According To Your Sign Why Your Soul Has Been So Sad

Your Soul Has Been So Sad

According To Your Sign Why Your Soul Has Been So Sad

You are not obligated to always have a smile on your face. There are times when you barely breathe because life is heavy. Between worries, debts, and disappointments, you are sinking every day. Until you realize you’re at the bottom. Don’t judge yourself, give yourself the opportunity to live through the pain and get back up. Why has your soul been so sad according to your sign? Each sign is struggling in its own way. 


Life has not been the smorgasbord that you imagined as a child. You have had to fight your fears, criticism, and expectations. It’s hard to realize that it’s not enough and that you’re doing your best. However, the problem is that you have been distracted by a thousand activities so as not to face what overwhelms you. Sadness is telling you that enough is enough, listen to it, please. 


It is true, time helps to heal, but if during these months you do not do something different, you will be precisely in the same place where you started. You haven’t noticed that you keep repeating patterns. Start small, no one changes overnight, but if you get frustrated and shut down, you won’t be able to move forward. Trust your abilities, Taurus. 


I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, get off that cloud, I know you love a lot of people and that deep down you’d like to please everyone, but that’s not fair. By trying, all you are doing is forgetting about yourself, what you want, what makes you happy, and where is it. You have been putting too much emphasis on the thoughts of others, that your life has become miserable. 


At this point in the game, it would be absurd for me to tell you to stop being kind, because it is part of your essence and that’s fine, I don’t judge you for that. However, becoming selective would be great, since most people are not candidates for your love. You worry too much and when you need something, you are alone. Tell me, who helps you? 


At what point did you pause Leo? You are a seasoned sign, you are used to fighting in every way. In fact, that’s what keeps you grinning from ear to ear. The bad thing is that you get saturated, you want to do everything at the same time and that’s when stress reaches you. Your bed can be your refuge from time to time, but don’t use it to run away from everything, because you’ll be sad. 


Sometimes it seems that you have a voice inside you that prevents you from stopping, it is the one that tells you that you must do this and that in a better way. It is your perfectionist side that demands you to tears, but Virgo that is not healthy. You have so much work that there is not a moment to listen to yourself. It seems that everything else matters more than you, why?


For a moment, look around you, I mean those five closest people, the ones who boast on social networks that they are with you at the foot of the canyon, I am not saying that they are all bad companies, but setting limits is the healthiest thing for you. You have been surrounding yourself with the wrong people, they are giving you more stress than peace and that means that it is not there. 


Your character is not in doubt, the way in which you decide to throw in the towel from one day to the next when something does not do you good and nobody makes you change your mind is really admirable. However, you have believed that you do not have problems and it is wrong because it is not fair that you live them within the four walls of your room. You refuse to let the other help you and that is eating you up inside. 


Let’s see, first, you have to put the cards on the table, let me tell you that most people have no idea where they are moving towards because uncertainty is precisely one of the main ingredients of life. I know that insecurities overwhelm you, but let yourself go, and get out of your comfort zone, there is happiness. 


One of the most overwhelming problems for you is that you are a lover of routine and that is dangerous, because you get used to it, although it is not always good for you. You don’t want to admit it, but being with that person, going to that job, and hanging out with those friends, is draining your energy. Capri, don’t force yourself to stay, you’re killing your shine. 


You didn’t even realize when you started agreeing with that bunch of people who criticize you without knowing you. You let all your negativity become a constant burden on your shoulders, which clearly prevents you from fulfilling your goals and dreams. Aquarius, let them go, you don’t need anything from them to shine. 


Your way of relating to others has no filters because you connect through the heart, it depends on the energy that the other shows you. However, there are those who hide perfectly and that’s when you can be with the person who doesn’t do you good. The one that makes you feel worse every time you tell her something, run away from there Pisces. 

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