The Honest Reason You Don’t Chase Your Dreams According To Your Sign

Don't Chase Your Dreams

The Honest Reason You Don’t Chase Your Dreams According To Your Sign

Everyone has dreams and tries to fulfill them in one way or another, but there are complex situations that stop us from fighting to fulfill them. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re having a hard time chasing your dreams and you’re not quite sure why here‘s the honest reason why you’re not chasing your dreams based on your zodiac sign:


Aries, you refuse to have a reason not to pursue your dreams, but deep down you know that if you don’t, it’s because there is a compelling reason that prevents you from fighting to get what you’ve always wanted. You have never given up, and you have always given everything when it comes to fulfilling your dreams and goals, but it is true that the fear of failure sometimes stops you and prevents you from continuing to pursue your dreams with that illusion with you normally do. That is the reason, so stop holding back and go out and try it no matter how scared you are.


Taurus, you love to have everything under control, knowing what is going to happen around you at all times is a very satisfying feeling for you. You fight to meet your goals and you almost always meet them. The problem is that when it comes to pursuing your dreams, sometimes there is a reason that prevents you from moving forward. You worry about wasting time and getting nothing. You value your time a lot and having the feeling that everything you do has no meaning stops you from pursuing your dreams.


Gemini, you have always been very hard on yourself. You like to make others feel good when they are around you, but when it comes to fighting for your happiness, it’s a different story. A part of you feels that you don’t deserve to be happy, even though you deserve it from head to toe. That belief of not being enough is what makes you stop and not pursue your dreams. Stop making excuses and fight for what is truly important. You deserve all the good things in the world, it’s about time you put it in your head.


Cancer, taking care of others has always been one of your priorities, especially your loved ones. That feeling of satisfaction when seeing the people you really care about happy is not taken away by anyone. The problem is that thanks to that your dreams end up being postponed because you think that the time is never right. You keep making excuses and taking refuge in the idea of ​​seeing your loved ones happy and you forget about your own happiness.


Leo, you are the type of person who goes out to fight every day to pursue their dreams and not stop until they are fulfilled. You never give up, and you always do your best to make your dreams come true, but there are stages in your life when you feel stuck and you have many other things to resolve before you pursue your dreams. Leo, sometimes you prefer to slow down a bit and figure out everything on your mind before getting into more trouble. You do very well, but do not forget to always move forward.


Virgo, you are a very perfectionist person and you like to have everything under control. Leaving things to chance doesn’t go much with you. You set goals and meet them, but risking to fulfill your dreams doesn’t go much with you. You prefer to stay as you are because you feel comfortable and you do not want to lose everything you have achieved with your efforts. Virgo, you have to get out of your comfort zone and pursue your dreams because you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to and you cannot miss out on this great opportunity.


Libra, making decisions has always cost you a lot, that’s nothing new for you. You are overwhelmed by the feeling of having to choose a single option and move forward. You like to think things through before acting and that makes you stop on many occasions, but that is not the reason why you do not pursue your dreams. The main reason is that you are tired of trying hard and not getting any reward. You feel like you’re wasting time and just throwing in the towel, but you never know what might happen, so don’t give up early…


Scorpio, you are a person who has never been afraid of challenges, what’s more, you love to challenge yourself and challenge yourself. Putting yourself to the test has always been one of the things that have led you to achieve everything you set out to do, but sometimes not everything is what it seems. The fear of change can stop you on more than one occasion. Taking risks and failing terrifies you, but you know firsthand that if you don’t, you will be left wanting, and the truth is that this is not in any of your plans.


Sagittarius, risk, and adventure have always led you to do things that you would never have imagined. You love to put yourself to the test and challenge yourself day after day, no one will ever take that feeling away from you. The problem is that when it comes to pursuing your dreams, on many occasions the fear of what others might think of you stops you. You should care rather little and live your life as you always have, but that fear stops you too much.


Capricorn, you are able to achieve everything you set out to do, and you know it. You have always had a gift for discipline, you are capable of setting goals and not stopping until you achieve them. The problem is that you are your worst enemy. Despite always having things clear, insecurities are made with your interior and you doubt yourself, so much so that sometimes you believe that everything you do is wrong. Capri, get that thought out of your head and start chasing your dreams because you are capable of doing it.


Aquarius, the order has never been your thing. You have always preferred to skip the rules and go it alone doing what you want. You have never needed anyone to fight to fulfill all your dreams. The problem is that sometimes you lose motivation and prefer to sit and wait for things to come by themselves while having fun with others. Aquarius, be a little more consistent because you are capable of achieving everything you want, you just need a little discipline.


Pisces, you are pure feeling. You have a huge heart that never stops generating feelings and emotions to process. Do not be ashamed of it because it is what has kept you afloat throughout your life. The problem is that with that big heart you have always ended up looking more for others than for yourself. You focus on the happiness of your loved ones and forget about your own, but the main reason for not pursuing your dreams is not that. Your insecurities are what take control of your life, making you believe that you are not enough and stopping you from pursuing your dreams. Get your batteries and don’t let them do it…

The Honest Reason You Don't Chase Your Dreams According To Your Sign

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