Factors That Even If The Sign Doesn’t Say It, It Loves You

It Loves You

Factors That Even If The Sign Doesn’t Say It, It Loves You

Not all of us are ready to say that we love, there are those of us who have to face a thousand demons before achieving it. However, there are other ways to shout it out, but it takes attention to figure it out. Sometimes love hides in a hug, in the times it cares about you, in your favorite dessert, and even in a walk in the park. Love is not just a bunch of words. Each zodiac sign says it in its own way, but there are signs that that sign loves you even if it doesn’t. 


The discreet side of Aries can be hard to read because they don’t like to put themselves in the hands of someone they don’t know. It is a sign that, although it enjoys risks, when it comes to love, it prefers to go very slowly. When someone owns your heart, it shows, because they strive to steal your attention. Aries loves to be put as a priority and clearly does what is in his hands so that person has the courage to appreciate him. He tells you that he loves you every time he texts you back on the time when he invites you on one of his adventures when he texts you that he remembered you. When he looks at you without haste, with the intention of meeting your gaze. There’s the answer. 


Perhaps Taurus is not an expert when it comes to expressing feelings. It really costs him a lot to see your face and tell you how important you are in his life. However, that’s not to say he doesn’t feel it. His approach is different, he shows you with details that you have become that special person. You may have only mentioned it once, but now he knows what your favorite food is and he is going to surprise you with a unique dinner. The signs that he loves you are hidden when he unexpectedly loves you on the forehead, he surprises you with details, and he tucks you in at dawn. Taurus, thank you for an afternoon with him and emphasizes that it be repeated again. That’s a nice way to love him. 


The truth is that Geminis are not one of those who let anyone into their agenda, they always have a lot of things to do and it is difficult for them to find someone to keep up with them. However, he has learned to deal with his feelings and gives himself the opportunity to discover a world as a couple. When he opens the doors for you, he says a lot about how he feels about you. Somehow, he invests time in making you feel good, he wants you to feel valued, he involves you in his plans and he always finds a way to break the routine. Geminis love to socialize, but when he’s in love he wants his partner to go with him because he’s proud to be seen by others.  


Honestly, Cancer is not one of those who usually keep what they feel to themselves. If someone makes him feel comfortable, he gets carried away and allows his emotions to be the ones that decide where the relationship goes. Let’s remember that his intuition is a very important piece in his life, if he stays by your side it is because his heart already told him that everything will be fine. The signs that he loves you are noticed because he loves to become your emotional refuge. Also, he takes you to meet his friends, and his family, he wants all the important people to approve of you. Although, if it is not like that, it does not take away his sleep, because if he loves you, he will do whatever it takes to be by your side. Cancer trusts you above all else and that is the biggest sign that he is crazy about you. 


It is very common for you to feel confused if you date a Leo because they are regularly a very enthusiastic sign, they like to make others feel good and they always have the perfect joke to break the ice and give a break to sadness. Being affectionate is part of his nature, but… How do you know if he loves you? Pay attention to what he doesn’t say, but does. Leo is very determined, he wants to show you with facts how much he cares about you. Perhaps shyness does not allow him to say it, but he cares about you, he is waiting to see how you woke up and he wishes you good night. Leo listens to your storms and does whatever it takes so you don’t feel alone, with that he says it all. 


A Virgo in love has a whole list of reasons why his heart already belongs to you, but he won’t say them because there is a part inside him that is still afraid of falling into the wrong arms. It is a sign that does not take a game or fall in love, if they are really giving you their time, it is because they trust that they can build something in the future. Virgo does not want to fall into relationships full of fantasy, he wants something more than the pretty photo on social networks and that is the reason why he does not waste energy saying a lot of words. He shows you that he loves you when he supports you to work on your best version. She wants to see you shine and that is her greatest proof of love From her. 


Libra is very complicated, he does not like to show his feelings at first, because he is terrified of not being sure of what he is experiencing. The truth is that in his heart there is a lot of good and he does not hesitate to put himself in the place of others to help. Libra fills you with life, reminds you how important you are, and encourages you in every way. However, when she loves you, she shows you her admiration and respect for her. More than the other half of her, she wants someone whole willing to share her days. A person who wants to receive affection from her and who feels comfortable giving the same. He doesn’t let you go in your most difficult weeks, sometimes he doesn’t need to say anything, because his hugs and love speak for themselves. 


The sign strives to show that it is not yet very much in love because it is extremely distrustful and does not want to give you the pleasure of having it at your feet. So, it probably seems like one day he’s very interested and the next he’s not, you just have to be a little patient. Scorpio tells you that he loves you through the emotional side of him. That is when he feels safe to share with you the things that stir him to the bottom of his soul. Do not hesitate if he tells you that he has never told anyone anything and that you are the first person to know because it really means that he loves you above all else. A Scorpio doesn’t let just anyone see the vulnerable side of him. 


The love of Sagittarius is felt, there is not much to say, because it shows in the way he looks at you, takes care of you, and pampers you. At first, he can become a thorn in his shoe, because he loves to bother you, he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions and ends up overwhelming everything. However, he cares about your well-being and does whatever it takes to make you smile. It is a very frank sign, do not wait for the Moon and the stars to lower you, when it is not born. Being direct is something that fascinates him, maybe for some it is a bit wild, but he prefers to say what he feels suddenly than to settle for what the rest does. He is a free lover, always from here to there, but please never doubt his love, because he will give you every last bit of his heart. 


You can’t help it, even when you love your business mind it gives you away. You are a patient, cautious sign and you do not get involved by the first thing they tell you. You need to take small steps that allow you to meet the real person, someone who shows you that they do want to commit to the long term. During that time you put in your best effort, and you want that person to feel loved, valued, and confident that she can enter your heart. When you love them, you are aware of her at an admirable level, you are one of those who bring lunch, and remember important dates and her favorite things. You are by her side when she needs you the most and you don’t reproach, her because you feel very good when you simply give. 


An Aquarius in love becomes a warrior, he really loves to put his partner as a priority, and he likes to defend them from everyone and give them their place. His humanitarian side of him helps him to be more understanding when bad times come their way. In fact, you realize the love of an Aquarius when he holds your hand tight in those moments. He is very spontaneous and although he does not like that the whole world knows about his life when he loves he does so without fear and it is possible that he begins to get involved with his family and friends. Get ready for a lot of experiences, because it will fill your schedule with adrenaline and you will love it. That is the Aquarius who gives everything for love. 


If one day you try to get inside the head of a Pisces, you definitely have to take your time, because you are going to get lost among the pile of thoughts that invade him every second. He is crazy in love, he doesn’t let just anyone touch his dreams and his creativity flows from every pore. When he loves he usually escapes a little from reality because he likes to lose himself with that person. It may be difficult for you to verbalize his feelings, but his details say it all. Pay attention to every part of your existence, and learn your gestures, your hobbies, your favorite song, your hobbies, and your passions. Pisces, it is love from the side you see it and when he loves there is no one else to take his attention. He will give you the best version of him, don’t hesitate. 

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