Top Signs That Are Tired Of Have Their Heart Trampled On

Their Heart Trampled On

Top Signs That Are Tired Of Have Their Heart Trampled On

There are people who don’t even deserve a greeting from you, those who are better off forever and pretend they never existed. They break you so much that you forget your essence for a moment and that’s when they sink you. It hurts, to realize that someone you put all your trust in turned out to be the worst. Now, they say that you changed, that you became cruel, but no. This is the top of the signs that are tired of having their hearts trampled on

12.- Cancer 

There is so much purity in your soul that you don’t even take the time to plan to hurt someone. However, you are no longer going to show your empathy with just anyone, because there are people who disguise themselves perfectly and when you least expect them, they take out their nails to hurt you until they get tired. You will no longer be that sign that allows everything, your naivety will not be a hook to attract emotional piranhas

11.- Pisces 

On the outside it seems that anyone can ruin you because you show your sweet face, It’s not that you are pretending, you are really a very sensitive being, and when it comes to helping someone you don’t think twice. You like the people you love to feel safe by your side, but you are no longer going to be the same as before. You haven’t become cruel, you’ve just learned to set limits on those who are abusive and those who smile at you in front of you, but when they turn around they speak badly of you. 

10.- Libra 

Typically, you are a sign that honors peace, you really don’t like to be involved in gossip or unnecessary arguments. However, your patience has a barrier that they will not break just like that. Your indecision may make you hesitate at first, but you are very attached to your intuition and if something tells you that it is not there, you are not going to waste your time. There’s nothing more, you’re no one’s bag of trash. 

9.- Taurus

You are usually a very patient sign, you do not like to judge before knowing the person completely, especially because there are wolves that disguise themselves very well. You have a controlling and perfectionist side, but you hate fights with all your heart. Now, when you realize that someone is conflictive, you put an end to the relationship. You don’t care if they say you’re intolerant, your peace of mind always comes first. 

8.- Capricorn 

If there is something that distinguishes you from the rest, it is the elegant way in which you carry yourself, always subtle in the face of confrontation, but that attitude has also led you to interact with people who take advantage of your peace of mind. That is why you are now more meticulous when it comes to letting someone into your heart. Practically, whoever is looking for a seat in your life is going to have to earn it. 

7.- Leo 

You are defined by strength, you are a sign that are used to doing things on your own, You hate when they come into your life with the intention of hurting you or manipulating you. Fortunately, your independent and foolish side defends you very well. However, you are impulsive and if someone becomes a thorn in your side, it is best to say goodbye. Don’t let them underestimate you, because you are one of those who say goodbye overnight. 

6.- Sagittarius 

If there is anyone on this list who has a very close relationship with impulsivity, without a doubt, it is you. The truth is that for you life is the blink of an eye, that is the reason why you are not going to allow anyone to hurt you. You’d rather be alone than in bad company. In the past, you learned that it is possible to continue moving forward after a broken heart, but now you are going to take care of it twice as much. 

5.- Virgo 

What you have in your favor is that you are very analytical, you love to know the person very thoroughly to determine if they deserve to share life with you. Virgo, let’s see, it’s not that you think you are superior, it’s just that you already realized how much you are worth and how much you have worked on yourself to give anyone your best version. Bad people will always exist, but the further away from you, the better. 

4.- Aquarius 

It is clear that your unpredictable side is what governs you from head to toe, there are times when you yourself do not understand your decisions. Aquarius, however, you are a sign that listens too much to your heart and for this reason, you do not plan to put your feelings in the hands of someone who does not even know how to love themselves. You are not cruel, you got tired of trying to repair wounds that do not belong to you. 

3.- Aries 

Perhaps your temperament is your best description. You are a sign that when you are in a bad mood or in a good mood, it shows. Aries, that thing about masks has never happened to you. In fact, hypocritical people make you sick, You don’t want to surround yourself with people who say they love you, but when they are with others they express horrible things about you. You are no longer that Aries, if someone breaks you they have to leave, it doesn’t matter if it is your partner, family member, or friend. 

2.- Scorpio 

They say that you are one of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac, Scorpio, People have believed that darkness is what directs your steps when that is not the case. However, you are not even a fool, if they mess with you the wrong way, they will know the worst of your side. You are tired of dealing with fake people, You trust in karma, but you also know that there are times when you have to help them a little so that they arrive on time. 

1.- Gemini  

The truth is that I am not surprised that you are in the number 1 position at this top. Gemini, you are a sign that does not go through life seeing who to harm, but you also do not sit idly by if they try to harm you. Especially because you are extremely intelligent, you know very well how to take down the other, without having to use force. They don’t do it to you twice and whoever does it to you, pays you, there is no more. 

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