Do not give him the benefits of a relationship if he does not want a relationship with you

The chemistry is real, the emotions are there, the conversations are good and you feel like being around him. It seems you have everything – everything but him. He says he is not ripe for a relationship. He gives you but little of his love and always keeps you at a distance.

He has not left you in your heart and holds other options open. On the other hand, he can not stand when someone else is thinking of you and looking for your presence. He wants you to get involved but can not offer anything in return. And it’s time for you to stop.

If he is not your boyfriend, then he should not profit from you either. You should not give him any benefits. If you have serious feelings for him and he has none for you, then the worst thing you can do is.

Think about it for a moment. Why would he want a relationship if he gets it all? By continuing to maintain the emotional bond between you, you will not feel the urge for a solid partnership.

So it can happen very well that your heart breaks. You spend more and more time with him, and your feelings continue to develop. But he will not develop feelings, even if you hope so.


You write him news regularly, you like to stay a little longer if you see yourself. You already have your insider jokes. You know each other’s thoughts and know how he smells in the morning.

It’s not just about s*x. It’s so much more than there. That’s why the situation you’re in hurts the same way you would when you split up.

You are afraid that it might soon be over. That just was not enough and that he could not have more to give. So be the one who is in charge. Take him down from the pedestal you put him on when he’s not ready to treat you like a queen.

He’s your priority, your number one, the center of your universe, your king, but if he can not treat you like his partner, he’s not worth it. If he is not ready to approach you and make you his own, he is not worthy of your time.

Do not let more months or years go by without really being happy.


You feel he has the power over it and everything he gives you are moments of unbelievable joy, only to give you more periods of uncertainty. There are days when there is nothing he would not do for you, and then there are other days when only a short text comes back, a “How are you?” His mind and heart are inconsistent and she mess your life up.

He keeps giving you hints that things could change. He talks about his feelings for you. He says that he likes you and that he likes to spend time with you. He talks about the future and you make plans together.

But then out of the blue he is nowhere to be found. He is “too busy”, he is with his friends night after night, he has no time for you, until it suits him well again.

It is just irreverent and has to stop immediately. Because otherwise you will break it. What you need to remember is that you deserve better from him, from life, from yourself.

First and foremost, you should give yourself something better, because everything is in your hands. You absolutely have to stay true to your values. You can not stand that someone does not take care of you and invest little.


Love yourself as much as you want someone else to love you, and everything will go together.

You deserve it. You should get something back from him if he expects certain benefits. You deserve to be called his girlfriend. You deserve respect, loyalty and effort. You earn more than half of his heart.

Life also owes you a thing or two. It owes you peace in your heart and love in your life. You just have to reach for these things.

You deserve a committed relationship in which all your efforts are reciprocated and you are not the only one who undertakes them. You deserve to be loved back and not to be the one who loves for two.

So if he is not ready to enter into a relationship with you, he will shorten all the benefits he has through you and inform him that you are not ready to enter into a relationship.

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