The Zodiac Women Who Don’t Let You Love Them Today And Not Tomorrow

Women Who Don't Let You Love

The Zodiac Women Who Don’t Let You Love Them Today And Not Tomorrow

Some souls are not made to be dominated, they are free, brave, intelligent, and carry a lot of dreams stored in their souls that motivate them not to stop for anything or anyone. That is the reason why few can follow in their footsteps, they give up when they see them so independent and are not willing to tolerate the leftovers. If you love them, say so, but don’t try to play with their hearts, because they will give you the lesson of your life. This top is for women who don’t let themselves be loved today and not tomorrow. 

1.- Leo 

You’re wrong darling Leo, she decided long ago to shake off the fairy tale princess to become the woman who knows what she wants. She is not waiting for you to reach her days to save her, she knows how to swim against the current. What she wants is to see the loyalty in your soul, that the romantic touch is not the only thing you offer her. She is demanding, don’t even think that she is going to tolerate that she sends you a message today and you reply days later. She knows that in life there are priorities and she wants to be on your list. If you don’t have the courage to give her everything she deserves from her, don’t waste her time. 

2.- Taurus 

You have no idea how passionate a Taurus woman can be when she loves. Really, she wants to build something nice, and for the same reason she does everything on her part so as not to make mistakes. However, that does not mean that she will endure mistreatment. She’s tired of having to deal with unfaithful, absent, or uncommitted partners. Don’t be scared if she confronts you to ask what you want. If yours is hanging out, say so, because you don’t plan to continue spending your energy on someone who doesn’t want something in the future. Taurus wants much more than pampering, dates, or gifts. She wants you to love her honestly, how complicated can it be? 

3.- Scorpio 

She is an incredible woman, because the day she was hurt, she had the courage to dig into the depths of her wounds and stitch up all the damage. Scorpio left the past and now she knows very well that she does not deserve to be treated with such instability. Her heart is so emotional that she shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t give her enough attention. Her expectations are high, do you know why? Because she has worked so hard on her own love to let the same kind of needy person continue to be a part of her days. They say that she is jealous, I say that she is simply not naive and she is no longer going to allow them to continue seeing her face. Can’t you with that? Look for another, because she is not going to change. 

4.- Cancer 

Do you know who Cancer is? She is a woman who recognizes that she can’t handle everything, but she at least tries every day. She has had a hard time getting to the place where she is to lower her standards in matters of love. She continues to love with the same force because that is part of her essence, but she no longer does it with just anyone. Now, she takes her time, she wants to acknowledge that the other person is a good match in every way. She takes risks, but she also takes care of her heart From her. She already knows that it is possible to recover after an emotional war, but if she doesn’t fall again she is better. If you don’t make her feel safe every time she feels her world is falling apart, then why are you still there? Go away and let someone else do it. 

5.- Pisces 

There is something that the Pisces woman is very clear about, it is not always true that things are collapsing, and sometimes they are just being placed in their rightful place. That has calmed her down because she trusts that something better is always coming. Yes, she is the one who has the crown when it comes to love, but she no longer gets entangled with the ‘ forever ‘. She wants much more than to find the supposed love of her life because that idea can end up breaking you twice. When Pisces falls in love with her, she does it in such a passionate way that she forgets everything and loves living in a world full of love, because her generosity helps her. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to keep forgiving everything. 

6.- Gemini 

Sometimes Geminis prefer silence because they know that it is the only way to heal their hearts. That is why he distances himself from her after her breakup and that is when he discovers that at the end of everything he only has her and that it is difficult for someone to come to rescue her. It is her essence that is the only one that can lift her up again. Yes, she is a wonderful woman, she fills you with life, with peace, she is an intelligent mind that captivates you and at the same time surrounds you with her witticisms. She doesn’t deserve to be loved today and not tomorrow. She doesn’t deserve that you call her exaggerated when she demands attention, much less that you call her crazy. Call her selfish if you want, but if you can’t please her, really, you better go. 

7.- Capricorn 

The first thing that has to be clear to you is that a Capricorn woman is synonymous with intelligence and that means that she enjoys her solitude, the rest of the people need to fill the void with whatever. She does not want perfect love, nor does she want the rest to applaud her relationship. The truth is that she does not care about the opinion of others. If she is with someone it is because that person helps her improve, she becomes her confidante. She doesn’t want a constant critic, much less have to chase her for attention. Clear things or better she doesn’t want anything. 

8.- Aries 

I’m sorry, but Aries is not the type of woman to keep quiet. She is used to demanding from her because she will not allow any love to come into her life to treat her halfway. She wants more than the obvious, and until she feels certain that the love she receives is synonymous with love and care, she is not going to stay with the person. Also, she hates when they don’t have the courage to communicate her concerns, she wants the truth, not to live in a relationship that only exists in her head. She may be innocent, but Aries has a capricious side that helps her not to leave anyone. If you want it today, tomorrow too. If not, leave her alone, you’re in her way. 

9.- Libra 

The woman who, after so many shocks, understood that trust is the most difficult thing to achieve and the easiest thing to lose. Her faith in her love remained in those couples who promised her everything about her and in her most difficult moments left her to her fate. She would like to give herself up first, but she can’t. Her insecurities make her relive those hard moments from her past and she doesn’t want to encounter the same thing again. She frees, she wants peace of mind, and she is no longer there to go after loves who only want to have a good time. She doesn’t care if they call her interested, she doesn’t want her partner to become another burden. If she doesn’t have aspirations and doesn’t work for her future, let her go! You’re not here to beg anyone pretty and you know it. 

10. Virgo 

What happens very often to Virgo is that when they finally begin to give her the attention she deserves, she has already shelved the issue. Seriously, don’t expect her to welcome you with open arms every time you feel like it. She is a dedicated woman, but she doesn’t like to give second chances, for God’s sake! It’s her heart, what part of treating him with love and respect isn’t clear to you? Don’t even think that she is going to invest time in begging you, she is not used to humiliating herself by anyone, and at the first chance, she talks to you. If you keep playing the ghost of her, you’re going to end up boring her. Remember that every time you leave the door ajar there is a chance that someone else will enter. 

11.- Sagittarius 

Honestly, the Sagittarius woman has gotten used to being called rude, just because she has the courage to put mediocre love in their place. Nothing makes her lazier than dealing with someone who doesn’t even know what to do with her own emotions. Her scars remind her that she’s not here to beg for anyone’s attention, when she doesn’t give it to her they’re already telling her how uninterested they are. Sagittarius’ life is very fun, open-minded, and passionate, why would she get bitter with someone who doesn’t know what she wants? If you don’t have the courage to truly love her, it’s better that you leave, because she won’t put her singleness at risk with someone she offers so little. The following! 

12.- Aquarium

The woman who has practicality in every pore hates hooking up with people who only upset her stability. She may seem like her world is crazy, but in the midst of all that mess, there is so much happiness that she is annoyed when they turn into a shadow. Aquarius, is not going to lose control of anyone, she wants clarity, because it is very difficult for her to accept ties and if she does, it will be with someone who shows her that it is worth it. She already understood and apologized for all those times when she stopped being herself in order to please undeserving loves. This woman respects herself and is not willing to put up with anything, because love is anything but suffering. 

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