Top Of The Signs That Love As If They Had Not Betrayed Them

They Had Not Betrayed Them

Top Of The Signs That Love As If They Had Not Betrayed Them

And you, do you believe in magic? I am not talking about spells or paranormal things, I am referring to that sensation that the heart feels when it is at its highest when love overflows and you give yourself without fear to your partner. There are zodiac signs that have the courage to love as if they had not been betrayed. Perhaps they have a touch of cynicism that prevents them from lowering their guard and loosening the scars that do not let them move forward. This top begins with those who got up again, collected their ashes, and decided to be happy because they don’t know how much time they have left and they won’t be closed by someone who didn’t know how to value them. This is the top of the signs that love as if they had not been betrayed:

1.- Pisces 

You are one of those who do not leave the heart even to enter the shower, Pisces. The truth is that despite people’s bad vibes you maintain your purity. You are a sign that does not know that of loving half, you give everything or you prefer not to have any relationship. Although you have a reputation for being in love, you know how to deal perfectly with loneliness. Over the years you have learned that it is better to be alone than accompanied by a partner who suffocates you or ignores you in everything. The truth is that you leave betrayals in the past, you already cried for them and you are not going to let them become a ghost of your present. Neither you nor your new love deserves it. 

2.- Scorpio   

You are very clear that you deserve something better than destructive love, Scorpio. Your character is the one that has kept you adrift, even when you yourself have believed that you are not going to make it, it always helps you to move on. You are intense in every sense of the word, when you get broken you throw yourself to the depths of depression, but you don’t stay there for long. When you least expect the sun comes back through your window and with it the new opportunity to love. You are so brave that you don’t let your thorns get in the way of giving yourself up. Whoever hurt you in the past will already have their own karma. For now, you will continue to honestly give your emotions. 

3.- Cancer 

You are not perfect and it is not your intention to receive the applause of the people around you, Cancer. You are not here to please anyone, only you. That is why you do not believe in mourning the loves of the past, much less if they betrayed you in the worst way. Your heart is gold and you know it. Not everyone is ready to receive so much love from you and you understand that, however, you don’t plan to get hooked on people who need to be saved. You love like there is no tomorrow because you know that life changes in the blink of an eye. In the end, everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your fears. You cannot allow your wounds to keep you from true love. That person who betrayed you doesn’t deserve so much importance, so the next one! 

4.- Sagittarius 

Life is like a wave of the sea, you never know how strong it can shake or caress you, it depends on the moment you have to live. Sagittarius, you are romantic to the bone, it’s just that shouting from the four winds that you love commitment is not your thing. It’s hard for you to let yourself go the first time, but when you do, you know no brakes and that’s when some passing loves can take advantage. Betrayals hurt, but they are not synonymous with your world falling apart, in the end, you keep breathing and that is what matters. You trust that somewhere the person of your dreams will welcome you with open arms. It is your passion for life that prevents you from letting yourself be defeated. You are here to give magic, do not let anyone make you think otherwise. 

5.- Libra 

There may be times when you find it hard to believe that good things are coming your way. It’s not easy getting up after a broken heart. At the time you trusted the other person so deeply that she didn’t see any of the red flags and it hurts. It hurts too much that someone with whom you shared dreams, sadness, and fears, did not have the courage to take care of the most valuable thing you gave him. You are a Libra, harmony, and peace are your pillars, when you don’t feel respected you know that you have to look elsewhere. It is not easy to show your vulnerable side again, but a part inside reminds you that the new person is not to blame for anything and that the more you close yourself off from love, the more bitter you can become. It’s not worth letting someone ruin your life like that. Do not let that happen. 

6.- Leo 

Yes, you are restless, one of those souls that do not save any I love you, on the contrary, you spit it out because otherwise, you feel like you are drowning, Leo. You are one of those who still believes that love can be found at a glance, you love to put that intense touch on falling in love and when you feel safe there is nothing to stop you, it is your loyalty that speaks for you. However, there are hearts that do not value your coat, that judge you as exaggerated, and do not understand you. It’s hard to accept that no matter how many barriers you break down, it will never be enough for the other person. That’s when you realize that it’s not worth breaking your soul for someone who only gives you their leftovers. You still believe in love, but you no longer plan to wear a blindfold. The more open everything is, the better. 

