When a man says “I want you” it means that he is ready to spend his life with you.

It means that he is seriously in love with you and wants nothing more than to be with you.

He loves everything about you, has accepted your mistakes with open arms; he’s not afraid to tell the whole world about it.

When he says “I want you”, he wants to tell you that you are the only one he needs, he wants you as a life partner, he wants you as a best friend, he wants you as a confidante.

He wants to tell you how his day was, he wants to know how your day was, he wants all the details.

What does it mean when my friend says, “I want you?”

If your friend says “I want you” it means that he is honest and in love with you. It means that he sees the world in your eyes, that his whole life is about being with you and that he wants to grow old with you.

When he says he wants you, it means that his dreams and goals include you. He wants to hold your hand and go through the fire with you.

He will defy all the storms that life throws at you, he will stand side by side with you and always smile during the dark days.

If your partner says he wants you, you should consider yourself lucky. In today’s world, people are slowly moving away from feelings and romance.

And if someone wants you, it means that you care about them.

It is said that you mean something to him without a doubt. It is said that you are everything for him and he wants you to live a successful and happy life. It is said that you are one of the billions of people who are needed here.

You should appreciate the fact that someone is so deeply and deeply in love with you; it is a rarity in today’s world. If someone wants you, it means that you are important.


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