Ranking Of The Signs That Betray You In The Worst Way

Ranking Of The Signs That Betray You In The Worst Way

It hurts a lot when you give your heart and even seeing the wounds they decide to hurt you in the worst way. There are those who smile at you in the face and behind your back they betray you in the worst way . For a moment you think you have someone who understands you, who does not judge you, who takes the time to give you their full attention. But … behind so much kindness lies cruelty, some with more intensity and others with less. This is the ranking of the signs that betray in the worst way, starting with the most loyal and ending with those who are experts when it comes to damaging.

1.- Pisces  

Take a deep breath and relax, because it is highly unlikely that Pisces will end up speaking ill of you. In the ranking of the signs that betray in the worst way, Pisces is one of the most loyal. It is one of the most compassionate signs of the zodiac, they like to put themselves in the place of the other and have a hard time dealing with the pain of others. He is the one who would like to help everyone who crosses his path. Once he gives you his friendship, he gives you sensitivity, love and unconditionality, he is a noble soul.

2.- Virgo 

Virgo doesn’t go around handing over their deepest secrets to anyone who gets in their way. He is really very selective when it comes to opening the doors of his life, but if he promises you friendship you should not worry because they will hardly stab you in the back. He is aware that each head is a world and that controlling emotions can be painful, it will not air what you share.

3.- Cancer 

Cancer is a hug to your most hidden emotions, it is the one who has no intention of harming, on the contrary, it puts itself in your place and looks for a way to help you. You like to protect those you love and it is possible that tears will be present when you feel that you cannot give more. It is a sign that you decide to take care of your relationships and not break them. Life already has its bitter moments, as if to add a little more.

4.- Taurus 

The uncompromising friend, the one who lets his stubborn side take over and just forget about everything. He’s the one who doesn’t mess with you, as long as you don’t mess with him. The truth is that he has his objectives very clear and is always looking for a way to improve himself, because he does not mind the luxuries and he works hard for what he wants. Taurus does not waste time in gossip, if he promises loyalty, he keeps it.

5.- Leo 

Leo has an arrogant, self-centered side and when he doesn’t find your life interesting, he doesn’t even waste his time on you. He is very special when choosing people who are part of his circle because he is demanding, does not like to settle and seeks reciprocal relationships. Betrayal is not something I live with every day, but if you wake up his vengeful side you are going to have to face the consequences.

6.- Aquarius 

If there is a sign that is an expert when it comes to putting emotional distance, that is Aquarius. The truth is, he has a passive-aggressive side that few can deal with. He may hold a grudge against you and you may not even realize it. There is a part of him that is very intransigent and temperamental, in those moments he can betray you, but that does not mean that he does it all the time. It simply gives you what it receives.

7.- Libra 

In the ranking of the signs that betray in the worst way, we are already entering the signs that are sweet, but when they put their cruel part to the test they end up regretting it, because they are the kind that do not touch their hearts. Libra is very indecisive and that may be one of the reasons why their emotions are a roller coaster ride, you never know what intention they get up with. It is possible that after feeling hurt, he returns the worst of betrayals, although being honest he is only doing justice.

8.- Aries 

I honestly do not recommend awakening the cruel part of Aries, because it is a sign that is distinguished by its short temper. He can be extremely impulsive and if we add his aggressive part to that, things get worse. It carries the fire in every pore and if it is in a bad moment it will trample you to pieces. Aries knows no limits, he simply wants to teach you a lesson.

9.- Scorpio 

It is no coincidence that Scorpio is so mysterious, he is very distrustful and that makes him extremely reserved, he does not feel that anyone deserves a seat in his life and when he finds out that it is someone who is malicious, he better take care of himself. Because Scorpio realizes, he befriends you and then betrays you at the least expected moment. He has a very resentful side that he does not forget.

10.- Capricorn 

Capricorn can be practical, consistent and disciplined, but he also has his relentless side, the one that does not understand reasons and simply focuses on his goals. He rarely gets involved in an intense way on a sentimental level, but when he does and is hurt, prepare to meet the worst of his sides. You can get to take things so personal, that it analyzes you to give you right where it hurts the most.

11.- Sagittarius 

Watch out! You never know the pain that a Sagittarius carries in the soul. He may not say it, he may go on his way and not sink into tears, but if you hurt him you have to know that he is going to commit all his energy to tear you to pieces. It is a free sign, it does not waste time in absurd ties and in the blink of an eye it can make you end up begging for forgiveness and you lose the desire to harm someone else.

12.- Gemini 

Finally, in the ranking of the signs that betray in the worst way, I present to you the sign that is capable of ripping out emotions when it comes to harming the other. And it can be terribly frivolous, impulsive and very intense. It’s probably not very serious, but it has the gift of making it the worst in the world. Gemini does take things to heart, it is a beautiful bouquet of roses, but you have no idea how much pain its thorns will cause you.


Ranking Of The Signs That Betray You In The Worst Way

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