It’s going to be really exhausting for three zodiac signs

We end July with a full moon and a mountain-and-valley ride. The last week of the month will be a challenge, especially for three zodiac signs

What is the week going to be like for your zodiac sign?

Actually, the astrological omens for the last week of July are not bad at all: The full moon in Aquarius on July 24th gives us an extra helping of energy and a love of freedom. This gives wings to many of the twelve zodiac signs – but it also poses a major challenge to three of them:


Actually, the Sagittarius had been looking forward to a relaxed summer, but so far the warm days have felt rather arduous and exhausting for him. Unfortunately nothing will change in the last week of July. Sagittarius-borns simply have too many construction sites on their mind and now tend to approach everything only half-heartedly. At least in love they should make an exception, because this urgently needs a debate that cannot be postponed.


The Capricorn has also somehow overtaken itself in the last few days and “reaped” the result in the last week of July. He feels exhausted and burned out and is most annoyed with himself. But if he actively uses the first days of August to say no and applies the emergency brake, it can still be a really great summer for him.


Even if it is difficult for the lion to keep his feet still on warm summer days, rest is now the order of the day. Because only when he gives his body a break will his mind come to rest. Instead of the planned mountain hike, he should rather pick up a book, rather than cook a healthy meal instead of the planned party. Sounds boring, but it will give him exactly the extra portion of energy he needs now.

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