Why Signs Don’t Want To Be Anyone’s Half-Orange

Anyone's Half-Orange

Why Signs Don’t Want To Be Anyone’s Half-Orange

It is very painful when you give your heart to someone who can barely answer a message in the morning. Suddenly, you put all your expectations on a lacking, mediocre love, and the only thing it knows how to do is hurt. Therefore, you learn the lesson and understand that you don’t deserve anything halfway. If you make a mistake with someone, you leave, you are not going to beg them. Why do signs no longer want to be anyone’s better half?


Your energy is overwhelming, you take brave steps and inside you have a playful child who all he wants is to have fun with the person he loves. You are understanding and you also know how to give others their space. You are no longer going to become anyone’s toy nor will you stop being intense. If that person thinks that, let them leave, You deserve passion, adventures, and beautiful days, and not to humiliate yourself for such a little thing. 


They don’t have to take care of you, because once you promise loyalty to someone, you are very serious. Your word is sacred in those cases, you will not do anything that calls into question your trustworthy part. That’s why you’re no longer going to settle for loves who don’t know what it means to have a deep connection. You are here to provide stability and not deal with people who have no idea what emotional maturity is. 


You are such a beautiful person inside and out, that it would be very absurd for you to waste your time with someone who loves you at times. You’re not going to let them treat you like they’re doing you a favor by dating you. That’s behind us, now you’re going to put your rational side first before your sentimental side. If they are not ready to have something healthy, they better not waste your time. 


For you, love is one of the most important things in this life, you are not going to get involved with someone who doesn’t see it that way. You’re tired of putting your emotions in the wrong place, you don’t deserve to be with someone who is routine, who feels obligated to love you on the forehead or hold your hand. If you want a complete, attentive, thoughtful, and charming love, you are not going to settle for a half-baked orange. 


For a time they made you believe that you exaggerate, that you get too attached, and that you demand too much. However, thanks to the fact that you regained your self-esteem and self-love, you now know that you were only asking for what you deserved. If someone is not at your level, that is their problem, you don’t have to be the one to lower their standards to please them. You prefer that your loneliness accompany you until the right person arrives. 


Although on the outside it seems that relationships are not your priority, on the inside you know that the only thing you want is beautiful love, someone who knows what it means to truly care and love. You are a very helpful sign, perhaps that has been one of the reasons why you attract people who only want to take advantage of your kindness. However, you are no longer going to put yourself at anyone’s feet. The Virgo that allowed everything and said nothing remained in the past. If they want a place in your heart, let them show it. 


Your optimistic personality is what steals the attention of many, always so independent and with a heart ready to help. However, your tolerance level has been changing after so many disappointments. You stopped being that sign that always lowered its head, that was humiliated and didn’t say anything. Not anymore, If they don’t want to give you complete love, let them get out of your way because they are in the way. 


A better half? You leave that to the people who don’t love themselves enough. You already went through that and you didn’t like being given such repressed and hurtful love. What you want is a person who is willing to hug you in your worst moments. You are aware that a partner is not the solution to your problems, but it feels nice when they decide to accompany you in your healing process, you are not going to settle for less than that. 


At some point in your life, you were also the one who didn’t say anything, the one who justified, the one who pretended that everything was fine because you were afraid to admit that your relationship was not reciprocal at all and that, far from giving you happiness, it filled you with insecurities and sadness… Therefore, Sagittarius, you promised yourself never to accept anyone’s leftovers again, You are no longer there to deal with someone else’s traumas, it is not your responsibility. 


You gave the matter so much thought that now you can say without fear that what you want is a self-sufficient, honest, and responsible love. Capri, you are tired of dealing with people who do not dare to say what they feel and who only come into your life to harm you. You don’t want a cold and distant love, you are looking for seriousness, a commitment that you can talk about in the future. Those half-hearted and distant loves already make you lazy. 


Definitely, your way of loving is unconventional, so what? Aquarius, you are not here to please anyone, no matter how much you love people, you have your ideas and they should respect them. You want complete love, one that is full of magic, charm, and madness. A person with whom you feel like doing the craziest thing and also the calmest thing. If someone is not ready for that, let them leave so that a person who is at your level can enter. 


It may seem like your heart is made of glass on the outside, but few know that even if your pieces are left lying on the ground, you get back up with more desire. You are a very tender sign, but you endured too much and that made you open your eyes. You are no longer going to make yourself available to the first person who talks nice to you. Pisces, you want to go to the bottom and discover if your love is really worth it. 

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