Ranking: Which zodiac sign loves you most and who will end the relationship quickly?

Which zodiac sign loves you the most and who quickly ends the relationship again? Sorted from rank 1-12.

We all deal with love differently. Astrology can tell us which zodiac signs are most fond of and are more open to a relationship, and which zodiac signs can quickly end a relationship because they cannot bind easily.

Here is the ranking:


Pisces is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. They fall in love very quickly and tend to be very open with new acquaintances. They open their hearts to the people they care about and usually jump headlong into a new relationship. They don’t think about risk, they just love with all their heart.


Because of your reserved nature, you are not the type that quickly falls in love with someone, dear Scorpio. But once you’ve found someone who suits you, you won’t let go of that person. Once someone enters your heart, they will keep that place forever. You love passionate relationships and can fully engage with someone. Your belief in love will support you. 


If you are in love, you will blossom completely, dear cancer. It is, therefore, no surprise that as soon as you get to know someone you like, you will reveal everything about yourself. You want to do everything possible to maintain that love and feeling of happiness and connectedness. The relationship you have right now should be the relationship you will have for the rest of your life. The person who is by your side can count themselves lucky. Because she realizes that you love her.


You always want everyone around you to be happy and fulfilled. You want to make the person at your side particularly happy. If you have a relationship with someone, that relationship will be serious. You want to prove to your partner every day that you love them and would do anything for them. 


Dear Taurus, you are one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Your reliability is also reflected in your relationships. Your partner doesn’t have to ask if you feel anything for him because you can hardly hide your feelings.

Your love is sincere and strong. And your partner will love that about you. He will always be in very close contact with you because you reveal your whole heart to him. This person should stay by your side forever. You would only leave it if there was no other option.


The ibex is also very loyal in its relationships. He is not really emotional and shows less of his feelings, but he is very honest when it comes to love. A Capricorn does not plan to leave his partner after a short time. He’s looking for something long-term and can even be a little clingy at times. However, once his partner stops him from achieving his goals, he will see no other way but to leave him. 


You can love a person with all your heart, dear virgin. However, it will not be very easy for your partner to reach your heart. With much effort and patience, he will break down every single stone of your wall.

It will take time before you fully open yourself to this person. In this way, you will always doubt your love and think about leaving your partner again. You definitely don’t want to be too vulnerable, which is why you need to be very careful. If your emotions control you too much, you may end the relationship immediately to protect yourself. 


Aquarians rarely fall in love unless they feel a deep connection with a person in their environment. An Aquarius will quickly leave a relationship because after a while he realizes that the connection was not as deep as he initially thought.

On the other hand, he will hold onto a person with whom he can break through all walls for a long time. However, it must never endanger his freedom or restrict him in any way. Otherwise, he will part with her forever. 


Lions want to be loved by everyone. The problem is that they are very focused on themselves. They have a big heart and want to give their love to other people. In their search for the best, however, they often lose sight of the essentials.

If they realize that other people have something better than themselves, they could suddenly leave everything behind. This means that the lion will continue to look around even if it is already in a relationship. He will never rest until he has found the perfect partner. 


You can have strong feelings for someone, dear twin. But you find it difficult to hold onto these feelings. Sometimes you fall in love with a person and think that this is exactly what you have been waiting for.

But the next day you suddenly find that you are no longer sure. You are wondering whether you may have been wrong and whether it would be better to take a different path. It is therefore not very surprising that you leave a new relationship quite quickly. 


Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world for you. It is full of passion and adventure. You can’t get enough of it. It is extremely exciting for you to have someone with whom you are on the same wavelength.

But this excitement will gradually fade away. You love to meet new community and try new things. That’s why it is difficult for you to stick to one thing. It just gets too boring in the long run, so you long for the adventure.


Sagittarius are among the zodiac signs who love very intensely. But the world is big and they love adventure. You will never allow your feelings to hold on or restrict you, dear Sagittarius. Love must not suffocate you, because in this case you will be gone very quickly. You won’t hesitate for a second and leave your partner as soon as you long for your adventures in the big wide world.



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