A new study shows: Even if the perfect partner probably does not exist, certain characteristics can show whether it fits or not

These are the results of the study

To love, to trust each other, to have the feeling to have arrived – when the: the right one is thereyou just know it. A current survey by the online dating agency Parship among around 1,000 German citizens got to the bottom of this feeling and asked how Germans can tell that someone is Mrs. or Mr. Right. The main indicator is therefore that you do not have to pretend for your: n partner: in (44 percent). Men value physical harmony: For 34 percent, it is particularly important that it also fits romantic with the right person.

The importance of humor and reliability depends on the age

Younger Germans up to 29 years of age in particular place great value on their: e partner: making them laugh (42 percent; 50-65 years: 32 percent). Having fun together plays a major role in choosing a partner for 32 percent of men. Overall, for many of the respondents, reliability is one of the characteristics that the: perfect partner: should bring with them (40 percent).

Communication and trust are also crucial

It is more than a truism that communication is the basis of a working relationship. So it is not surprising that a good 31 percent of the men surveyed stated that they had to be able to talk to their partner about anything. For 33 percent of those surveyed, blind trust is also a key feature. The possibility of entrusting secrets to the other person, however, is only a sign of the “perfect match” for around 22 percent. Mr. or Mrs. Right must also have the right feeling for freedom: 27 percent of Germans consider it important that the: partner: does not restrict them. Just as many respondents value the same ideas about what makes a happy life.

How important is a good relationship with your mother-in-law?

Especially in times of restricted contact, many people miss their personal environment. When looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right, however, it is not decisive whether he: She gets along with his own family and friends (18 percent). It is also less important to be able to argue and get along properly (17 percent) and to support personal and professional further education (10 percent).

Singles expert and Parship coach Eric Hegmann says: “The challenges of life can simply be mastered better with two people. Many singles, therefore, invest a lot of time and effort in the search for: the right one: n. But you should never pretend to be In this respect, I fully agree with the majority of Germans to apply this as the most important characteristic for Mr. and Mrs. Right. Ultimately, however, it also depends on the right mixture of similarities and differences and above all on the willingness to compromise. Because: the perfect: n Partner: in does not exist “.

About the study
For the present study, Parship and the market research institute INNOFACT AG surveyed 1,031 people between the ages of 18 and 65 – 706 of them were in a relationship. The sample corresponds to the representative distribution in the German population according to age and gender. The independent online survey took place in January 2021.


This is how men recognize that she is "the right one"

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