship things change a lot. Very much. With the love and support of your partner, you begin to open up and let yourself be discovered, you begin to give everything you have inside, to express your feelings until you remain in the most absolute transparency.

You are afraid because you have never been so vulnerable with anyone, but you love feeling that someone understands you and that you can become yourself. If it is the right person, Virgo will not harm you, it will help you to prosper and evolve. To grow as a person, to advance…


How Virgo Flirts Vs How It Is With A Partner


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