Why That Person Doesn’t Get Over You And Still Crazy About You According To Your Sign

Why That Person Doesn’t Get Over You And Still Crazy About You According To Your Sign

Today I want to remind you that each day of your time is worth more because you have less and less. That’s why you shouldn’t be with someone who has become an expert at stealing your smile. There are people who have such a high ego that all they want is to come and go, to show you that whatever they do they will always have the doors open in your heart. Let me tell you, that doesn’t have a single drop of love, but it does have an obsession. Does she love You? That is what they want you to believe, through manipulation and their many blackmails. Why is that person crazy about you and not over you according to your sign? Your zodiac sign needs to put a stop to it.


Deep down you know, you are a being who came into that person’s life to improve it, because your devastating attitude is contagious and you have the gift of wasting warmth. You filled her days with temptations, learning, and risk and pushed her to break her fears of her. For this reason, you became her obsession, although she does not accept it, she needs your restlessness and courage to feel alive. Do you realize it? That doesn’t sound healthy at all, your distance is distressing her to the point of imploring you. Do not let that happen!


I wish your stubborn side was your guide always because when he proposes it, he makes you set limits at an impressive level. You are the sign that is not satisfied and that is why you decided to leave a relationship that did not bring you anything good. You gave him the best of you, you shared your dreams, your weaknesses, and even your victories. Without a doubt, your company is something he misses, because he has not found such determination in another heart. You are adorable, but you also have a dark side. You don’t want anything anymore, you better understand or you’ll regret it.


Definitely, when you love your sweetest side, it speaks for you. Gemini, you have a facility to enter the depths of the other, you do it in a very magnetic way, you clothe souls and you know it. That person returns again and again because when he kisses new lips your ghost is present, but also remorseful, he is very guilty because he had you at his feet and did not know how to give you the place you deserve. Now, he wants things to work out, he knows it’s too late and so he obsesses twice as much. That person doesn’t love you, he needs therapy.


There are few who get to know your most tender side, the one that values ​​people, fills them with details, and puts their hands into the fire to save them, that’s you. Capable of warming a heart that has become accustomed to winter. Your level of empathy is unique, you are not afraid to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, on the contrary, you demonstrate with resilience that you can become their support. The bad thing is that there are those who abuse, they turn you into their confessional of negativity and want to put on your shoulders responsibilities that do not belong to you. You know he misses your unpredictable and romantic side, but you can’t do anything anymore. 


Your heart is often foolish, impulsive, and crazy. However, it does not have a drop of falsehood, because you really think about it many times before saying that you love someone, you do not take that surrender lightly. But, there are those who are not ready for so much, who see you and want to be part of your life, for comfort, not for love. That hurts because without realizing it you end up falling into a relationship where you never feel enough. Until you open your eyes and decide to rip out all those feelings. The funny thing is that when you leave, the person misses you, and becomes obsessed with your presence because your details are not given by anyone. 


People point their fingers at you, they love to feel like an expert in your story, when in reality they don’t even know the first chapter. Your shell may be your presentation on the outside, but that does not mean that you are cruel or that you do not fall in love, simply, you put up a barrier to protect your emotions. Your displays of affection are genuine and that is why you do not want to fall into the nets of someone who is just passing through. Now, that person wants to return to your life, because your independence is exceptional and they feel trapped with new loves. Virgo, that’s not your problem anymore.


Suddenly, you decide to continue your life, keep what you have learned, and not fall into the wrong arms again. You had to face a duel, and accept that you can’t always have the happy ending you dream of, but the important thing is that despite each scratch new opportunities to love come. Your way of falling in love has no comparison because you have that rough and at the same time sweet touch, which provides tranquility. Many times you begged them to try, you didn’t throw in the towel at the first difference, but it didn’t matter. Now that he no longer has you, he wants to be with you. His ego is playing a trick on him. 


They say that you are a bit arrogant because you are not afraid to recognize your qualities. Come on, you have insecurities like everyone else, but you know that you are a great match, although that person did not know how to value you and now he wants to insist on being part of your days. You gave him magic, memorable kisses, sweet hugs, and nights with conversations until dawn. You taught him what solidarity is, but in return, you received his coldness. You understand you’re not surprised that he wants to come back to you, but he lost you and it’s not pride, it’s self-love, you don’t plan on coming back.


Your character is very easy to love because you don’t push, you are a free soul and you expect to be loved in the same way. The moment you feel invaded, you walk away, but when they try to control you, everything collapses. Sagi, for you it is a red flag that should not be missed. You know that you are not here to beg for love, because there will already be someone who truly values ​​you. You’ve learned that bad streaks don’t last forever, but bad loves do, those come back every so often. The good thing is that you have already learned to cut them off before they use their manipulation. 


In your soul, there is a lot of firmness, especially when you fall in love. You do not like to play with the heart of someone who trusts you and you tend to be very strict with your feelings. The bad thing is that there are wolves that perfectly disguise themselves as tender sheep. You are the type of sign that always demands, that you are not here to get involved with movie tales and that is when you leave. You are not going to lose all your essence in someone who gives you what is left over. You are determined, sweet, and brave, and that’s why that person is still crazy about you. He gets frustrated that he can’t come back, the more you tell him no.


You may always have a lot of things on your mind, but that does not mean that they can look at your face or treat you like a doll that can be shaken from side to side. Your smile is unique, in it, the truth shines and you invite the person to show authenticity, but when he does not have it, it is impossible for you to do more. You taught him to delve into the depths of his being, not to settle for the conventional. You were a flare of intensity, that’s why he regretted it. He loves you, but as if you were the toy that was taken from a spoiled child.


The worst of all is that you told him, that he was not going to find someone like you. However, he took it as a game, he made fun of you, and your emotions, and now the roles are reversed. He decided to use the role of victim to beg you to return to his side, he tells you to start over, that he is going to change, that you have been the best thing in his life. Fortunately, you’re too smart to believe that kind of story. Pisces, what you want right now is peace, not drama or listening to cheap regrets. It’s over, now you have the pants to face your reality. 


Why That Person Doesn't Get Over You And Still Crazy About You According To Your Sign


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