These Zodiac Signs Tell Lies All The Time

Lies All The Time

These Zodiac Signs Tell Lies All The Time

Lies have short legs – but unfortunately, it is not so easy to recognize liars. But the zodiac sign actually plays a role in the preference for lies.

Because these three zodiac signs tell a lot of lies.


Taurus is always worried about their image. 24/7 he thinks about how his environment perceives him and what others think about him. Because Taurus has one goal: to be popular. When he was still at school, he dreamed of being the center of attention – a wish that continued into adulthood.

In order to guarantee attention, he also likes to exaggerate. A weekend in France quickly turns into the greatest journey of your life, complete with wild romance. The bull wants to impress – even if the image consists of lies.


The fact that the lovable and loyal Pisces like to lie shocks many at first sight. But if you get to know Pisces better, you will quickly see why they lie so much. Because with Pisces it is mostly white lies to hide things that are uncomfortable for Pisces or that could hurt the other person.

The fish are late? Well, they like to invent a traffic jam or an argument on the road that they had to intervene in. In the end, it’s always harmless lies with fish, but they accumulate in everyday life!


As nasty as that sounds, the twins enjoy lying. Because the zodiac sign with the two faces enjoys deceiving those around them – also to protect themselves. Geminis hate to admit that things aren’t always going well for them.

Because sometimes the twins talk about their great adventures and experiences at the weekend – although they actually spent the days on the couch. With this, the twins want to ensure that they continue to appear extroverted and interesting without having to admit that their social batteries sometimes just run out.

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