What Each Sign Wants From A Relationship But Does Not Ask For It

Wants From A Relationship

What Each Sign Wants From A Relationship But Does Not Ask For It

Good love seems simple, but building a true relationship requires a lot of teamwork. Sometimes the heart becomes foolish and chooses people who do not have the same interests, which prevents the two from going at the same pace and that is when they are destined for failure. It’s not about finding someone just like you… This is what each sign wants from a relationship but doesn’t ask for it. Perhaps out of fear of not getting it or simply not daring. This list explains what I’m talking about. 


Definitely, your passion and intensity do not match someone who does not want to live to the fullest. You are a leader, you are used to having your decisions heard and you are not afraid of a challenge, on the contrary, you appreciate it because it keeps you alert. However, what you want from a relationship is someone who will stick with you, even when your tough side shows up. You can’t always go smiling with a positive attitude, there are times when you can’t even stand it and it would be nice to share the days with a loyal person, who doesn’t change their feelings just because of a bad time. Someone who accepts you without prejudice and is capable of embracing your hobbies. 


It’s no secret that when Taurus loves, they do it from the bottom of their heart. At the beginning of the relationship, it is difficult for him to let go because he needs to learn everything from you, he likes to feel that he can connect with his partner at an extraordinary level and although he is quite reserved, he opens his emotions. It is clear that his standards are high because he is a person who has worked a lot on his self-esteem and is not interested in receiving crumbs of love. What he wants from a relationship is someone who values ​​him, who truly loves him, he doesn’t look for someone to save him, he simply wants to find the complement. Taurus demands what he deserves and does not intend to become small to enter anyone’s life. If you fit into him, get ready because he will fill you with a lot of love. 


Geminis have a hard time expressing their feelings because their head is always on top. A lot of thoughts make him doubt his emotions and something inside him makes him afraid, he doesn’t want to lose himself in a love that turns out to be treacherous. That is why he tends to have many informal relationships, he does not want anyone to become the shadow of his freedom. Gemini is going to fall in love only with that person who adds a touch of emotion to his days From him. What he wants is someone who is able to hold his hand despite his darker habits showing up. He’s tired of those loves that go by, those who expect everything to be perfect and leave at the first crisis. For that, he better stay single. 


The truth is that Cancer is not afraid of falling in love, at that moment they would be able to do anything for that person. It is precisely his heart and his spirit that distinguish him from the rest because he is not only strong, he is passionate, and very dedicated. When he finds a special connection, he doesn’t hesitate to let go and is able to let go of his fears. Make no mistake, that does not mean that you take relationships lightly, on the contrary, love when the other is willing to build something for the future. Honestly, the love of a Cancer is not for everyone, it is for those who know how to support, and protect and who do not feel out of place when being loved. Cancer wants a relationship in which everything he gives is not in vain, a mutual love, someone to take care of him in exactly the same way that he does. If he doesn’t feel loved, he will leave. 


When Leo decides to give his heart, he does so by putting trust first. He knows perfectly well that by believing in his abilities he can attract the right person, someone who understands his walk, that crazy way of facing life without worrying about the consequences. Come on, it’s not that he’s irresponsible, it’s just that he’s ready for whatever comes. Leo loves to fill your day with energy, he manages to put a smile on your face and he is an expert in getting your attention. He definitely does not take relationships lightly. He is the type of partner who supports, adores, and makes you have fun. However, like everyone, he has a vulnerable side of him, when he doesn’t feel enough and his insecurities make him believe that he is not capable of anything. It is because of that that he wants a relationship with someone who is able to see how amazing he is even at his worst. 


A sign that does not get carried away at first, needs much more than a perfect story to open its emotions. Virgo goes slowly because the extremist side of him analyzes every detail. He is like that, analytical and somewhat obsessive when it comes to choosing the right person. He has a knack for setting high expectations and works very hard to meet them, so he won’t settle for less. However, once he falls in love you can be sure that his affection will be genuine. It is an overly loyal sign and it doesn’t matter if the relationship falls apart, it will not fail you, even if each one goes their separate ways. What you lived next to him will never come out of his mouth. That is why he wants someone who understands every one of his quirks, Don’t run away when your trust issues come up. Someone who wants to be with him despite anxiety or sadness. 


