When The Signs Lose Their Social Battery

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When The Signs Lose Their Social Battery

It is impossible to keep a smile 24 hours a day, when the signs turn off their social battery there comes a time when all you want is to stop the conversation, but out of politeness, you stay there, even though you are not really listening and your gaze is focused on the void. Relax, it has happened to all of us, when the signs turn off their social battery, it can be frustrating for some.


Without a doubt, it is impossible not to be associated with adventure, you are the type of person who enjoys enjoying the moment, and you are used to asking for forgiveness rather than permission. However, there are times when you just want a break, embrace your introverted side, and stay home to recharge your energy while you cover yourself with your favorite blanket and that doesn’t make you weak.


Something that bothers you a lot about people is that they dare to want to govern your decisions, you don’t care about their opinion and if saying what you feel is synonymous with losing people, you don’t care. Your essence is sacred and when you realize that they do not add value to your days, you better leave. You don’t want to surround yourself with souls that just fill a space. 


Actually, you love being with yourself, even when your emotions are very harmful because it is precisely pain and sadness that have awakened your most creative side. That is the reason why you do not get bored, your loneliness teaches you a lot and makes you put your cards on the table. Sometimes, the healthiest thing is to throw everything away and start over, it’s worth it. 


In short, Cancer, you walk away with a lot of love. That is, like any other human being you need to spend time with yourself, but if you take into account the situation of the people you care about, you would never do something that would put their feelings at risk. In fact, you love the depths and it is not always about the other, it is you who needs to put everything in order without the help of anyone else. 


Being selective has become one of your favorite things because it allows you to spot people who aren’t worth it. Leo, it was very hard for you to accept that there are those who only approach you to unload their traumas and that’s when you know that you must set limits, you are not anyone’s emotional bag. You walk away because they drain your energy, there is no more. 


The fact that you get serious does not mean that you are upset with anyone, simply, you do not take your introverted moment in the game, because you know that it is a breather. Daily life is not easy, there are many things you carry on your shoulders and all you want is to rest. There is no need to offend anyone, you want peace for yourself. 


You can’t help it, Libra, your charm is natural even when you don’t want to know anything about those around you. You are usually a very social and fun sign, you really like to test the desires of your mind, and adding a little risk to your day is rewarding. However, your energy is not forever, you need to discharge the bad that has accumulated and that’s why you shut down. 


Perhaps for some, you have egocentric attitudes, because you are not really used to losing, you like to invest time and energy in the things that you are good at and you enjoy winning. However, frustration is part of learning and that’s when you back off, it’s not fear, it’s caution. Giving yourself a break helps you think better.


Although some people have the idea that you do not usually connect on a deep level, the reality is that you prefer quality over quantity. Sagi, life for you is very beautiful, but there are times when it demands too much of you and that makes you feel insecure. You can’t always be the optimist of the perfect story and showing it doesn’t make you less valuable. 


No matter how stressed, worried, or sad you are, there is a part of your personality that is so sophisticated that it never loses its sanity for any reason. The class is part of your essence and you like to think calmly when things are not going well. The crowd makes you feel very pressured in such cases, so you prefer to say that it is better to see each other again. 


Curiosity is part of you, there is no doubt about that, you love to see the world from different perspectives, and the opinion of others surrounding you. However, that does not mean that you allow yourself to be manipulated, the moment you feel chains on you, you know that it is best to cut off that type of relationship, because people like that hardly change.


Your artistic side never lets you win, it’s the one that holds your hand tight and breathes back into your soul when you can’t take it anymore. You don’t plan it, but hitting rock bottom has become one of your favorite rituals, that’s when you can see yourself without filters, and with everything and your weaknesses you decide to embrace yourself and keep moving forward. The problem is not the rest, it is the limits that you set. 

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