7.- Gemini 

I know you’re tired, it’s not easy to keep believing that someone will take you by the hand and it will be forever. Love has left you so exhausted that there is a part of you that no longer wants it, that refuses to continue giving your heart when you are not willing to love it. You are an impulsive, rebellious and passionate soul, no one can deny that. You don’t go around showing your feelings to the first person who knocks on your door, but when you do, you lose your mind. The scars are still there, however, they are not reason enough to let go of the opportunity to love. In the end, what matters is living in the moment, no one knows what will happen tomorrow and maybe a single day is enough to give everything to a person, even when they don’t deserve it. In that case, you don’t lose, because nobody takes away the emotion you experienced. 

8.- Capricorn 

They have been in charge of describing your heart as a cold, ruthless, and compulsive place. It sounds tragic for someone to be willing to give you the best that is in theirs. However, they are very far from reality, if you have become skeptical it is because they have not shown you facts that you can trust to let yourself go. Your soul is warm and your character too, but you are not going to give the best of yourself to someone who does not deserve it. You have become cautious, that is not synonymous with the fact that you will never fall in love again, it is just that it will be more complicated. You are no longer to swallow the fairy tales and it is better if the other person takes the first step. 

9.- Aquarius

For loves, the own. The day Aquarius understood that in this life the most important thing is to love each other and put yourself at the top of his priority list, everything changed. It is a sign that knows what it wants and that does not intend to hide its essence just so that the other person accepts it. The problem is that they come into your life with the intention of dominating, they feel they have the right to say what is right and wrong about their actions. That makes you want to run away. Aquarius loves intensely, however, he will not do it with all his partners. There are some who will leave long before he fully opens their heart, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that they didn’t feel comfortable enough next to that person and he knows that life will bring them other opportunities. 

10.- Aries

You are passionate, loving, charm. You are the type of couple that once you give your heart also shows loyalty and honesty. You don’t like to walk with half measures, if you’re going to love yourself do it in a deep way. That is why there are few loves that are capable of keeping up with you. It’s not that you have a hard time embracing commitment, it’s just that it’s not easy to trust after so much pain. It’s hard because your impulsive side can play tricks on you and get you tangled up with the wrong person. However, once you realize that you are not happy, with the same intensity that you gave yourself, you remove that person from your life, you don’t care if that is synonymous with crying. You prefer to cry now and not for the rest of your days. 

11. Virgo  

The fact that Virgo is in the penultimate place in the ranking does not mean that it is the worst when it comes to love. It’s just that he’s too meticulous and doesn’t think he’s putting his mental and emotional health at risk for someone who doesn’t have the courage to commit to a formal relationship. Virgo, he doesn’t demand a wedding from you the first time, but he’s not going to stay with someone who loves him today and not tomorrow. It is a sign that she is very clear about what she wants, she does not want to settle for the anxiety of not receiving all the love she gives. She wants structure, to be sure that the moment she sends a message it will be answered with a lot of love. Virgo does not want to be on top of you 24 hours, but neither does it seek to become the person with whom you only hang out. 

12.- Taurus 

We end with the most foolish of the entire zodiac. He does not have the need to pretend that nothing is wrong, on the contrary, when something bothers him he says it without mincing words and love is no exception. Taurus prefers to hide his true feelings because he needs to be sure that the other person will appreciate them… His personality is tough, she is not easily dominated and she no longer believes in happy tales as before. She has become so used to his company that it is difficult for her to show signs of attachment to anyone. For Taurus things are clear, if you are a good influence they open the doors of their lives wide open. However, he does not have time for love affairs in passing, those who flee from formality and who are not willing to show what they feel. That is the type of love that Taurus does not want and for that, it is better to stay single.

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