When Libra decides to have someone accompany them in this madness of life, they are very empathetic, they cannot help but see the pros and cons of the other person, but they never do so judging. He likes to add a romantic touch to his relationships because his loving side prevents him from seeing it any other way. The more peaceful and relaxing everything is, the better, he doesn’t want his partner to be synonymous with stress, on the contrary, he sees it as a refuge. Someone with whom he can forget all the bad things of the day. Libra, wants a relationship in which there are no restrictions when it comes to love, someone who is capable of giving everything and who is not afraid of what might happen. When Libra is in love, he doesn’t think twice, that person becomes his priority and makes him proud. 


The mystery and passion of Scorpio are one of the things that most attract their sign. His partners often feel as if they were being pulled by a magnet and they love it because his strong and passionate personality tests their senses. Scorpio, he catches you and gets you so close that when you discover his emotional side, you never want to leave. Well, behind that supposed cruel character hides a soul full of kindness, a being that earns your trust without making much effort. He likes to pay attention to you, make you feel special, and fill you with life. What you want from a relationship is someone who is really honest from the start, that does not minimize their bad times. A person who instead of judging him gives him a hug when everything goes wrong. It is not as complicated as it seems, but many prefer to say that it is bad. 


When Sagittarius falls in love, they do so in an adventurous way, they like to play and stay next to that person who gives them freedom, but they don’t want ties. He comes into your life with coquetry and optimism, because you keep moments in his fascination. He doesn’t want long faces, the more emotions the better. Also, it is a very firm sign, if he decides to be with you it is as honest as possible. What he wants from a relationship is someone who will break his fears of him. A person who is capable of keeping up with him, who doesn’t get scared or angry when a new idea pops into his head. Sagittarius is pure adrenaline and can’t stand staying for a long time next to someone who wants them to change. That is why he lasts long periods without a partner. 


You are not one of the signs that changes when you are involved with someone, you are still practical, somewhat distant and you are used to seeing the bad first before the good. This is because your perfectionist side is too demanding. That is the reason why when you fall in love you look for someone who is really worth it and who is capable of valuing your success. You have the goodness to help the other, but you are clear that you are not going to solve anyone’s life. Your goals and dreams, you don’t let them go for the world. What you want from a relationship is to be with someone sincere, who doesn’t have to pretend to be accepted. You like to compliment them, be romantic, and show that you are there through thick and thin. Your way of loving is not cloying, but it doesn’t have a drop of lies. 


Let’s see, everyone knows that Aquarius is very unconventional, he wants adventure and although he follows his logical side, he never tires of doing different things. Well, he knows that there is the key to growing as a person, he enjoys learning and everything that challenges his mind. For this reason, he is attracted to very intelligent people, if he chose you, he is flattered, because not everyone steals his attention. His heart is honest, he likes to give attention, but… it has to be clear that he doesn’t go out of his way for anyone. Trust that each person has their own world and it is healthy to share them, without leaving their individual essences aside. Aquarius wants a relationship in which he feels free, where he doesn’t have to hide his thoughts or his new goals… He really wants to do his best to make everything work, but he will never forbid things he likes. Just someone who respects his independence. 


The romantic of the zodiac, who is not afraid of the whole world witnessing the sensitivity in his heart. He is very optimistic when he starts a relationship, some may think that he is always in the clouds, but do not underestimate him because he pays attention to everything. With the same intensity that he gives you his soul, he is able to say goodbye when something doesn’t work. It is a very inspiring sign and he expects no less from his partner, he is bored with being with someone who conforms to everything others say. What he wants is someone who is willing to work on the best version of him, and who has the courage to admit his mistakes. He doesn’t want someone perfect, but he does want someone who isn’t afraid to let go. 

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