A Separation Awaits These Zodiac Signs In Autumn 2023

A Separation Awaits

A Separation Awaits These Zodiac Signs In Autumn 2023

No more cuffing season: Autumn will be anything but romantic for three zodiac signs. A separation awaits them.

But some can even benefit from it.


The lions have had the summer of their lives in the past few weeks. But as much as they enjoyed the warm season; Fall involves some emotional hurdles. And especially for the taken lions. The summer was also a phase of selfishness, it is difficult for them to find their way back into everyday relationship lifeThe lions notice: they need more freedom – and perhaps even have to break away from their partner to achieve this.


The watermen actually had a clear idea of ​​how autumn should go. They longed for romantic dinners, walks through the forest, and lots of cuddles on the sofa. But the reality is completely different for some Aquarians. Because there are always arguments and fundamental differences, especially in long-term relationships. The Aquarians are therefore faced with a difficult decision: Is it worth working on the problems or is it time to pull the ripcord?


After an exciting summer, a very calm autumn awaits the twins. This is quite a challenge for the extroverted and social zodiac sign. The twins had actually been hoping for action, but being together by the fire was absolutely not part of the plan. This makes the twins aware of some fundamental differences between themselves and the other person. And your partner also notices: none of you are really happy! A separation is therefore looming.

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