According To Your Sign, Why Have You Refused To Be Loved Pretty?

Refused To Be Loved Pretty

According To Your Sign, Why Have You Refused To Be Loved Pretty?

Imagine for a moment what life is like in the movies or novels you’ve read, how crazy isn’t it? Adorning love so much that when you have a bath of reality it hurts, because it breaks with your ideal, with all those paper stories you made up in your head. Loving is much more than fantasies, the day you understand it and give yourself the opportunity to wrap your heart, you will understand. Your zodiac sign is stubborn, it refuses for some reasons. Why have you refused to be wanted pretty according to your sign?


I don’t know whether to call you naive, but at this point in the game you should be less demanding, I mean, it’s okay that your standards are not like the rest, but you don’t even allow the person to start conquering you. Do not get carried away by appearances, if you dig deep you can find that heart that you have always been looking for.


It is true, flexibility and you are not the same, you like things to be done as you say, but unfortunately having a partner is also giving in. Let’s see, I’m not telling you to go and put yourself at the feet of anyone, putting your dignity at risk, but if you were a little more understanding when working as a team, the panorama would change. 


Be honest Gemini, you know that you have had relationships in which you do not take off your shell because your pessimistic side always tells you that it is better to prepare for the breakup. What are you playing? You are investing your time and energy in someone you don’t see in your future. Being down-to-earth is good, but your level of hype is bringing you down.


Do you realize it already? You have been entangling your emotions for a long time with people who are not really on your same channel, those who call you intense, and who love to make fun of the sensitivity that is in your heart. It’s not easy, I know it scares you, but it’s time to heal, seek help and break with all that knot of fears that lead you to the wrong person. 


Of course, it is not by chance that all the people who cross your path have the same characteristics, you are repeating patterns. You are a loving, intense, and committed sign, but that will never be compatible with those who only live for appearances. You need someone genuine, who doesn’t break your happiness and applauds you every time you succeed. 


It’s simple if someone doesn’t have the ability to meet your expectations, you leave, you don’t let the person show you their good side, because you demand yourself until stress floods you and your thoughts scream that you should run away. There are hearts that are good for you because they have the intellectual capacity and are hard workers, but you have to open your eyes wide.


I am not here to judge you, I know that there are wounds that do not allow you to move forward, because all the time you are comparing your new loves with the past. Libra, if someone loved you with your soul or cynically hurt you, it is not synonymous that the new person will too. You are supplying a relationship with another and that is not healthy at all, it wears you out.


Despite the fact that people insist on seeing you as a bad sign, the reality is that your heart can become as fragile as crystal glass and that is why you take care of it as the most precious treasure. However, you are losing good prospects for being defensive. It is time for you to start working on your distrust, it is taking away your peace.


Without a doubt, you love that your list is filled with plans, you are not one of those who enjoy staying at home for a whole day, if you do nothing, you feel that you are lost in an exaggerated way and that awakens your anxious side. You love to travel, to know new places, and to be told about customs that you do not know. However, making space for love would not hurt you. 


Trust yourself, but in your intuition, there are times when the best thing you can do is tell your head to shut up a bit because it is she who finds something negative in all your suitors. I know that you have goals and that you require stability before taking an important step, take your time, but open up your feelings a little more. 


Your mind is complex, that is already known and it is not a reason for you to have to change your way of being. However, love is also about putting yourself in the other’s shoes, maybe some small changes can help you connect further. It’s okay if you say how you would like to be loved, it’s better to be clear before other ideas are made. 


The shy part of you is hardly going to change, in fact, for some that are extremely tender, because it is difficult for you to take the first step. Although your kind side helps you connect, you don’t always dare to say what you feel and that can lead you to fall into an eternal friendship, which is basically synonymous with living unrequited love, be careful.

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