He Loved You Sometimes But You Loved Him Always

But You Loved Him Always

He Loved You Sometimes But You Loved Him Always

I have always wondered if there comes a time in life when you put your cards on the table, in silence, while you look at the sky and with a sigh in the middle of your chest. I’m talking about when it’s your turn to accept the truth, you go back to the beginning of that relationship and you realize with a cool head that his indifference was always there. However, the infatuation did not let you see further, but it became worse when you decided to love each of his crumbs. It hurts because he loved you sometimes, but you always loved him. Your zodiac sign understands what I say.


You gave the best of yourself, you let your restless side take control of the relationship and you showed that person how beautiful life can be with a touch of adrenaline. You did it from the heart, that’s why you shouldn’t worry, time will reward you, you just have to trust. You did not receive even half of everything you gave, but it was clear that you do know how to love.


No way, I dare want to cover the sun with a finger. You know that at the time your stubborn side forced you to stay there, in a place where the only thing that happened was that your smile faded. Taurus, I know it wasn’t easy to wear you down to the point where your emotions lay on the ground. However, you showed that there is no malice in your soul. You did not lose anything, do not doubt it. 


What annoys you the most is your time invested because you decided to give a role that was too big for that person. They were talks until dawn, outings full of smiles, unknown places. You never beat around the bush, you were clear from the beginning and that makes you look like love without masks. He didn’t mind all your honesty, but now you know you’re better. 


Honestly, you have already lost count of all those times in which you visualized a relationship in which love ruled. From the first moment that person struck your heart, you became the master of opportunities, you gave him so many. Anyway, he broke you, he didn’t know what to do with your feelings and that’s when you understood that your self-love is worth more. 


They judge you because nothing scares you, because you like clear things and when you start to feel that the only thing that person does is darken your soul, you know that you have to put an end to it, even if it hurts. You are not made to be humiliated, begging for attention is in the past. You made the decision to be true to your convictions and if you have to be single to do so, you will be. 


It’s amazing how you came to change your entire life to please someone who didn’t even have the subtlety to ask how your day went. You fell into a hurtful relationship, full of jealousy, fear, and the desire to run away. Suddenly, your idea of ​​love was filled with dirt, and negativity that affected you in everything you did. That’s not the kind of life you want.


Probably, Libra, there are times when it would be better for you to hide your righteous side because there are loves that don’t deserve even a little compassion. You gave yourself until you forgot your essence and it’s not worth it. You had to give control of your life to someone who wasn’t worth it. Now you understand that loving is not possessing, that it is not healthy to stay next to someone who breathes toxicity. 


In short, Scorpio, when your heart is broken you have as bad a time as anyone else. The fact that you are a strong sign, a little cold, and have a reputation for revenge, does not mean that your world does not fall from time to time. Simply, bad experiences have led you to believe that it is better to hide your emotions. No, Scorpio, don’t let a bad love make you close to the most beautiful thing you have. 


Perhaps it was your optimism that covered all the bad for a while. It was you who moved heaven, sea, and earth, in order to keep a smile on the other person. However, as the relationship progressed you realized that you were not happy there. The worst mistake someone can make is to believe that one of them loves enough, but that’s just signing your own ordeal.


Capri, your emotional intelligence has never been in doubt. In fact, when you start a relationship you need to be very clear about where it is going. You don’t like to feel that everything is based on instability, you prefer a thousand times to be called intense than to live in uncertainty. You were wrong because you changed everything about yourself in order to please him, but that will not happen to you again. You already learned the lesson.


It is clear that it has never been one of your goals to fall into a dependent relationship. You are a sign too free to chain yourself, but that does not mean that you are not capable of maintaining a long-term bond. You love that your loyal side speaks for you. In addition, you are understanding and deep down you hide a crazy romantic. Remember that if someone cuts your wings, it’s not there. 


Half measures give you hives, you can’t conceive how someone runs away from their own feelings like that. Your heart is daring, it likes to love without any limits and dreams of something beautiful and lasting. The bad thing is when the other person is not on the same channel, that’s when everything ends up cooling. Do not get used to a love that loves you only when it wants. 

He Loved You Sometimes But You Loved Him Always

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